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Prompt Post - Part Seven [CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS]
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Part two here!

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Feel free to reprompt posts from parts one, two, three or four in part five once. If you do so, I'd recommend leaving a link to your fill on the original prompt, in case somebody is tracking the first thread.

note that you can still fill over at parts one and two- just don't
prompt there! I encourage you all to go through looking for older things
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Welcome to the Young Justice: Animated anonymous fic meme!

How does it work? Basically, you leave prompts, and people fill them with glorious fic. Pretty simple. Anonymity is allowed for those that feel nervous or awkward requesting or filling, but it isn't actually obligatory. Unlike a lot of memes (like kink memes) this doesn't have a particular focus beyond the fandom. Het, gen, slash, femslash, anything else you can think up? Welcome! Crack, drama, angst? Go nuts!

However, we do have some...

Rules and guidelines.

• Animated canon only, please. Crossovers are fine, so is integrating comics/etc. stuff into animated canon, but no outright Young Justice comic stuff, please.
• Be reasonable. Polite. Etc. You may be anonymous, but that is no excuse for being ridiculous.
• Likewise, be considerate in your prompting. Trigger warnings are appreciated (for content that may seriously upset people with past experience, such as rape/non-con, self harm, suicide, etc.- at the absolute least, please make it clear what the fic contains about before someone stumbles across it halfway through!), and please be careful with your wording. Memes like this often touch on some sensitive material. If you feel somebody has posted an actively offensive prompt, please
either PM me or use the mod post here to bring it to my attention.
• One prompt per post, please!
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ETA: Since apparently it doesn't come under some of your definitions of 'civility':


I don't care if you hate that ditz M'gann, I don't care how much you think Kaldur is sooo boring, I don't care if you think Artemis is a bitch, I don't care if you want Wally to go die, I don't care how much you want Superboy to punch himself into oblivion or how bratty you think Robin is. This is not a place to ask for fic that is for nothing more or less than to satisfy said hate. We have and welcome fans of ALL CHARACTERS here, and it's just insulting and rude to tear them down.

And this is not the same as asking for a single prompt where they're AU and evil, or for a prompt where they mess up in some way, or even where they get called out on something they did if you feel it would make a good story. But come the hell on, guys.

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While on a mission Robin and Superboy are separated from the team and end up in another dimension.

There's lots of mutual life saving and the bonding that that brings with it. They come to rely on each other for their own well being. Eventually they fall in love.

They live their lives out in this other dimension, growing old and wise together. No one ever comes to rescue them.

Then they pass away.

And wind up back at their original ages in their own dimension again, with very little time having passed.


Re: Robin/Superboy

Is that a good jaw drop or a bad jaw drop? lol.

Re: Robin/Superboy

*typing furiously* Any details you want to add to this alternative dimention the guys end up in, OP annon? If not, I tink I've got just the thing >8D

Re: Robin/Superboy

Ooh, this would be really interesting...

Re: Robin/Superboy

never knew how much I needed this until now

Fill - A lifetime away 1/?


The team is in danger, Conner knows, this threat is like nothing he has faced before. So strong, too strong, and able to jump through space and time so they can’t even touch the bastard. He feels useless and clumsy as his fists land on concrete once more and the enemy’s mocking laughter rings through the air.

With a roar he launches himself in the air and lunges for him once more.

“Sups, wait!” Robin screams, performing a graceful flip and landing on his shoulders. Conner idly wonders how can someone so light be so dangerous. He is no fool and knows the smaller boy is the one with the most experience, the one that will become a full-fledged superhero before they all do. He feels envy and respect at the same time.

“What is it?” he asks with a growl, trying to ignore the way the boy’s thin arms wrap around his flushed neck and his body clings to his sweaty back.

“I think I can disrupt that space/time thingy, but I need to get closer,” he tells the other teen with a pained smirk. Superboy narrows his eyes.

“Aqualad said we just need to distract him until the League gets here,” he says, not sure he likes the idea himself. “That thing can break your bones in a breath, you can’t get any closer.”

“I can’t get any closer alone,” Robin corrects, his hand tight on Superboy’s neck. “I know I can do it, just give me a chance!”

Conner wants to say no, he wants to continue what he is doing and to wait for Superman and the rest of the League, but another part of him, a rebellious part of him, is seduced by Robin’s idea. He can imagine the pride that will spread over Batman’s face when he realized they dismantled the threat. He can imagine the awe on Superman’s eyes.

