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The Young Justice: Animated Anonymous Fic Meme

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Prompt Post -Part One! [CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS]
yj_anon wrote in yj_anon_meme

Welcome to the Young Justice: Animated anonymous fic meme!

How does it work? Basically, you leave prompts, and people fill them with glorious fic. Pretty simple. Anonymity is allowed for those that feel nervous or awkward requesting or filling, but it isn't actually obligatory. Unlike a lot of memes (like kink memes) this doesn't have a particular focus beyond the fandom. Het, gen, slash, femslash, anything else you can think up? Welcome! Crack, drama, angst? Go nuts!

However, we do have some...

Rules and guidelines.

• Animated canon only, please. Crossovers are fine, so is integrating comics/etc. stuff into animated canon, but no outright Young Justice comic stuff, please.
• Be reasonable. Polite. Etc. You may be anonymous, but that is no excuse for being ridiculous.
• Likewise, be considerate in your prompting. Trigger warnings are appreciated (for content that may seriously upset people with past experience, such as rape/non-con, self harm, suicide, etc.- at the absolute least, please make it clear what the fic contains about before someone stumbles across it halfway through!), and please be careful with your wording. Memes like this often touch on some sensitive material. If you feel somebody has posted an actively offensive prompt, please either PM me or use the mod post here to bring it to my attention.
• One prompt per post, please!
• Repeat after me: Your Kink Is Not My Kink. Don't attack people's prompts because they aren't your cup of tea!
• Look, just don't wank up a storm in general. I'm sure we can all manage, right? :)
ETA: Please do not reprompt things until we reach a second part. In addition, I encourage anyone looking for things to fill to go back through previous pages. A lot of people have old prompts tracked, so your fills will still be seen!

This is the 'flat' view of the page; it shows comments in the order they're posted, rather than as threads. Makes it easier to see new fills on previous pages.

I'll look at getting a Delicious or Diigo or something-or-other archive up for filled prompts if it gets to the point we feel it'd be useful. In the meantime, have fun!

ETA: We now have a discussion post if you need one!

ETA: I need help with archiving! Also, we set up a fill post.

Can you please leave links to any fic you write there. See the post for more details. Thanks!

ETA: GUYS. I am officially making the 'PM me about offensive prompts' thing obligatory. Please, I have difficulty keeping up without your wonderful help!

Incidentally, being polite includes not telling people they're being 'too sensitive' for being bothered by things. Just sayin'. This place is a safe space, in so much as I can make it one, and I don't really like the rhetoric of 'oh, if you're offended you're oversensitive' that I'm seeing in a couple places? Remember: people may have had different experiences than you that influence their view. Don't assume. :)

In-progress Delicious account.

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On my honor, I will do my best (1/?)

AN: Because Robin is a Genre Savvy little bitch.

Robin’s not sure that the training equipment can survive another of Superboy’s infrequent trips to Metropolis. The reinforced punching bags have seen better days, and the last of the robotic training dummies the League sent them burned out half an hour ago.

Robin generally lets Kaldur be the one to cool Superboy down, but today, Robin’s the only show in town. Lucky him.

“Hey bro! Want to play some video games?”

No response.

“Dude, it’s beautiful outside, we should go for a hike.”


“Supes, don’t you – “

“I’m BUSY!”

And with that snarl, the punching bag flies off its tether. Robin dodges, but dodges narrowly, and if he flinches, well, everyone’s allowed to be disconcerted sometimes.

Superboy deflates, but his frown just deepens.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to –“

“Everyone has bad days, man. Sure you don’t want to go do something?”

“Yeah, I’m just gonna go. See you.”

Superboy starts to walk away, but Robin can’t help but call out.

“Superboy! Don’t give up on it. Big Blue’s a Boy Scout, everybody knows that. He’ll come around. Just keep showing him who you are, and he’ll warm up sooner or later.”

Superboy half turns to look at Robin, and it’s clear he’s frustrated – which is pretty much standard – but he also looks pensive - which is new - and maybe a good step.

Robin leaves then, satisfied that something he said got through to Superboy.

Three days later, Robin’s not sure he got across what he meant to.

Superboy’s standing before them – they were just hanging out, waiting for a mission – and he’s got a stack of papers pinned to the counter in front of them.

Yep, definitely a miscommunication somewhere.

