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Concerning certain recent issues

OK, here's the thing guys.

Certain things about moderating this meme make me uncomfortable. So far I've gotten by, and most of you are lovely, but it's gotten to a point on one particular issue where either this needs to stop happening or I don't think I'm going to be able to continue and keep my state of mind OK. Because it's seriously starting to affect how I feel and I worry I'm going to get too angry and snap at you one of these days, which is something I would really hate to do.


All these recent prompts about M'gann 'not being clear enough'?

Need to stop.

I am not interested in having a discussion about this; this is not negotiable.

For the sake of this meme? Wally is an intelligent fifteen year old, who is capable of knowing that when someone does not respond it is because they are not interested, and that glaring means somebody is annoyed with you, and what someone sounds like when unsure/uncomfortable. I am moderating using this mindset and I am sticking to it. Therefore, please do not post prompts about how M'gann needs to clarify, because they are victim blamey and make me feel uncomfortable moderating, which makes my job a thousand times harder; I literally dreaded checking when I woke up today, which is saying something.

Likewise, less of the 'it could be worse' prompts. Because if you have to make it look good by talking about something worse, it's not looking very good on its own terms, is it?


If you disagree, that is none of my business and fine, I'm not here to change your mind; but please don't bring it onto the meme, because I am seriously starting to feel slightly unwelcome myself due to certain personal reasons, and it's not a good mindset to be modding it under. I think this is for everyone's benefit; I'm sure we all want a mod who can deal with the meme, right?

I will be autofreezing any such prompts and linking here as to why.

Thanks, guys.

ETA: after receiving personal comments, I'd like to emphasise:

- I am not a professional. I do this willingly, for free, in my own time. It is a privately moderated meme, something I set up for no other reason than that I wished to.
- I have never claimed that this meme will be free of my personal opinion. This meme is, I suppose one could say, biased and always has been. You are not entitled to my leaving aside opinions I believe very strongly in so you can use a space I created to be a safe space as your own soapbox.
- You are also not entitled to me putting up with being made to feel uncomfortable and ashamed in said space so you can get fanfiction.
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