“Ok,” he says finally. “Hold on tight.”

They launch an attack like nothing before, he is busy trying to hold onto Robin’s small waist with one hand while protecting him from their enemy’s fists with the other. Robin is concentrating on the creature’s belt and the tiny wiring they can discern from it.

“How much longer!” Conner yells as a fist forces his face to turn in an unnaturally painful angle.

“Ten!” Robin replies, sweat rolling down his face, his breath coming in small pants.

There is a shriek in the air like nothing they have ever heard before and suddenly lights and color fill Conner’s vision. A roar deafens him momentarily and then…


He opens his eyes again to find himself laying on the rocky floor, Robin hovering over him with a small frown on his young face.

“Are you ok, Supey?” he asks softly. He nods, looking around. They are alone.

No signs of the battle mar the forest, no smells of fire or distress.

It is almost as if nothing ever happened in that place.

“The enemy…” Superboy asks, looking around. Robin makes a face between reluctance and disgust before pointing to the charred and mangled figure behind them.

“As soon as we landed here he went kaboom,” he explains simply.

“Here being?”

Robin shakes his head.

“I’m not sure…”

A lifetime away 2/?


Conner huffs from his position by the bed as he watches Robin type in his computer. He is doing it again, he knows. He is stealing money from some innocent Bank while trying to appear as inconspicuous as possible.

They’ve gone through that argument before, so, Superboy is not in the mood to have it again.

“What are you doing!?”

“I’m trying to get us something to eat!”

“It’s illegal!”

“I’m taking a dollar from every single account in the world that has over a thousand! No one will notice! We need to survive until the team and The League come for us! And to do that we need money, Conner!”

“Not that much money!”

“I need supplies! I don’t have superpowers like you!”

It’s been a month and at first everything was exactly the same. That is, until they decided to head back to Mount Justice and found just a mountain.

Instantly, Robin convinced him they had to go back to Gotham and request Batman’s help, only to come across the latest news announcing the birth of millionaire extraordinaire Bruce Wayne’s firstborn son, Damian.

Robin had stood there, staring at the man proudly holding a red-faced baby while an older couple hovered proudly behind him.

Superboy didn’t really understand what was so important about it until Robin took off towards a dark alley, his hands trembling as he started hacking into the government’s computers.

“What’s wrong,” Conner asked, disturbed by the pallor of Robin’s skin, the frantic way his fingers danced over the keys.

“Bruce Wayne’s parents are alive and he’s a happily married man,” Robin replied, as if it was the most horrible thing to have happened in history.

“So?” he asked.

“So!” Robin snapped, his voice breaking. “That can’t be! If Bruce Wayne is not an orphan that means…”

The sudden stop made Superboy uncomfortable.

“New York city,” he said finally, his voice trembling. “Conner, please, New York city, NOW!”

Conner wanted to argue, they had walked to Gotham, trying to pass as civilians, Robin had even stolen some clothes for them while on the run, to go from Gotham to New York would mean they would blow off their cover.

But Robin was positively shivering and there was no way he was going to remain in Gotham. Something told him that, should he refuse, the younger boy would simply go alone.

He nodded, gathered the panicking boy in his arms and leaped as hard as he could.

Robin had forced him to stop in the outskirts of the city, were a colorful circus tent was inviting visitors. Robin leaped from his embrace and ran towards the main tent, ignoring the way a man was screaming at him for his ticket.

He followed.

Once inside he found the boy on his knees, eyes set on the acrobats aweing the crowd with their death-defying skills. A woman was holding onto the trapeze with her legs while a younger boy flew in the air and grasped her hands.

The crowd went wild.

“Robin?” he asked, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder only to startle as he noticed the tears rolling down his ashen face. Words in a foreign language spilled form his lips unevenly, a mantra of some sort.

The man from before approached them, he seemed angry and about the call the police. Conner instantly gathered the crying teen in his arms, apologized to the man for his little brother’s imprudence and ran as fast as he could away from the tent.

Robin didn’t talk to him in days.

When the other boy finally gathered himself enough to speak, he spoke of all. He told him his name was Richard Grayson, Dick, and that those people on the circus were his parents. He told him of their deaths, he told him of how Bruce Wayne took him in, of their training, of their mission.

He told Conner of the nightmares he sometimes had, his mother’s frightened eyes meeting his as she fell to her death.

