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Prompt Post - Part Two! [CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS]
yj_anon wrote in yj_anon_meme

Part one here!
Feel free to reprompt posts from part one in part two once. If you do so, I'd reccommend leaving a link to your fill on the original prompt, in case somebody is tracking the first thread.
Please note that you can still fill over at part one- just don't prompt there! I encourage you all to go through looking for older things to fill.

Welcome to the Young Justice: Animated anonymous fic meme!

How does it work? Basically, you leave prompts, and people fill them with glorious fic. Pretty simple. Anonymity is allowed for those that feel nervous or awkward requesting or filling, but it isn't actually obligatory. Unlike a lot of memes (like kink memes) this doesn't have a particular focus beyond the fandom. Het, gen, slash, femslash, anything else you can think up? Welcome! Crack, drama, angst? Go nuts!

However, we do have some...

Rules and guidelines.

• Animated canon only, please. Crossovers are fine, so is integrating comics/etc. stuff into animated canon, but no outright Young Justice comic stuff, please.
• Be reasonable. Polite. Etc. You may be anonymous, but that is no excuse for being ridiculous.
• Likewise, be considerate in your prompting. Trigger warnings are appreciated (for content that may seriously upset people with past experience, such as rape/non-con, self harm, suicide, etc.- at the absolute least, please make it clear what the fic contains about before someone stumbles across it halfway through!), and please be careful with your wording. Memes like this often touch on some sensitive material. If you feel somebody has posted an actively offensive prompt, please either PM me or use the mod post here to bring it to my attention.
• One prompt per post, please!
• Repeat after me: Your Kink Is Not My Kink. Don't attack people's prompts because they aren't your cup of tea!
• Look, just don't wank up a storm in general. I'm sure we can all manage, right? :)

ETA: Please do not reprompt things until we reach a second part. In addition, I encourage anyone looking for things to fill to go back through previous pages. A lot of people have old prompts tracked, so your fills will still be seen!

This is the 'flat' view of the page; it shows comments in the order they're posted, rather than as threads. Makes it easier to see new fills on previous pages.

I'll look at getting a Delicious or Diigo or something-or-other archive up for filled prompts if it gets to the point we feel it'd be useful. In the meantime, have fun!

ETA: We now have a discussion post if you need one!

ETA: I need help with archiving! Also, we set up a fill post. Can you please leave links to any fic you write there. See the post for more details. Thanks!

ETA: GUYS. I am officially making the 'PM me about offensive prompts' thing obligatory. Please, I have difficulty keeping up without your wonderful help!

Incidentally, being polite includes not telling people they're being 'too sensitive' for being bothered by things. Just sayin'. This place is a safe space, in so much as I can make it one, and I don't really like the rhetoric of 'oh, if you're offended you're oversensitive' that I'm seeing in a couple places? Remember: people may have had different experiences than you that influence their view. Don't assume. :)

ETA: Since apparently it doesn't come under some of your definitions of 'civility':


I don't care if you hate that ditz M'gann, I don't care how much you think Kaldur is sooo boring, I don't care if you think Artemis is a bitch, I don't care if you want Wally to go die, I don't care how much you want Superboy to punch himself into oblivion or how bratty you think Robin is. This is not a place to ask for fic that is for nothing more or less than to satisfy said hate. We have and welcome fans of ALL CHARACTERS here, and it's just insulting and rude to tear them down.

And this is not the same as asking for a single prompt where they're AU and evil, or for a prompt where they mess up in some way, or even where they get called out on something they did if you feel it would make a good story. But come the hell on, guys.

ETA: Please see this recent post regarding certain issues we've been having. Thank you.

In-progress Delicious account.

repost from part 1

This meme lacks Brucie!Bruce. We have to change that.
Prompt: There is some sort of terrorist warning/whatever and the League assigns Young Justice as bodyguards for an unwilling "Bruce Wayne". Cue Bruce being stubborn and uncorporative because nobody asked him. He's playing extra dumb, starts vanishing at random times ("I accidently locked myself in the toilet"; "I got lost in my own building"; "I had to sex up some random non-existent girl." - all canon excuses! ;)), trying to stop the threat on his own and being a pest in general. Hilarity ensues!

Identity revealing or shipping is open to the filler!

Re: repost from part 1

Tentative claim here- I've got two other things to work on, but I'd really like to give this a go.

If anyone else feels like claiming this, don't let this stop you!

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Superboy/M'gann, gender-bending, sort-of-het-sort-of-slash (repoooost)

NGL mostly just excited about reposting. SO HAVE A REPOST.

"M'gann works out how to shapeshift into male forms after some time honing her skills.