“Supes, that’s really not what they mean when – “ Wally tries.

“Please,” Superboy won’t look any of them in the eyes, but his eyes are bright, “Please, I just – I want this, and I think I need your help.”

Robin tries to think of a time when Superboy’s asked them for anything.
Robin hadn’t been sure that Superboy knew that he could.

“Superboy,” Kaldur starts, voice calm and reasonable as always, and Robin knows exactly what he will say. He knows exactly how Superboy will react, how he’ll fold back into himself.

Robin’s not sure if even Superboy will have the strength to ask them again.

“No problem,” Robin smirks, sliding the sheaf of papers away from Superboy and scanning through them, “Definitely doable, especially if we all pitch in.”

“Robin, you know that this won’t –“ and there goes Artemis, rational and skeptical, and completely lacking in imagination.

“Tell me, you guys ever heard of a Batman Gambit?”

Re: On my honor, I will do my best (1/?)

EEEEEEEEEE! *jumps up and down excitedly and never, never stops*

Anon here

Please stop jumping some time. I might need a day or two to get the next part out. But I promise merit badges, angry basket weaving, and oblivious Super-people.

Re: On my honor, I will do my best (1/?)

SO added to my "must check" list. Wan't wait for more!


On my honor, I will do my best (2/?)

AN: Switching POV's but my promises regarding angry crafts still stands.

Every couple of weeks, Red Tornado, Black Canary, and the mentors of the young crime fighters that make up Batman’s covert team meet to discuss the performance of the group on previous missions, to decide if certain missions are appropriate for a group of their nature, and to discuss the development of each individual team member and the team as a whole. The meetings are led by Batman.

Superman doesn’t understand why he has to come to these meetings. He isn’t involved in the team’s training, care, or deployment. He has no sidekick on the team. When he asks Batman about the matter, though, the stare he receives is very uncomfortable.

It’s Saturday morning, and Superman finds himself again at one of these meetings. It’s not too bad. It’s interesting to hear about the progress of the others’ protégées. Some of them, like Robin, he’s watched grow into this life. He feels like a proud uncle.

When the topic of Superboy comes up, though, things always get a little awkward. Bruce and some of the others seem to expect something. Superman really doesn’t know what they want from him.

Red Tornado‘s just started in on Superboy, and Superman wonders if he really needs to be here for this.

“The boy seems to be developing strong comradery with his teammates. I’ve also been impressed with the initiative he’s taken. A few days ago, he approached me with proposed emergency action protocols in the case of an incident in Mount Justice. I have no idea what prompted this action.”

“In all likelihood,” starts J’onn, “it is a response to he and my neice’s . . . unsuccessful culinary attempts.”

“Have they given up on that yet?” pipes in the Flash, “I won’t lie, I’m going to be really relieved when they stop burning the kitchen down every few days.”

“For the most part, they have stopped,” continues Red Tornado, “I have also discovered a potential reason for the disappearances I mentioned at our last meeting.”

Superman leans in, his attention re-focusing. Superboy has been disappearing from Mount Justice and Happy Harbor with an alarming regularity. And while some of those times, Miss Martian accompanies him, more often he goes alone. Superman can think of a dozen reasons why a genetically engineered, telepathically-educated clone made by a sinister organization would be disappearing, and he doesn’t like any of them.

“He has received First Aid certification.”

“What?” Superman surprises himself by speaking, “But he’ll never get injured.”

Black Canary fields the question.

“I imagine it’s for the same reason he wanted emergency protocols. It’s not him that will get hurt if a fire breaks out in Mount Justice.”

Superman can’t help but hear something defensive in her voice. He wonders why it’s there.

On my honor, I will do my best (3/?)

When the next meeting rolls around, Superman wonders if today they’re going to address the Superboy problem. He’s been keeping informed on the situation mostly out of suspicion. The clone continues to leave without telling the League where he’s going. The ease with which Superboy is disappearing suggests he has been receiving assistance, and with his teammates claiming ignorance, that leaves outside help.

When the time comes to talk about Superboy, though, no one seems to care where the clone’s been going. Well, no one except the Flash, but that conversation goes in a very different direction than he was expecting.

“Kid Flash had been telling me for days about Superboy’s interest in the work we’ve been doing in my lab, but I really didn’t believe him until I agreed to give the boys a quick tour. You guys should have seen him. Super-kid was made of questions!