He then showed him the research he had been working on. And finally Conner understood his utter distress.

Mr. Oliver Queen was still the most famous millionaire playboy in the world.

Mr. Hal Jordan had happily retired after being wounded in Iraq.

And worst of all…

There was no report of any meteorite landing anywhere in the world, much less in Kansas.

Conner’s blue eyes met Dick’s red-rimmed ones.

They were in a world were superheroes didn’t exist.

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A lifetime away 3a/?


“I don’t understand why I have to do this,” Conner sighed as he fought with his silk tie. Dick grinned at him, his hands playfully batting Superboy’s away and tying the thing himself artfully.

“We need a cover and the most attention we gather the better,” he explained once more, smoothing Conner’s expensive suit (so expensive it made him uncomfortable) with both hands.

“If we need attention why don’t you do it?” Superboy asked, staring at himself in the mirror and thinking he looked ridiculous.

“Because I’m underage,” Dick said, combing his hair.

“So am I,”

“Yeah, but you can pass for an eighteen year old and I can’t,” the Boy Wonder sighed, patting his shoulder. “Now, from the beginning, you are Conner Kent…”

“Tech genius and you are my little brother Richard Kent,” Conner interrupted with an eyeroll, another thing they had gone over and over again. “I am really shy and don’t like to talk, due to my accent, which is the reason you are my spokesman most of the time. We are both orphans and I’ve been taking care of you for years since our adoptive parents died in a car accident.”

“Exactly,” Robin laughed. “Now, just keep your usual scowly face, Supey, and we’ll be set.”

They both boarded the limousine waiting for them and stared at the Gotham streets as they made their way. Conner took the moment to immerse himself in his thoughts and pretend he didn’t notice Robin’s hand unconsciously clutching his own.

A year had gone by without any news from The League or the team. At first Robin and himself had been hopeful (Robin still maintained the hope that, if not the whole League, Batman was still looking for them) they had come to the realization that they needed to set a life for themselves or die trying.

Robin had started investing the money he had stolen and it had worked for a while. WayneTech and LuthorCorp had given them enormous revenues and they had managed to afford a small flat and a bike for Dick to move around. Both had enrolled in a local High School and managed to keep a low profile while they waited for their rescue.

Then, Bruce Wayne had set their eyes on them and requested an interview.

Conner had been so impressed by the way Dick managed to play the part of the outgoing yet shy little brother as he explained to Mr. Wayne that his older brother was really into Tech stuff that he didn’t understand but he knew where to invest when ground-breaking technology had been put on the market, all the while holding Conner’s hand in his own to prevent Wayne from noticing how his fingers trembled and his grip became tight.

Conner had said nothing for most of the meeting, and kept a careful eye set on Robin’s tight lips.

Finally, Mr. Wayne had ended the meeting with a bright smile and a handshake to both of them, his eyes fondly set on Conner’s protective posture.

“I hope we can see eachother more often, Mr. Kent and Mr. Kent,” he said, patting Dick and Conner both in the shoulder. Dick nodded weakly, Conner scowled deeply, his cheeks flushing bright red as he mumbled a soft:

“Yoo two, Mr. Waeen,” before shaking his head and wrapping and arm around his ‘little brother’s’ shoulders.

That had been their first adventure into the outside world.

“Why the accent,” Conner had asked Dick later, as they laid together in their one-room flat. Dick had giggled his usual ninja!Robin laugh (as he himself called it) before explaining that should they ever need to use their costumes, no one would be able to mix up soft-spoken and weak Richard Kent and his gruff, accented-ladden brother Conner with their hero personas.

It was a lesson Bruce had taught him.

Conner said nothing and wrapped an arm around the boy’s waist to settle down to sleep.

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A lifetime away 4a/?

“Are you done, yet?” Dick asks over the roar of the city, his grin is clear in his voice. Conner sighs, a small smile of his own curling his lips when he replies.
“Almost done, man, an hour tops.”
“Good, I’m almost done myself,” Dick says. “Nigma is on his way back to Arkahm and..”
He stops and Conner can hear the way the wind carries sounds around the younger man, screams of panic, explosions, and suddenly…
… laughter.
A laughter he has only heard in video, never for real.
A laughter that chills him inside.
“Dick?” he asks, his fists clenching over an aged gargoyle on the rooftop. “Dick, are you ok?”
“It can’t be...” Dick whispers in shock and suddenly their radio connection is lost.
“Dick!” Conner roars, leaping from building to building. Leaving Metropolis behind as fast as he can in order to reach Gotham in time. He can’t stop, he can’t panic, he has to be there.

