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The Young Justice: Animated Anonymous Fic Meme

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Prompt Post - Part Nine [CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS]
yj_anon wrote in yj_anon_meme

Part one here!

Part two here!

Part three here!

Part four here!

Part five here!

Part six here!

Part seven here!

Part eight here!

Feel free to reprompt posts from previous parts once. If you do so, I'd recommend leaving a link to your fill on the original prompt, in case somebody is tracking the first thread.

Please note that you can still fill over at parts one and two- just don't prompt there! I encourage you all to go through looking for older things to fill.
Welcome to the Young Justice: Animated anonymous fic meme!

How does it work? Basically, you leave prompts, and people fill them with glorious fic. Pretty simple. Anonymity is allowed for those that feel nervous or awkward requesting or filling, but it isn't actually obligatory. Unlike a lot of memes (like kink memes) this doesn't have a particular focus beyond the fandom. Het, gen, slash, femslash, anything else you can think up? Welcome! Crack, drama, angst? Go nuts!

However, we do have some...

Rules and guidelines.

• Animated canon only, please. Crossovers are fine, so is integrating comics/etc. stuff into animated canon, but no outright Young Justice comic stuff, please.
• Be reasonable. Polite. Etc. You may be anonymous, but that is no excuse for being ridiculous.
• Likewise, be considerate in your prompting. Trigger warnings are appreciated (for content that may seriously upset people with past experience, such as rape/non-con, self harm, suicide, etc.- at the absolute least, please make it clear what the fic contains about before someone stumbles across it halfway through!), and please be careful with your wording. Memes like this often touch on some sensitive material. If you feel somebody has posted an actively offensive prompt, please either PM me or use the mod post here to bring it to my attention.
• One prompt per post, please!
• Repeat after me: Your Kink Is Not My Kink. Don't attack people's prompts because they aren't your cup of tea!
• Look, just don't wank up a storm in general. I'm sure we can all manage, right? :)

This is the 'flat' view of the page; it shows comments in the order they're posted, rather than as threads. Makes it easier to see new fills on previous pages.

ETA: We now have a discussion post if you need one!

Incidentally, being polite includes not telling people they're being 'too sensitive' for being bothered by things. Just sayin'. This place is a safe space, in so much as I can make it one, and I don't really like the rhetoric of 'oh, if you're offended you're oversensitive' that I'm seeing in a couple places? Remember: people may have had different experiences than you that influence their view. Don't assume. :)

ETA: Since apparently it doesn't come under some of your definitions of 'civility':


I don't care if you hate that ditz M'gann, I don't care how much you think Kaldur is sooo boring, I don't care if you think Artemis is a bitch, I don't care if you want Wally to go die, I don't care how much you want Superboy to punch himself into oblivion or how bratty you think Robin is. This is not a place to ask for fic that is for nothing more or less than to satisfy said hate. We have and welcome fans of ALL CHARACTERS here, and it's just insulting and rude to tear them down.

And this is not the same as asking for a single prompt where they're AU and evil, or for a prompt where they mess up in some way, or even where they get called out on something they did if you feel it would make a good story. But come the hell on, guys.

ETA: Please see this recent post regarding certain issues we've been having. Thank you.

ETA: New affilate - DC comics meme!

ETA: At several people's requests - rec post & general finding-things post!

ETA: New affilate - YJ kink meme!

ETA: Since part four seems to be going so fast- poll about the next prompt freeze!

i dont know if someboy know avengers academy.it's a marvel comic where some kids are traint by the avengers. the twist is the are there because the avengers believe they can turn evil.

yeah i want that they meet young justice.

Re: crossover time

yea i've heard of that comic, I heard it's really good but I haven't read it yet. second XD

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Artemis/Harm - The dagger is the real problem.

...I just like playing 'what if' with bad guys, and I really liked how unimpressed Artemis was with Harm.

There's something very strange about Harms dagger, something that twists your personality. Zatanna took it with her, and now it's affecting her, while Harm himself is returning to normal thanks to Greta tearing out his metaphorical heart.

Only Artemis notices, because unlike Harm, Zatanna actually acts pretty normal. And while the team would listen under normal circumstances, the team doesn't know Zatanna well enough to say 'she's acting weird' the times she does, they're all suddenly very, very busy and distracted by outside matters, and, well, Artemis isn't always the best under pressure.

Things stay sort of normal for a while, until Zatanna hits the 'pure of heart' point, and starts aiming for the death of everyone she cares about. First step, get rid of the person who knows what's going on while keeping everyone else in the dark.