“Kid Flash had already given him a primer in lab safety and a solid chem/physics grounding, so we were really able to get in a good discussion toward the foundations of Speed Force and some of my more recent experiments. The boy’s incredibly earnest, and no slouch in the science department. If I thought he’d have time for it, between the missions and his education, I’d definitely set him up with a small research project.”

Superman looks around the room and wonders why no one is expressing concern. Superboy is . . . Superboy is not – he’s not safe. How can Barry think letting the clone look into his research is a good idea?

He opens his mouth to say something to that affect, but catches a Bat-glare out of the corner of his eye and bites his tongue. Fine. If Barry wants to take risks, Superman will be there in case something goes wrong.

On my honor, I will do my best (3/?)

A month or so later, it gets worse. The clone is still disappearing. He was gone for a whole weekend once, and, yes, he left a note, but why doesn’t anyone else find this disturbing?

At the meeting, Superman decides it’s up to him to address the issue, but Red Tornado starts talking before he gets the chance.

“In other news, I found another potential reason for Superboy’s absences.”

Absences? Absences! This isn’t a student playing hooky. This is a self-described walking weapon going MIA, and why is no one taking this seriously?

“The boy has received his scuba diving certification.”


For once, he’s not the only one to express surprise, thank God, but the discussion Superman means to initiate is derailed again by Aquaman’s gruff laughter.

“That one might actually be my doing. Kaldur’ahn had been telling me that the boy had taken an interest in my domain. Kaldur’ahn had begun to educate him on the subject, and was wondering if I had time to share. I made time, and the boy was very respectful.

“He didn’t try to convince me to divest Atlantean secrets. No, he just wanted to know about the nature of the sea. The motion of the tectonic plates beneath us. The microorganisms that are the foundation of our ecosystem. The underwater heat vents and currents that influence our environment.

“It was probably the most refreshing conversation I’ve had with a land-dweller in years. I’m sure this scuba diving is motivated by a desire to greater appreciate my domain. Though if the boy desires a visit to Atlantis, he will have to wait until I have sufficient time to give him a supervised tour.”

Superman kind of wants to ask if Black Manta’s succeeded in smuggling drugs into Atlantis, because that can not be Aquaman’s actual opinion. The only time Aquaman’s allowed Superman into his precious kingdom the place had been under attack.

He’s actually so distracted by wondering if he’s fallen into a parallel universe again that he forgets to voice his concerns.

On my honor, I will do my best (5/?)

This time – this time, Superman can’t stay silent. This time he will demand that a course of action be taken to figure out what’s going on with Superboy. He still disappears. He still doesn’t tell people where he’s going. Not to mention the kid hasn’t sent a request through Batman to come visit him in Metropolis for a month and a half. A month and a half! Superman doesn’t know why that bothers him so much, but it does. It’s just . . . it’s just suspicious . . . is what it is.

They finish discussing Kid Flash’s unnerving tendency towards collecting questionably safe souvenirs, and Superman is going to get to the bottom of this, this time!

And then Batman jumps in.

“Green Arrow, you can’t honestly need another protégée?”

Superman is blindsided by this news - Ollie really seems to get around - but he’s also undeniably miffed.

This is the time to talk about Superboy. Superboy always follows Kid Flash; potential new members should be brought up after Artemis.

But Black Canary’s already laughing, and Ollie is looking a little pink.

“Leave off. He’s hardly a ‘protegee,’ I just gave him a few pointers about his stance. Artemis has done all the real work. She’s taught him about the different types of bows and arrows, given him an intro to fletching, equipment maintenance and repair, aiming.

“It’s just that the stance she uses is really more ideal for lighter frames. I stepped in for a bit to show him my stance, which is much better suited for him, really.” Superman realizes suddenly that they are still talking about his clone, “I also gave him a few tips to keep him from snapping his bow string. It’s a problem I actually used to have, though to a much lesser degree.”

“But why would he need to shoot arrows? He has super-strength.

It’s a testament to his complete confusion that it takes him a few seconds of extremely awkward silence to realize that he said that aloud.

Oliver is glaring at him in a way that makes him extremely happy that the man does not have heat vision. Everyone else is looking somewhere between offended and annoyed.

Canary decides to take pity on him, turning to address Green Arrow.