The first year after their discovery, Dick spent half of his time investing all their money on WayneTech and half following Luthor)s every movement. So far, the man had met with Ra’s Al Ghul, Edward Nigma and Victor Fries (whom Robin had tempted away from Luthor’s side with a brand new, top of the line research lab in their fairly small Kent Research and Tech – he was now head of KentLabs and their most trusted ally).

The world they discovered under the peaceful surface was a dark one, full of corruption and deceit. Each and every major city in the world has a master that rules it in their own particular ways. Luthor runs Metropolis like an engine, each and every criminal fitting in a role they must perform to balance the normal citizens. Oswald Cobblepot III rules over Gotham like a feudal state, where criminals and politicians alike vie for his wisdom. The only ones spared are the powerful Waynes, who could take over the city, the country if they bothered to look outside their content perfect lives.

Robin scoffed at it, knowing Batman would be ashamed of his alternative self.

By the second year they decided to split the job in half (and Conner would never admit the surge of happiness he felt swelling in his chest when Robin patted his arm and declared him a “stealth graduate”) and while Dick grew into the face of KentLabs, Conner grew more and more into his role as the shadow. The unknown listener that the enemy won’t be able to destroy. The one that can follow without making a single sound and can hear everything from miles away.
Long gone were the days of clumsy fumbling and rage. Dick had been thorough in a way he could have only learnt from Batman himself. Forcing and staring and judging whenever Conner stomped in anger instead of vengefully dancing around the target. His words were harsh and his eyes cold when he felt his friend could do better, yet his hands were sweet and soothing as they pushed Superboy to stop before he broke down.

Conner knew that, in a way, Dick fits the older brother role better than he ever will.

Dick insisted they celebrate Conner’s birthday every year on the day he escaped CADMUS, because, Robin says: “the first time you breath fresh air on your own marks the day of your birth, doesn’t it?”

Conner smiled indulgently and let him do pretty much whatever he wanted, because the childish glee on Dick’s aging face with his friend opens brightly wrapped packaged containing ridiculous presents while wearing a stupid paper hat and eating small, too-sweet cakes is well worth the humiliation.

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Author Annon NOTE

Guys, RL again and shit, I really wanted to post the new chapter last sunday but I got involved in a car crash and then a caterpillar bit my hand (I didn't even know they were capable of that) and it got a liiiiittle bit swollen u___uU

I'm working on Year 10 and I hope I'll have it out by sunday. Sorry

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A lifetime away 5a/??

Thank you guys so much for all the encouragement and good wishes! My hand is find and I just have a reeaaaally bruised leg to deal with (a little limp won't stop me yet!) Here's YEAR 10, earlier than expeted, all mistakes are due to my retarded brain and the painkillers I'm actually on.


Conner wakes up with a lazy stretch of his muscles and a yawn, his fingers instantly sought the faint source of languid heat to his right and a tiny smile stretched his lips when his fingertips made contact with a creamy, smooth shoulder.

“Good morning, Dick,” he whispered, enjoying the way those coal black eyelashes fanned the morning air as his Richard woke up.

Idly, he wondered what his life would have been had they not landed in this alternate dimension, this little kingdom of them both. Would he still have fallen in love with Dick or would he be with someone else... M’gann, maybe?

No, he is pretty sure he would have come to see how important and unique Robin is and would have loved him all the same, would have pursued his attentions as zealously as he seeks his kisses now, the touch of his skin. He wants to believe, of course, that Dick would have loved him as well. Despite the way Wally tried to monopolize his best friend or the way Zatanna stared at the younger boy so besottedly, he wants to believe Robin would have eventually picked him.

“Good morning, Con,” Dick says, his eyes scanning Conner’s with their usual sharp attention, his smile diminishing a little at what he sees. “Were you brooding again?”

“I don’t brood,” Conner growls in mock anger. “I just consider things with an unusual amount of seriousness.”

Dick snorts, his smile tugging the corners of his mouth once more.

“It’s been ten years already and I can’t feel bad that this happened,” Conner explained sheepishly, letting his finger caress Dick’s arm. “I don’t miss our former lives and I’m grateful I get to live every day by your side. But I didn’t have much of a life lived when this happened and you had to leave all of yours behind... I... I feel guilty because I’m happy.”