Now Artemis must break Harm out of his cell to get information on the dagger, and keep herself and Harm alive and uncaptured while working out how to get it away from Zatanna and how to get rid of it permanently.

Bonus: Include the line "Seriously? Your name is actually Harm?"

Re: Artemis/Harm - The dagger is the real problem.

Sounds good!

repost - The World Without Grownups

From Part 7 (with a little addition).

This anon wants to see something in the vein of the JLU episode "Kid Stuff", in which a crazy sorceress calling herself Morgaine le Fey steals a magical amulet and her crazy spoiled brat son, Mordred, gets his hands on it, impulsively banishing her and all the adults in the world to another dimension.

Young Justice, because they are not considered "adults," are now suddenly the world's only hope.

Bonus: if they begrudgingly admit that maybe it's okay that they still aren't considered adults.
Double Bonus: Inclusion of one or more de-aged, very worried mentors.
*New* Triple Bonus: Billy Batson is the only Justice League member left but can't transform, fearing that Captain Marvel 'counts' as adult.

Extra Hard Mode: Everyone in Young Justice except Dick and Superboy and the Justice League's Captain Marvel are considered adult by the spell. Cue team trying to get added to the group being de-aged to go back and Superboy's bewilderment at Captain Marvel not being considered an adult.

link to original - http://yj-anon-meme.livejournal.com/5067.html?thread=12524235#t12524235

Re: repost - The World Without Grownups

God I loved that episode. And I'd like to see Robin's reaction to a deaged Batman.

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Christmas team fic!

The team find out that Captain Marvel's Christmas wish is to be reunited with his twin sister Mary (she was adopted by another family during their time at the orphanage and they took her far away from Billy). So they decide to help him find her in time for Christmas.

It's up to the author if the team already knew that Captain Marvel's a ten year old kid or if they find out in the fic.

Re: Christmas team fic!



M'Gann crack reprompt with additions

Instead of our wholesome, bubbly Megan who learned from cutesy TV sitcoms about family values, Megan's Earth education was TV shows about... Girls Gone... somewhat less than family frieny? Wild, perhaps. Che Megan strutting around the Cave in Daisy Dukes, hanging off Conner, flirting back way harder at Wally, and eyeing up Kaldur while he swims laps. Slut!Megan AU.
Bonus: Artemis is not excempt from this.
Another Bonus: Megan is a very poor influence on Zatanna and/or Robin.

Re: M'Gann crack reprompt with additions

Giggling madly at this - seconding!

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M'gann/Artemis - Healing (repost)

Okay, so I'm in the mood for some major angst featuring our favorite femslash pair.

Artemis is practicing gymnastics in the cave training room when she misjudges a flip and lands badly on her head. A bone in her neck is broken, and she instantly realizes that she can't feel or move anything. At the hospital, she's diagnosed as a quadriplegic, paralyzed from her shoulders down.

At first, Artemis seems to be handling her injury well, viewing it as a challenge to overcome. She assumes that she'll walk out of the hospital after physical therapy. But as time goes on, her arms and legs stay paralyzed and the therapists shift to trying to help her live with her disability. She sinks into a deep depression and starts pushing her friends away.

M'gann won't be pushed away, though. She sticks by Artemis, no matter how many hurtful things the paralyzed girl shouts at her. Eventually, Artemis' walls start to break down and she opens up to M'gann. She slowly becomes comfortable with letting M'gann assist her with things like eating and doing her hair, and as they grow closer, they find themselves falling in love. It takes a while, but Artemis slowly adjusts to life as a quadriplegic, and when things get hard, she has M'gann to lean on.

Repost: Madoka Magica crossover?


Can anybody make these two worlds mesh in any way?

bird flu [1/4]

and as always my fics are Hijacked By Robin, sigh. can i blame star driver?
He finds out about Artemis before the rest of them do; he notices the ease with which she fights, the gracefulness in her every move, and how uncomfortable she seems to be in her body afterward. He sees in her eyes the fear and the sadness that doesn’t come with the glory of being a hero or the heaviness of the secret that is her family—it’s something worse. In her eyes, there’s something so much worse, almost like she’s dead, almost like she’s dying, almost like she’s constantly watching Death claim those that aren’t his.

He doesn’t know how exactly he gets that all from a look—even with Batman’s training, Robin’s reading of emotions and facial expressions isn’t very good—but he does, and he starts to get nervous about looking at her, starts to feel sick when he steals glances at her to make sure she’s okay. Maybe it’s because Artemis is easier to read than others. Maybe it’s because he sees her so often, notices her sleeping in classes at Gotham Academy, notices the aging in the lines of her face when she’s outside of her costume. Maybe it’s because she wants someone to know, wants someone to sneak after her in the hours after dusk and follow her unknowingly into a Witch’s Realm and find out she’s a Puella Magi.

