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Prompt Post - Part Ten
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I am REALLY, REALLY SORRY about taking so long, guys, and about not being around much recently. I've been busier than I have in a while, and it just kept slipping my mind between uni applications and volunteering and all sorts- for some reason I thought we were much further off a new post.

If there is anything I haven't responded to, as of now, I'm going to be a horrible person and please request people please send me it again. Sorry, I know, I'm terrible! But this way I won't miss it.

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Welcome to the Young Justice: Animated anonymous fic meme!

How does it work? Basically, you leave prompts, and people fill them with glorious fic. Pretty simple. Anonymity is allowed for those that feel nervous or awkward requesting or filling, but it isn't actually obligatory. Unlike a lot of memes (like kink memes) this doesn't have a particular focus beyond the fandom. Het, gen, slash, femslash, anything else you can think up? Welcome! Crack, drama, angst? Go nuts!

However, we do have some...

Rules and guidelines.

• Animated canon only, please. Crossovers are fine, so is integrating comics/etc. stuff into animated canon, but no outright Young Justice comic stuff, please.
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• Likewise, be considerate in your prompting. Trigger warnings are appreciated (for content that may seriously upset people with past experience, such as rape/non-con, self harm, suicide, etc.- at the absolute least, please make it clear what the fic contains about before someone stumbles across it halfway through!), and please be careful with your wording. Memes like this often touch on some sensitive material. If you feel somebody has posted an actively offensive prompt, please either PM me or use the mod post here to bring it to my attention.
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ETA: Since apparently it doesn't come under some of your definitions of 'civility':


I don't care if you hate that ditz M'gann, I don't care how much you think Kaldur is sooo boring, I don't care if you think Artemis is a bitch, I don't care if you want Wally to go die, I don't care how much you want Superboy to punch himself into oblivion or how bratty you think Robin is. This is not a place to ask for fic that is for nothing more or less than to satisfy said hate. We have and welcome fans of ALL CHARACTERS here, and it's just insulting and rude to tear them down.

And this is not the same as asking for a single prompt where they're AU and evil, or for a prompt where they mess up in some way, or even where they get called out on something they did if you feel it would make a good story. But come the hell on, guys.

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Scarecrow is dying, and some mystical force grants him a second chance at life on Earth-16, on one condition:

He can keep his new life as long as he goes straight. No killing. Be one of the good guys. Scarecrow agrees, and he enters the reality of Earth-16 as a young teen-aged Jonathan Crane. Somewhere around fourteen preferable. Through circumstances, he's picked up by the league and becomes part of the YJ crew. He doesn't remember his time on any other earth, but he is aware that if he kills anyone, he's going to die.

Bonus: Crane creeps everyone out. They're afraid of his too-advanced-for-a-healthy-teenager psych skills. Anyone who can correctly profile Batman's complex psyche is surely a person who can fuck with your head.

BonusBonus: Crane uses his too-advanced-for-a-healthy-teenager psych skills to troll people hardcore.

Repost from part Nine.

I'm re-posting this so I can fill it. It might be a while though, so feel free to add your own story to this. In the mean-time, enjoy my Teaser Trailer!

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“I've never liked vigilante groups,” Scarecrow mused aloud.

“Oh?” murmured Aqualad, interested despite himself.

“Like?” scoffed Speedy.

“Oh, you know: The KKK, The Black Panthers, The NRA, The IRS… I think they’re all jackasses, to be honest.” Scarecrow’s voice is so ineffably calm it takes nearly a minute for his words to fully translate for both Aqualad and Speedy.

“…You enjoy pissing people off, don’t you?” Aqualad mutters incredulously, just loud enough to be heard in the hallway.

“It’s a hobby of mine I do enjoy, yes.” admits Scarecrow, smiling a serene, invisible, and altogether too large, smile.

Speedy laughs silently, grin stretching his face wide.

There will be moar... eventually.

Cranes 1/? "A New Scaresville"

I have issues with dialogue. And Exposition.

This story is a story about the man who mastered all fear, and did inflict it upon others in the name of Justice.

It's not always a nice story, and the Hero of this story is not always that heroic, but... This is the story.

“Dorothy: Weren't you frightened?

Wizard of Oz: Frightened? Child, you're talking to a man who's laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe... I was petrified. ”-The Wizard of Oz”

This is how this story starts:

Wake up, Jonathan Crane. S’ time to start over.

Wake up. Wake up, Johnny-boy. Put your feet on the ground. We need to leave, right now.

‘What time’s’it, then?’

‘’It is three in the morning. ‘’

You have ‘bout five minutes to do this, so hurry it up. Reach under our brick-pillow-thing and grab the togs we made out of that reject pile of shirts no one wanted. Hasn’t that always been our life Johnny-boy?

‘Now’s not the time for insults, ‘Crow.’

Sorry. But hurry it the fuck up, Johnny-boy, we have to go.

‘’I agree. The standard of living here is sub-par, at best, and not at all conducive for growing into a healthy, somewhat well-adjusted young man. Therefore, it is only in our best interest to remove ourselves from the vicinity with all due haste.”

What the geek said.

‘Both of you be quiet. I’m at the window now, Scarecrow, so d’you want take over here?’

Thought you’d never ask, Johnny-boy. Let’s get the fuck outta here.

Edited at 2012-06-27 09:59 pm (UTC)

The plot, it has too many joints... but none of them connect right...

This is why the story starts:

Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth is twelve years old. He has black hair, blue eyes, and a three way split personality. And you thought you had problems. When he was eight, his maternal grandmother died of sheer meanness. His mother, who never wanted a child to begin with, left him with her mother, his grandmother. This was her second worst idea concerning her son. The worst was not providing a suitable guardian for her son in the (likely) event of her mother’s death. His great-uncle (on his grandfather’s side), one Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth, would have been happy to take the boy in.