Dick stared at him with wizened eyes, his smile still in place. Slowly he crawled around until his whole weight rested on top of Conner’s body.

“Eight years ago I would have punched you in the groin for that,” he said honestly, rubbing his nose against Conner’s masculine chest.

“And now?” Conner asks hesitantly. Dick just shakes his head and kisses his nipple gently, so gently, in fact, that to Conner it feels like the sudden touch of a butterfly against his skin.

“Now, I’m irrationally happy it’s me you have here by your side and not M’gann or Kaldur. I… would have hated not being here to share this with you,” Dick answers honestly, eyes downcast. “I can’t imagine what my life would have been without you there, be it in this dimension or our former one. I can’t imagine it, I refuse to do so.”

Conner feels a lump logged on his throat at the naked vulnerability in Dick’s eyes. He is not sure how the younger man is able to say the right thing all the time, the one thought they both share at the same moment, the one thing that Conner needs to hear to feel alive and human and whole again.

“I love you,” he says, because it is the only truth he has to share that he can really put into words, the only one that matters to him.

Dick grins the gorgeous playboy smile he feeds the public and they both lean in for a kiss at the same time when the clone feels something, or rather, someone pulling at his toes quite urgently.

“Would you two, incestuous monsters, stop before you irreparably damage my already quite tarnished innocence?” a voice says with apparent annoyance, as if this is something he has said too many times already, and it is. “What would my father think if he saw you now.” Both men turn towards the voice with twin smiles on their faces. Conner’s is full of dangerous promises and Dick’s is joyfull and a little sheepish.

“Good morning, Damian,” greets Dick, untangling his and Conner’s legs and leaving the bed and its other occupant behind.

“Richard,” the ten year old greets back, his scowl in place as usual but Conner can see the happiness in his dark blue eyes. He guesses he can’t hate the little brat.

Not really.

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A lifetime away 6a/7


“Clark Kent!” bellows a voice from the lab. Conner and Dick sigh as the young man flies into the study and hides behind Dick with a laugh.

“Help!” he giggles. “Damie has gone mad again!!”

“What did you do this time, Clark?” Dick asks patiently, eyes narrowing behind his Batman cowl in an impressive show of annoyance.

Conner looks at them both, rolls his eyes and pretends to be busy on the computer, if only to distance himself from his homicidal adoptive son currently making his way from the stairwell, his own cowl flapping behind him and his childish clone currently begging THE Batman for protection. He pities Clark’s naiveté, really.

Dick is usually sweet to the boys (not really boys any longer, but young men) in his civillian persona, but as soon as the cape comes in, his heart freezes and his glare makes his enemies quake in fear.

Conner can’t decide which side of him he likes best. The sweet Dick that still checks the boy’s (men, really, twenty year old men, he still has a hard time seeing their little Damian as anything but the little brat he fought with and cuddled still whenever he had nightmares) rooms before going to bed himself. Or the merciless Batman that leaves all but rational thought behind and will make any criminal (and misbehiaving child as well, he thinks amusedly) fall to their knees with a simple unasuming glare of those frigid blue eyes.

“He took my mask!” Damian growls as he points a sharpened sword in Clark’s face. “This little bastard stole my old Robin mask, Grayson!”

“You don’t use it anymore!” the younger clone protests with a pout, his blue eyes trying to gain as much simpathy as possible from Dick. Conner shares an amusedly exasperated look with Victor before they both roll their eyes.

“He has a point, little Damian,” Victor says from his possition by the computer. “You outgrew your Robin costume years ago.”

Damian’s eyes narrow then, his hand unconsciously going towars the black cowl hanging from his neck, Clark grins, waving the black piece of cloth around happily. Conner stares at them both and suddenly realizes that the mask Clark is so happily waving around was Robin’s, and therefore, it had once belonged to Dick.

Which would explain the way his beloved’s eyes follow Superboy’s movements under his cowl.

That mask at some point had belonged to Dick.

That mask had been carefully made by Bruce for Dick and Dick alone.

Instantly, he takes the mask from Clark’s fingers and whacks his forcefully over the head, a growl rumbbling from his chest.

“Ow!” Clark yelps as he falls to the floor. “Con! What was that for!?”

“Stop acting like a child, Clark,” Conner chides, frowning. “You are twenty six years old. Too old to be teasing your brother like that.”