Superboy is suddenly a lot more interested in her.

Anything (non-humurously) playing with gender is fine. Does she not see much of a distinction between her male and female human guises? Does her idea of gender end up being really alien and different to humans? Is she OK with the idea of someone only liking her when she has a male form?

...I just really like playing with gender in fic, OK? XD"

Mini-fill, kind of

The night that Superboy almost kisses her changes things. Superboy drops by at least once a day between training and brooding and playing tag with the Ball to say ‘hi’ and check in on her. The amount of time he spends brooding starts to lessen, replaced with watching TV together and flying together and cooking together. He looks happier than he has... well, ever.
So M’gann is happy. Really. Well, mostly.
See, once of the few times she’d spent time alone with Robin, the conversation had inevitably turned to Wally’s flirting, and Robin had casually mentioned that sex is pretty much the only thing teenage earth-boys think about.
So it’s a little distressing that although Superboy spends nearly all day with her – alone with her – and smiles at her and nearly kisses her once or twice (and does kiss her once, and it’s the most amazing feeling ever)... sex just... never comes up.
Maybe it’s because he’s Kryptonian. Maybe it’s because she’s a Martian. (Maybe, her mind whispers at night, it’s because she’s not nearly so pretty as Wally says.)
She’s familiar with the concept of being attracted to someone emotionally without being attracted to them physically. Maybe he’s just not interested in her body – and although she can understand that, it’s... a little distressing.
She isn’t quite able to decide who to go to for advice, much less work up the courage to do so, before the situation resolves itself.
Her uncle tells her to keep practicing turning into males, so she does, while Superboy is off training in the gym. She flattens her earth-girl breasts – flat, curved, flat, curved, flat ¬– and increases her height – tall, short, tall – and increases the width of her shoulders – wide, slim, wide, slim – and then tries them all together, and... she returns to her usual earth-girl appearance with a shake of her head. Too wide shoulders, not enough height and her face didn’t look right without earth-girl breasts. The beard didn’t help either.
So she spends a few hours on the internet looking at earth-boy anatomy and staring at faces, before she goes back to practicing, feeling like she’ll never master it. She hasn’t even attempted a penis yet.
Finally, she thinks she’s got it. Shifting one part of her body at a time – slowly, and holding on to each piece as she achieves the look she wants– she gives herself a wider jaw, shorter hair, a hint of stubble, a flat chest. She increases her height and the breadth of her shoulders, and narrows her hips, and –
She yelps, and nearly loses it at the sound of her own voice, at the sight of Superboy, watching her through the mirror.
His expression looks like Wally’s, back when he’d first seen her. Awestruck, and wanting.
Oh. Oh! She thinks. Is that what the problem was?
And Superboy flushes.

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Four times the boys of YJ were like Robin’s older brothers’ and the one time he was like their older brother (even if he is younger).

I say four because I want you to throw Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal in there even though he isn't an official member. Also, I’d like to see it play out as general as possible since this is more about family relationships than romantic relations.

Not in Blood, But in Bond (1/3)

(A/N: Sorry, no beta. Didn't come out exactly as I had planned.)


The first time Dick Grayson met Wally West, he and Batman had followed the Riddler to Keystone City to stop him from stealing…

Diamonds? Money? Did it matter? Not really, because Dick was eleven, the first child protégé in the superhero business, and there was some crazy fast kid running around, weaving through the Riddler’s goons and taking them down with the Flash before anyone could blink.

There wasn’t any time to get acquainted because as soon as the bad guys were tied down, Batman whisked him back to Gotham for business, so Dick didn’t know that it was actually Wally West that he had met until a month later when he got Bruce to agree to letting them meet each other as civilians.

The first thing Wally wanted to do was go ice skating at Martha Wayne Park.

So Dick stood still on the frozen pond as other families skated past, listening to Wally chatter on.

“It’s all about balance,” Wally said, doing a circle around Dick. “And don’t let your feet go inward, you’re just asking to get your ankles broken.”

He held out a hand to Dick, smiling. He’s nervous, despite his bravado, because Dick can see the twitching in his eyebrows, the fear of rejection in is eyes.

So he doesn’t tell Wally that he already knows to skate. He doesn’t tell him that every winter, no matter what city or side of the country they were in, he and his parents would strap on some worn-out leather skates and he and his father would race each other for hours around the ice and his mother would teach him to twirl and skate backwards and do jumps without falling.

He doesn’t tell Wally that three weeks after they died, Bruce rented out and entire ice rink. It was just Dick, Bruce, and Alfred for an entire day, and somewhere at the end of it, Dick finally smiled something that felt broken but good.