It chokes him. It grabs him and chokes him and he sees reds and whites and blacks and he’s sure he’s about to see the faces that he only sees in his dreams now, he swears this is where it ends—

An arrow, radiating with a light and warmth and an intensity that he’s never seen an arrow light up with before, fills him with fear and he’s shaking, he’s never been so emotional before, not even when M’gann

The Realm disappears, and he falls.

She smiles.

She does it all with a smile, and Robin’s at a complete and utter loss and he’s more broken by the images in the technicolor pocket dimension than she’s ever been when the witch is gone; he crumbles to his feet and his eyes are wide and it attacked him, tore through half his mask, so there’s a single, shaking blue eye visible, staring at the grown but seeing nothing, and Robin throws up all over the asphalt when the black, egg-shaped thorn lands next to him and Artemis picks it up and pockets it like it’s nothing.

“This is insane,” he mumbles, and he doesn’t even know how he’s so torn up about this, when he does so much to keep his emotions in check—(except that he does know, this is Gotham, his home, he’s supposed to know everything that goes down in Gotham, and those were faces, faces he recognizes, dammit)—and she helps him to his feet and he nearly jumps at the sight of the tiny cat-like creature that’s appeared on her shoulder.

Artemis grimaces and tells him, “This is me.”

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Beep-beep boo-beep, beep-beep (repost)

Reposted from part 7 here: http://yj-anon-meme.livejournal.com/5067.html?thread=13134027#t13134027

Zordon summons a couple of teenagers with attitude to be his Power Rangers. Oh, please humor me.

Re: Beep-beep boo-beep, beep-beep (repost)


I'm pretty busy with prompts right now, and I've only seen one movie and a few episodes of the first series, so I can't really be much help anyways.

Repost- Note: Trans prompt.

Reposted from here: http://yj-anon-meme.livejournal.com/5333.html?thread=15124949#t15124949

Any of the guys on the team (+Roy) comes out as a transwoman.

They're still into girls, though, because gender and sexuality have nothing to do with each other.

Bonus, the line "I liked girls when the world thought I was a boy, why should I stop now?" or equivalent.

One of these pairings preferred, please.
MtF Roy/Cheshire
MtF Wally/Artemis
MtF Robin/Zatanna
MtF Superboy/Miss Martian

Re: Repost- Note: Trans prompt.

I want this so much. Someone fill this NOW!


The Light finally brings together their own team of young soldiers.

Aqualad - Icicle Jr.
Robin - Duela Dent
Kid Flash - Inertia
Artemis - Rose Wilson
Superboy - Match
Miss Martian - Sun Girl

Run with that, anons!

Re: Anti-YJ

I want this so hard that I think I can hear a chorus of Angels sing "Want, want, must have right now!!!!"

Aqualad/Icicle Jr.

I have never seen this pairing anywhere, and I think it would be kind of hot.

So um, the team could be fighting him or whatever and he shamelessly flirts with Kaldur during battle. Much to the teams surprise, Kaldur flirts back.

Run with it!

Re: Aqualad/Icicle Jr.

This. I did not know I needed this until now~! Seconding So freaking hard. now.

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REPOST: "I am your father,"


Ra's always wanted a male heir. Since he wasn't able to produce one he decided to steal Batman's. A bomb to kknock the team out in the middle of a mission, a team to take the boy and some gas/spell/micronanotechnollogy/mind!reading shennanigan to make the kid forget about his original mentor (he is sure the little song bird would not abandon the Detective willingly).

Unfortunately, his minions are not as smart as he had hoped, so when he checks the boy's room he realized he should have been more specific than: "Him, blue eyes, black hair" as they brought an unconscious Robin AND Conner.

Both teens are disoriented and confused, and bond over it (think Wally and Artemis in the desert?) And Ra's decides to keep them both. Intelligent heir to follow his footsteps and loyal muscleman... ahem, bodyguard to keep his precious heir safe?

What will the team do when they find them?

How will Bats reacts when his son pulls a sword on him to protect his new "father" ?

Will Superman finally pull his head out of his ass when he realizes Conner is ready to kill however gets too close to his... "boyfriend"?

SuperxRobin with a pinch of darkness? Pretty please?

Original: http://yj-anon-meme.livejournal.com/5067.html?thread=12925387#t12925387

CLaim from other posting

I thin I offered to do it there if OP wants. Just wanted to re-offer if OP didn't see. I'm so willing to do this prompt, it's a great idea and I just love it.