“I’m ten!” Clark huffs, rubbing his head with a pout. “Dick’s only celebrated my birthday ten times, so I’m ten.”

“Right,” Damian sighs, plucking Robin’s mask from Conner’s fingers before smoothing it carefully with his hands, Conner guesses Damian also feels a connection to this mask with his late father. Grudgingly he admits the younger man has as much right to it as Dick.

“I was just trying to help,” Clark pouts, glaring at his brother and father with scorn.

“Ah, what a nice view, boys,” calls a feminine voice with obvious joy.

“The joys of family, Diana,” another female voice laughs. Conner’s wide smile grows tight when Wonder Woman makes her way into the lab with Zatanna, of all people.

He doesn’t hate Zatanna, though. She could have been one of his team mates had he stayed in their own dimension, and she became one of the founding members of their own Justice League (Dick’s recruiting) along with Aquaman and Green Lantern (also Dick’s recruiting) and she had been the one to go and search for Wonder Woman alone (there had been no other female on their team at the time) and had brought them their most powerful ally.

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Author!Annon dropping by again

Dearest girls and boys from the kink meme. I am so sorry I left you waiting, This last part has been particulzrly hard for me (I am even considering splitting it in last chapter + epilogue) So I ask you to be patient and I hope I can get the end by next Sunday. Sorry guys TwT

A lifetime away 7a/7


Conner loves to kiss Dick’s shoulders. It makes him feel like he is relieving some of the weight the other man holds over them. He likes to count the freckles and lick them naughtily, delighting in the throaty laugh he gets in response.

He knows Kid Flash and the others never imagined the way Dick was going to grow up into such a deep voiced, strong man. And he is openly happy he is the one to have seen it.

He stops his kisses, thoughtful. He has been thinking of their former team a lot recently, imagining Wally’s deep green eyes when he stares into the Flash’s cowl, or when J’onn stares into the sky, into Mars, he wonders how M’gann must be faring over there, with her enormous amount of sisters.

Kaldur is an instructor in Atlantis, he knows, and has married the woman he loved during most of his youth. Orin has mentioned in passing that his former student is expecting his third child, a girl, this time, and Conner smiles faintly and pretends he doesn’t know there is a third child in his family as well, growing and waiting for the moment he will be needed.

A perfect replica of his Richard.

“Conner?” asks Dick, eyes playful. The other man just shakes his head, mouthing the pale shoulder once more.

“It’s nothing,” he says with a small smile. “I just thought how much I love you, Dick.”

Dick grins, running his hands over Conner’s hair.

“That’s so sweet,” he whispers, nuzzling his husband’s neck. “Too bad I have to ground you.”

“Wha-” Conner can’t ask what his lover means because there is a roar in the halls of the manor and Clark’s and Damian’s twin cries for help. Conner is on his feet in an instant, flying as fast as he can to save his children, the two boys he has seen grow before his own eyes, the two wonderful sons he and Dick have raised to perfection, the two figures currently... Hanging from an achingly familiar green fist. And while Damian is crossing his arms over his chest and huffing, Clark is whining childishly and begging with his eyes at Tim to release them.

“So, you were right,” Dick says in a form of greeting as he walks down the stairs towards them.

Tim nods solemnly, shaking his captives for good measure as he steps to his right to reveal the five year old boy timidly holding his hand.

Conner gapes, eyes wide when those enormous blue eyes settle on him and chubby childish cheeks flush in embarrassment. He has to wonder, of course, if this is the same sight Bruce Wayne encountered when little Dick became his protégé and his heart swells on his chest just to think his clone and son actually managed to pull it off.

Because in front of him stands a perfect replica of Dick Grayson, chubby and shy as most clones tend to be a the very beginning, beautifully sweet in every way.

Dick kneels before the little boy, a small smile on his face.

“Hello, little one, my name is Richard,” he says gently, the boy looks at him before nodding.

“I know your name,” he says, untangling himself from Tim’s leg and wrapping his arms around Dick’s strong neck. “You are my father, my name is Terry.”

Dick raises an eyebrow, eyes turning to glare at Tim in askance.

“Terry?” he says, clearly not amused.

Tim shrugs his shoulders with a small grin.

“A perfectly good name without any baggage, don’t you think?” he replies, crossing his arms over his chest. Conner stifles a laugh behind his hand, knowing the Lantern has bested the Bat for once. Such an odd friendship, those two have.

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