He doesn’t tell Wally these things because they aren’t friends yet and it wouldn’t mean anything real. So he takes Wally’s hand and lets Wally pull him around the pond like his parents did, like Bruce does on Sundays when they find the time.

And he figures that if this works out, there will be a day where Dick doesn’t have to not tell him.


Dick is twelve and hyper, but Kaldur wants him to stay still for this.

But it’s hard to stand still when he wants run and sprint along the beach until he’s tired, so he fidgets a little too much and his posture is off so frequently that Kaldur constantly has to fix it.

“Raise your right hand higher for warrior pose,” Kaldur tells him and he adjusts accordingly.

He’s quiet and still for all of five seconds.

“Warrior pose is boring. Tree post!” He shifts to one foot, the other tucked behind his knee, hands clasped together towards the sky.

Kaldur sighs, something he’s been doing frequently as of late. He just wanted Robin to calm down.

“Your foot needs to be placed on the side of your leg.” Kaldur helps him find his place. “Or you can do the advanced form.”

Kaldur steps in front of Dick, mimicking his stance, only with his bent foot resting higher on his thigh.

They stood staring at each other, until the thought of pretending to be trees alone on this deserted beach was too much to bear for Dick and he fell backwards, giggling.

“Corpse pose!”

Kaldur sighs again, but Dick can hear the smile that forms it.

They both fall asleep on the beach, and when Dick whines about the sunburn, Kaldur finds him some medicine and only teases him to the point of pouting.

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Robin & Artemis, BFFs!

Specifically, some bad guy being all "haha I have the weak links!" when he kidnaps them, only to find himself and his thugs SO outmatched. Robin and Artemis? BADASS BFF's foreveeeer.

Re: Robin & Artemis, BFFs!


Artemis/KF (repost)

Okay, so these two snarking at each other all episode was adorable. I choose to think they'll eventually fall for each other.

Kid Flash and Artemis really don't get along, so when they're paired together for a sparring exercise, Wally decides to embarrass her by using a bit of his super-speed in what was supposed to be a no-powers drill. His prank backfires when he causes Artemis to hurt her ankle badly.

Wally finds himself in the doghouse with the League for hurting a teammate and benched from missions - along with the injured Artemis, who's on crutches and very annoyed by this. I want the two of them stuck in the YJ cave together, getting on each other's nerves, with KF eventually realizing he was a total jerk and apologizing. Then they start to realize they have a lot in common and become closer during their time off from active duty. Bonus points for the rest of the team showing up just in time to find them making out. :D

repost, but more specific

The boys never escaped from the Cadmus facility and are being kept in statis-like sleep until the League finds them a few months later.

Cue worried Batman as he works with the control trying to revive them.

Bonus if the boys have trouble readjusting once they get home.


Oooooh so cool o 3o

more crossdressing

I woke up this morning with a crazy thought.

A little in the future, a mission in Gotham requires someone to pose as a young girl, but Dick has finally hit puberty and isn't very convincing anymore. But he does have a younger brother, Damien!

Too bad getting him in a girls' outfit is going to be a mission in itself...

Re: more crossdressing

Dick will always be a little girl. ALWAYS.
But yes, this! Seconded!

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Atemis/Wally - His uncle Barry dies and Artemis is there for him.

I may hafta take you up on this. .-. Started writing, but I'll have to see how it turns out.

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So Superboy has authority/approval issues, right? (repost)

"And Aqualad is going to be the leader of YJ.

Superboy/Aqualad along those lines."

Re: So Superboy has authority/approval issues, right? (repost)

OP of that came here to repost and what do you know... ;)

And Now Performing Their Hit Single By Key-Dollar Sign-Ha

I was watching the newest episode of Glee and saw their run through of Tik Tok. The entire time, I kept imagining Wally replacing Brittney on stage doing those awesome moves. Please tell me I wasn't the only one.

I really want to see the YJ group replacing the glee club in some scenario and being all around awesome. (Minus the alcohol and sickness, of course)

For those of you who don't watch but still may want to fill, here's the scene:
Brittney is the main blonde.

Bonus if doing the splits just turns everyone on, including some of the JL members who may be watching.

Re: And Now Performing Their Hit Single By Key-Dollar Sign-Ha

AW FUCK YEAH. OH. Maybe they need to infiltrate the Glee club!! Or maybe Wally is secretly part of his school Glee club and is FUCKING AMAZING AND HOT and everyone somehow winds up seeing it. OHMIGOD.

I second the SHIT out of EVERYTHING in this prompt!

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So I went hunting for the byline to 'Downtime'...

