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On the Safe Side

Kaldur and his team stared uncomfortably at the assembled Justice League.

Four days in Zandia, and the only question Batman had asked pertained to injuries. Kaldur was pleased to answer in the negative, but the adults seemed to have taken this as a cue to gather and whisper conspiratorially.

Superman and Flash, in particular, seemed vexed, and were apparently trying to convince Wonder Woman of something.

The Amazon Princess hissed at her teammates, and stepped toward the teenagers. She rolled her eyes, and offered an apologetic smile, before reaching to unfurl the golden Lasso of Truth at her hip.

"It's not that we don't believe you..." Green Arrow held his hands up in placation, "But we just want to be sure."

Re: On the Safe Side

I think I love you.

laughing so hard i cannot BREATHE

you are evil, evil and GENIUS

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