“I take it that’s why his fighting stance is more solid? I also couldn’t help but notice that in the last few weeks his control over his strength has improved by leaps and bounds.”

Green Arrow looks slightly mollified, but that doesn’t stop him from taking a jab at Superman.

“It seems even Super-people can be benefited by silly little bows and arrows.”

“You know that not what I –“

“Better control aside,” Batman cuts him off, “there’s a benefit to each team member having a solid understanding of each member’s abilities. It will make them function better as a unit. Not to mention, in the unfortunate event that something should incapacitate Artemis on a mission, someone on the team should still have the ability to utilize the specific weapons she has in her arsenal. Robin certainly could, though obviously to a much lesser degree than Artemis.”

Superman wants to beat his head into the table. He knows he’s going to catch flack for what he’s about to say, but he’s pretty sure he’s very little if not thick-skinned.

“Am I the only one here who finds it . . . suspicious that he - that Superboy - seems to be using his teammates to get closer to League members?”

The room is quiet for a second, staring at him. Bruce breaks it with a deadpan voice Superman’s learned to be wary of.

“Yes, Superman, you are the only one here who finds it surprising that Superboy’s showing an interest in activities that allow him to experience a pale shadow of the relationships his friends share with their mentors.”

Oh . . .

Re: On my honor, I will do my best (5/?)



FFFF I'm going to be pissed at him until he fixes this shit!



Wow. I like the way you phrased that line a lot better. Let's just assume that everyone else was thinking it.

Oh, and yes, Superman will fix this shit if Batman has to drag him by the cape. I doubt Batman will need to though . . .

Re: On my honor, I will do my best (5/?)

Think? I know I love you!
Anon, this is amazing and YOU ARE AMAZING.
I'll just be here, mashing F5.

And also the OP is great for prompting such a great prompt that in turn spawned such a great fill.

On my honor, I will do my best (6/9)

Next time he brings it up with Batman, they’re not at a meeting. They’re waiting to meet with a foreign diplomat to discuss a dangerous terrorist faction that’s taken up residence in his country. If the League can get permission to intervene, they’ll go in force to clear the terrorists out. Should this meeting be unsuccessful, they’ll send in the kids, who’ll surgically remove key leaders so that they can be tried in one of the countries they’ve instigated attacks on.

“Has Superboy asked to come to Metropolis recently?”

“Don’t worry, Clark. I think you’ve finally convinced him that you’re too busy saving other people’s kids.”

“He’s not my ‘kid,’ Bruce. It’s just suspicious that he’s stopped asking. But I guess you’re keeping them all pretty busy.”

“Actually, they’ve had a fair amount of downtime recently. I’ve been stopping by to supplement their training now and then.”

“Supplement how?”

“Well, to be fair, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Artemis, and Miss Martian have been using the time to work with their mentors. It’s easier to just bring Superboy to the Batcave.”

“You’ve brought him to the Batcave?”

“By teleportation only. Robin’s been giving him an intro to hacking and electronics.”

“He doesn’t need –“

“He and Robin have developed these ingenious little smoke bombs he carries in his pockets, for engaging enemies when separated from the rest of the team. You see, between the super-hearing and the infrared vision, he doesn’t really need normal sight during a fight anymore. It’s ridiculously effective.”

“I never thought of that . . . but I still don’t understand why he - why he’s trying all of these strange things. He has enough power as is. He was born, or at least grown, with more than enough. Why isn’t it enough? What’s his angle?”

“You’re the one who’s said he shouldn’t try training with you, because he doesn’t measure up.”

Superman doesn’t remember his words to Bruce in the diner being quite that – harsh. Even then, though, he’d sort of expected Superboy to keep trying, even if he’d wanted the kid to turn to someone else for guidance.

Now, it seems like Superboy has.

Superman didn’t realize it would make him feel like this.

“He does.”

“’He does’ what, Bruce?”

“He measures up. Even if he never shoots lasers out of his eyes or sees through walls or flies, he’s worth being proud of, Clark.”

He wants to tell Bruce that Superboy isn’t his to be proud of, but the helicopter touches down, and he needs to be an ideal instead of a person again.

The talks break down after a couple of hours when the diplomat makes it clear that he’ll only try to sway his leader towards the Justice League's proposal if he’s heavy compensated.