For reals, guys. This is canon. Kaldur has a crush on Aquagirl! But I am a Kaldur/SB fan and a Garth (original Aqualad)/Tula (original Aquagirl, who I THINK they're using) fan. Soooooo...anons, write me this love mess:
Garth/Tula/Kaldur/SB/Megan/Wally/Artemis. Make it all unrequited. And have Dick as the only sane one.

This Little Daisy Chain of Ours 1/2

(Oh wow... I thought this was going to be a little quick thing.... but no.)

Wally tells Dick that working with Batman has made him three things: 1) a little bit cold, 2) crazy and 3) waaaay too good at his job.
Dick wonders sometimes about the first when missions go wrong and he’s the only one who can just accept it. He knows the third is spot on and he’s proud, especially when Batman shows that he knows it, too.
The second, though... Dick’s pretty sure Wally’s got that one backward.
See, he’s pretty sure no one else has caught on yet, but Dick’s got some experience with normal humans that the rest (other than Wally and Artemis) don’t have. And since Artemis started taking classes with him at Gotham Academy – not that she knows it’s him, Dick’s just another kid in her class – he can hear the way she says Wally’s name when he’s not around.
Emily from Chem Lab called it: ~Arty’s got a cruuuush~
And Wally’s got just as much experience with civilians and non-meta heroes, but he doesn’t see it, because he’s spending way too much time watching M’gann. Dick’s covered for him a time or two – in briefings and transit; and at least Wally keeps his head in the game while they’re in the field – but Batman looks like he’s starting to notice...
Which really means that he notice three weeks ago, but is starting to get annoyed by it now. Dick gives it another two or three days before Batman calls Wally out. Just one more mission like the one with Dr. Fate could get them all killed. Maybe Dick should have talk to him instead; Kaldur said that his role as leader was only temporary... just waiting for Dick to be ready.
But M’gann wouldn’t understand why he was coming down on Wally, and she sure wouldn’t take it well. She’s really into team solidarity. She hasn’t noticed that Wally’s never his usual dependable self when she’s around... mostly because he’s never his usual self when she’s around.
M’gann watches Superboy.
Dick thinks that at least the team’s little daisy chain ends there. But since Aqualad got back from his little vacation in Poseidonis Aqualad’s been a little distant from all of them, and that’s more problems the team doesn’t need. He used to spend a few minutes with each of them; talking to Superboy about life and people and the world, training with Dick, and helping M’gann with dinner. If Artemis and Wally were around, he’d connect with them too, in whatever way suited them best. He doesn’t do that anymore.
See? More problems the team doesn’t need, because this, what with the way Superboy gets a weird traumatized expression on his face whenever ‘M’gann’ and ‘dinner’ get brought up, means that no one helps M’gann with dinner anymore . Well, at least her cooking has gotten better. And less destructive. And Wally always jumps to clean up the kitchen when he’s in for dinner.
When Kaldur stops showing up for dinner regularly, Dick gets worried. He needs to talk to Aqualad. Before this whole thing starts getting out of control, and Batman has to step in. He peeks a glance into the lounge and, satisfied that Superboy is safely occupied with staring at a static-y tv screen (maybe he should have a word with Superboy too... kid’s gotten weird), he leans over the counter separating the lounge from the kitchen.
“Meghan?” he says, and she looks up at him from the cookbook, smiling.
“Yes, Robin?”
“Can you sense around for Aqualad?” he asks. “I just need to know where he is.”
“Um... sure,” she answers, and then closes her eyes to check. “Oh! He’s in his room.”
He smiles at her. “Thanks, Meghan. What are you making?”
“Omelettes,” she answers with a smile. “I know that it’s breakfast food” she continues when he opens his mouth “but Superboy said he likes them.” She blushes, red on green.
“Okay,” Robin says, “make enough for four, okay?” and he leaves to find Aqualad.
“Alright!” she calls after him.

Because the world is less fun without brainwashing

So . . . the team's in the middle of a covert mission/or in a very public place when they learn that Cadmus and/or The Light left a few easter eggs in Superboy's head. Think the bar fight scene from Serenity, minus programed sleep words. Shit hits fan, fallout ensues.

Bonus if various league members (*cough* Superman *cough*), use the incident to argue that Superboy's not safe or a trap, and uses this to justify mean/aloof behavior.

Re: Because the world is less fun without brainwashing

Calling it: canon. Seconded.

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A lot of the slash in this fandom has been quite shiny-happy-funtimes so far, which is awesome, but I'm itching to see something where it's not.

Maybe one of the mentors has an issue with their kid being around one of their LGBT teammates. Maybe someone comes out and it doesn't get taken well. Maybe they panic about what their ~feelings mean. Hell, you could do a '5 times' type thing if you like, maybe.