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Repost: Meet Me in Montauk

Team member X is in love - but then it all goes wrong. Desperate to forget the painful memories and regain focus, X has a reluctant M'gann wipe all memories of their lover from their minds. Said lover is understandably devastated when X doesn't even recognize them and begs M'gann to undo the great erase, but she doesn't know how. What's done is done.

Whether X unwittingly falls back in love with their partner a la the source material or things really weren't meant to be is up to authoranon.

OP would love this to be Kaldur-centric but if something else tickles your fancy, please don't hesitate. Plot necessitates the lover be someone off-team since erasing all memories of one of your teammates is just a bad plan.

Originally here.

Meet Me in Montauk [Prologue]

So I reposted this in the futile hope that someone would fill it before I succumbed to temptation, but alas. I hope original OP is still out there somewhere. If not, oh wellll.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

M’gann isn’t sure what to think when he comes to her.

She knew he would go to someone, eventually. It’s been two weeks since the morning he came into training with a heart so broken, she could feel the grief seeping out of it in throbbing waves that nearly buckled her own knees, and it never really did get better. Emotional radiation is a regular occurrence with some of her teammates – Wally is excitable, Conner easily angered – but not with Kaldur, who usually maintains such strict control over his feelings. And while he held it together through every exercise that day and all the days since, she has been on Earth long enough to know that a person can only take so much of something like that, no matter how strong they are.

Even so, when he appears in her doorway one night, she isn’t sure why he has come to her.

It becomes clear soon enough.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Are you sure about this?” she asks nervously, fingers trembling as she frames his head with her hands.

“I am certain.”

“I don’t know if it can be undone, if you…if you decide you want them back. I’ve never done this before.”

“I understand.”

His gaze is unfaltering.

“The team will need to know,” she says softly.

“I have spoken to Robin.”

“What…what does he think about it?”

“That is irrelevant. He knows what to tell the others, should you inform him that you consented to administer the procedure.”

She bites her lip.

“I just…I don’t know if this is a good idea. Maybe you just need a little more time.”

“If you are uncomfortable, I will withdraw my request,” he says, his voice quiet and deceptively calm. “I have asked this of you as your friend, not ordered it as your leader.”

She swallows hard, thinking. She has felt his pain for two weeks now, and even so, she cannot imagine wanting what he wants – it is too drastic, too, too risky, too much. Nevertheless, she has known him for near two years now, well enough to know that he is anything but reckless. He would not have come to her if he had not already weighed all the possible options, considered all the possible consequences, and come to the conclusion that this is the only way forward. And she is the only one who can help him. She is the only one who can lift this weight from his shoulders.

She takes a deep breath, and nods.

He closes his eyes; her own begin to glow softly. Just as her mind slips into his, he hears her ask:

“Is there anything you would want us to tell him, if…if he asks?”

“No,” he says, calm as ever. Only here in the shallows of his mind can she feel the deep current of despair that runs through that one word. “I am certain he will understand.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It takes only a moment to extinguish four years.

Superboy decides to take a look around Metropolis while Superman is on a far away mission. After all, someone has to make sure it's safe. However, around this time, a group under Lex Luthor unleashes a monster that we know as Doomsday.

Superboy tries to defend Metropolis from Doomsday, and manages to take him down with his last breath.

I'd like to see the reactions of his teammates, Superman, and whoever else, although a focus on Robin and Superman would be nice.

Conner/Dick please.

Up to author!Anon if Conner comes back or not.

Re: Doomsday

second! (I love me some Conner/Dick)

I don't have a catchy subject line. Also: Caps everywhere.

I JUST WANT KYLE RAYNER IN THE YOUNG JUSTICE CARTOON. Shippy, gen, short, long, cracky humor, depressing angst, epic adventures, metaphyiscal deep thoughts, Kyle as a teenager member, Kyle as a den mother adult, terrible fridge jokes, gender bending, mpreg, alien culture world building, perverted ring power use, tentacles, Mogo with a sex drive, Ion, Parallax, time travel, dimensional travel, body swap, Sinestro's creepy bad touch, Kyle starting up a 'Sidekicks for Hire' business, Globetrotting, Connor Hawke, Salaak's spanking abilities, the Guardians being good guys, the Guardians being assholes, the whole YJ team getting power rings, Star Sapphire Wally, I don't care just give me my favorite Lantern!

Mini Prologue.

Okay, this is going less than aster.

I mean, who would have expected when M'gann and Connor to tell us that they were dating, That Wally wouldn't even talk, just run off.

And on top of that, By the Time we find him, he's terrorizing Coast City,

In pink.

Ugh, whatever's going down, it's not making me traught, AT ALL.

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