As they leave, Superman realizes that within a week, Superboy and his teammates will be paying this country a visit. Superman finds the thought comforting.

On my honor, I will do my best (7/9)

When J’onn speaks up at the next meeting, it’s too much. Why should Superboy be going to Miss Martian and J’onn for an introduction to space? Why should they be the ones to take him outside of the atmosphere for the first time, in a bioship? If there’s any planet that the kid should be learning more about, it sure as hell shouldn’t be Mars.

Something rears up in his chest that feels like fire. He would say it felt wrong, if it didn’t feel like it was burning him clean of something worse. He would say it felt ugly, if it didn’t feel like the sun.

Superman bites his tongue at the meeting. But he’s tired of leaving this matter alone.

For the first time in months, he flies to Mount Justice. It’s a school night. Artemis should be in Star City, Kid Flash should be in Central City, Robin should be climbing rooftops in Gotham, Aqualad should be twenty thousand leagues under the sea, and he knows J’onn and Miss Martian will be off world at least until the end of the week.

The thought almost stops him cold. He wonders what Superboy normally does on nights like this. He wonders why he never asked himself that question before.

He can hear Superboy in his room, and he tells himself he doesn’t check using x-ray vision to preserve the kid’s privacy, and not to delay for a minute or two the question of what Superboy’s wearing.

It’s stupid to wonder, but - but what if there’s an arrow on his T-shirt? Or a lightning bolt? Or a trident or a bat or a Martian X? What if it’s just blank now?

Superman doesn’t understand how he didn’t care about this before.

He knocks on the door.

Re: On my honor, I will do my best (7/9)

*whimper* Oh, Clark. You know I love you, and I always will, because this is what you do- you eventually man up and do the right thing. *hugs him* This is why I think you're better than all the other heroes. You're so fucking human and weak and strong all at once.

I'm so happy he's facing the problem! *bounces and waits for more*

On my honor, I will do my best (8/10)

“Come in.” and Superman knows that voice. He remembers that voice from late nights in Kansas decades ago, when there was no one else in the world like him.

He slides open the door, and Superboy doesn’t turn to look at him. The boy is – the boy is –


Superboy’s sitting on his floor, bent over something that looks like a lumpy mat and staring at the poor, misshapen thing in his hands like it personally insulted his mother and spat on his birthday cake.

Superman thinks he should probably work on his analogies before he says any of them aloud to Superboy as the young man threads what appears to be straw through the frame of the thing, growling as his knot tears as he ties it. Superboy’s hands clench, hovering over the mess of the thing, but the boy just sighs.

“Tornado, I’m really busy right now. I just want to be alone.”

“Well, if you insist, I’ll leave you to it, but I’d rather we talk.”

Superman hadn’t realized people could stumble upwards, but Superboy manages – there may be hope for that flight thing yet.

“What,” it comes out as a squeak and he coughs, “what are you doing here?”

The kid sounds so alarmed, his too familiar eyes shifting rapidly between Superman and the thing on the floor, that Superman’s latent suspicions pop up again and he scans the project with x-ray and microscopic vision.

Yeah, definitely just straw.

Which makes no sense, but -



“Have you joined the Boy Scouts ?”

“Yeah,” Superboy’s gaze is drilling into the floor at his feet, “I didn’t want to tell you until I had ten badges. I . . I’m sure you’ve got more than a hundred.”

Superman keeps waiting for Batman or Flash to jump out from somewhere and yell “Gotcha!” But they don’t. No, somehow this is actually happening.

“Superboy, I was never in the Boy Scouts.”

Superboy rocks back onto his heels, and his eyes shoot up to meet Superman’s for a fleeting second, before turning away.

“But – but everyone calls you a –“

“When people say that, it’s meant figuratively. They’re implying that I fight fair, play by the rules, and, sometimes, that I’m naïve. It’s been known to happen.”

Superboy’s frozen in front of him. He opens his mouth – once, twice – but nothing comes out. Finally he manages.

“Excuse me for a minute, please.”

The boy closes the door to his private bathroom behind him, and Superman waits for the sound of shattered porcelain. He hears three or four hitched breaths before they give way to deeper, longer, forcibly meditative ones. Superman feels completely out of his depth.

He scans the room just to give himself something to do, avoiding looking at the failed art project. His eyes catch on a list pinned above Superboy’s dresser. He goes to take a closer look.

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