(Bonus if you can genuinely work in a respectful trans* character. Double bonus if it's Robin.)

Re: Repost!

Seconded! Want sooooo hard.

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Gen/Family Fic (No triggers intended)

Wally gets hurt pretty badly on a mission- a broken arm- but the mission is Serious Business, so he ignores it. Unfortunatly, it heals on it's own, but it heals wrong.

He manages to hide it from everyone somehow, and sneaks off to his room to fix it. It hurts, and his absense is noted by everyone concerned and ready for a debrief. Someone goes to find him, an adult helps him with the arm, and it ends up in an epic puppy piles.

Or, you know, just a puppy pile. Either way is good. ^_^

Re: Gen/Family Fic (No triggers intended)

"Oh, crap."

Wally gritted his teeth and cautiously went to feel his right arm again. Yeah, sure, they'd managed to take out Drakon - "they" meaning mostly Rob, because despite Black Canary's lessons, none of them really had that good a grip on martial arts yet - and Kid Flash had been an important contributor. He'd been the one to get the guns away from the mercenary. His right upper-arm-bone (whose name he should know but didn't) had gotten shot in the process, but who cared, right? He was fine. And even Batmam had looked slightly impressed when the team returned.

Roy, who'd shown up at the last minute, had not been impressed. He seemed furious that YJ dared come anywhere near Star City. Robin had waited for Red Arrow to vanish back into the night before saying, "Don't take it personally, guys, he just feels threatened," and loading the unconsious assassin back into the bioship. Wally wasn't quite sure how to take it. He was feeling kind of queezy at the time.

He was going to fix his own arm, meant to fix his own arm, but the bone seemed to already have solidified. With his elbow pointing the wrong way. He'd had hyper-accelerated healing mishaps before, but never like this. He'd managed to escape notice so far by tucking both arms behind his back and standing behind basically everyone. After that, he zoomed off this his "room" at Mount Justice to try to fix it before curfew.

Plain and simple, his arm was pretty gross.

He hadn't managed to break it with his bare hand, so he'd have to try another method. He didn't particularly fancy getting shot again - no doubt that would catch somebody's attention. Crowbar, maybe? A wrench? Everything he thought of sounded like a lot of pain. But as Wally looked down at his arm and the disfigured joint, it didn't look like he had much of a choice. Sighing, he stood up, mind running over places that this wouldn't look too suspicious. So basically, anything in Gotham-

"Kid Flash."

Wally jumped about a foot in the air and whirled towards the door. "Batman!" he yelped, shoving his arms behind him again. "What are you doing here? Is there a problem with Rob? Another mission already? As fun as it sounds, I'm pretty beat-"

"Let me see it."

"See what?" he asked, wincing as his voice cracked. "I don't know what you're talking about. You know, I think I have to be going-"

"Your arm," Batman growled.

Wally hesitated before slowly revealing the broken limg and holding it out in front of him. "How did you know?" he asked as Batman approached him. He looked away and babbled some more, hoping to cover how nervous he was. "I mean of course you know, you're Batman, you're practically omnipotent and all that. Of course you have x-ray vison in your cowl and stuff."

"Security cameras."

"Really? Darn it, I forgot about those. I guess I'll have to consider that next time - AH!" he yanked his arm back out of Batman's grip, where it fell limply to his side. "WHAT DID YOU DO? I CAN'T FEEL IT!"

Batman was doing his fear inspiring scowl on him, and it was working. "That's the point," he said harshly back, grabbing Wally's limp arm. "Don't struggle. I have limited time available as it as."

Wally closed his eyes, not bringing himself to watch. He could hear various sounds of something swishing and his arm turning and something cracking, but other than that, he really didn't want to-


The redhead opened his eyes back up again, glancing from Batman to his newly-bandaged arm and back again. Experimentally, he flexed it, and although a tiny prick of pain ran up his arm, at least it was back in the right direction.

"Wow," Wally said. "That's really impressive. That was, like, four minutes flat. You should get an award. You should-"

"I did what anyone should," Batman corrected him. With an almost delicate touch, he took Wally's arm and folded it over the boy's chest. "Carry it like that. Don't move it. And make sure the Flash knows about this. If you don't infrom him, there will be concequences."

"Aw, Bats, I didn't know you cared," he responed automatically, before his body stiffened as he realized who he was talking to. "I mean, um, you'rethebestleaderslashmissionassignerevergottagobye!"

Uncle Barry was never going to beleive this.


Look I'm sorry if I'm demanding, I just really ship this. Honestly, I will take anything. Please, anons? ♥


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