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Hey guys!

So since there's been interest in the idea of a Delicious account, I'll set one up. I think I can keep up with the meme as it is right now, but whenever I say that it ends up being a lie. So. I'm looking for a few volunteers.

I'm thinking that I'll assign any volunteers a block of 1-10 pages (on the ?view=flat version linked, as we have 37 pages and going strong there)? If I take the first 10.

I'll get a tagging system set up soon. In the meantime, any volunteers?

ETA: Here is the Delicious account. As I said, I've done ten ?view=flat pages thus far. Actually, I might have done eleven. So that's a step forward. I had to stop, but I'll hopefully get back on it ASAP. In the meantime, a helpful anon (some helpful anons?) is/are making excellent headway on the fills below. :)


Also. To make archiving easier once I've caught the backlog up, can you please leave links to any fic you write here like so:

Link to fill:

Thanks. It'll make my life (and the lives of those waiting for the Delicious account) much easier.
Tags: *mod, archiving, fill post
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