When his grandmother died, Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth was sent to the London City Orphanage, where, in another place and time, he was bullied mercilessly by his peers, and threw himself with wild abandon into a life of villainy and crime. He would have been Dr. Jonathan Crane; The Scarecrow, the master of Fear. In this world, that would not happen. It could not happen.

Dr. Jonathan Crane had died. He wasn’t supposed to; he was supposed to become a hilariously old man, and die surrounded by his… “children” and their “children”. But, he died: his soul flopped out of his body, squelched onto the ethereal plane.


When his soul severed itself from his broken body, the strain of a dismal life filled with failures snapped the thin bonds between Jonathan Crane, Dr. Crane, and Scarecrow. However, since all three souls are, technically speaking, the same soul, a filing conundrum was created.

The soul of Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth was, well... a bit grimy, to be honest. Small, and kind of broken, but still good. The soul of Dr. Crane was also a bit grimy, but that’s to be expected from a doctor. Doctors have to do grimy things in the name of service to others. Scarecrow on the other hand… Scarecrow wasn’t all the way bad, but he certainly wasn’t a good soul. There is a cruelty inside the Scarecrow, a certain lack of empathy that shows inside his yellow eyes.

However, all this is moot. They’re the same person; they have to be treated as the same person. Which lead to the conundrum of existential filing: Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth required another chance to make good on his potential; Scarecrow needed to get himself a few helpings of whoop-ass; Dr. Crane needed some empathy. Thus, the deal:

“Become what you always coulda been. The world always needs some kinda hero, Johnny-boy; so you’re gonna be a hero. The thing about heroes is, is they don’t kill. So if you take this deal, and kill another in cold blood, you’ll die. Refuse this deal, and you’ll be torn asunder, shattered into your component pieces and flung from yourself, never to return as you are now. So, that’s essentially dying, then. You will die, forever, and be remade into someone, something, entirely different. Make your choice, guv.”

“I- Where will I go?”

“Choose, and find out.”

“Who will I be?"

“You’ll be who you’ve always been, only this time ‘round you’ll strive to better yourself.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Sometimes it’ll hurt very badly, but not this part. You’ll wake ‘s’if from a dream, and soon forget the life you’ve had.”

“If I kill someone-”

“If you kill someone and mean it, if you feel no remorse, the deal is null and void. We understand shit happens, after all.”

“Will I remember… this?”

“You’ll remember the deal, your name, a few little things from the past. No more than you need to.”

“Will I die?”

“Everyone dies, Johnny-boy. But an argument could be made that you were already dead to begin with. Come with me if you want to live, and all that.”

“And them? Are they coming too?”

“You can’t leave yourself behind, Johnny-boy. Sorry.”

"And my skills?"

You'll have to relearn some things, but mostly... mostly you'll have all the skills you have now.

“I- Where will I go?”

“Choose, and find out.”

He chose.

He found out.

And he forgot.

It might be kinda slow for a while, but things will get veeery interesting.

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Moar exposition... Yeees!

This is more of how this story started:

Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth is twelve years old. He is near five feet tall, and is only going to get taller. He is in Year Seven of his mandatory education, which in America means he’s a sixth-grader. When he is angry, he speaks with a very thick cockney accent. He has black hair, blue eyes, and a three way split personality. And you thought you had problems. When he was eight, his maternal grandmother died of sheer meanness. His mother, who never wanted a child to begin with, left him with her mother, his grandmother. His grandmother hated him because he was illegitimate, and was merciless in her hatred.

(His great-uncle (on his grandfather’s side), one Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth, would have been happy to take the boy in.)

When his grandmother died, Jonathan Crane was sent to the London City Orphanage, where, in another place and time, he was bullied mercilessly by his peers, and threw himself with wild abandon into a life of villainy and crime. He would have been Dr. Jonathan Crane; the villianous The Scarecrow, the Master of Fear. In this world, that would not happen. It could not happen, because when he was ten, Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth, who goes by Johnny Crane, jimmied the fourth floor window open, and clambered down the drain pipe. When his feet touched the ground outside, the quiet crunch of sticks did not wake up Daisy, the matrons Jack-Russell terrier, who did not wake up her mistress. In another world, Daisy woke her mistress. Bad things happened to Johnny as a result. Not in this world, though.

Johnny had been preparing his escape for weeks. He had nicked a pair of wire cutters, and a greying beach towel. ''We shouldn’t steal…'' We’ll mail them back. He had hidden them in a bush near the cyclone fence that separated the orphans from the rest of the world’s scrutiny. Johnny C. hadn’t gotten this far, in a different world.

Scarecrow had nixed the idea of simply climbing the fence as Too noisy, innit? and Doc was insistent that they leave ASAP. Thus, the Plan: Camouflage self with beach towel, cut hole in fence, escape, then????....

It wasn’t the best plan, but for him, it would have to do.

Johnny would eventually get booked by the police after he loitered for a few days too many near a fountain across town. He (that is to say, Johnny and Doc, who outvoted Scarecrow,) would give the cops his real name, his full name. His full name, in turn, would be registered into the system, and a few flags would fly. And one Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth would get a call from an old friend about his great-nephew, “-and could you please come get him?”

“Certainly, when would be best?” Alfreds voice is smooth, cultured. It does not betray his shock- 'e 'as a mother's pearly gate nephew 'oo was 'omeless for Bo-le Of Glue Donkey's Ears and nah wahn told 'im wahn bloody- ahem, keep it together, guv...

“Yesterday would have been perfect, but tomorrow will have to do.” The voice on the other end is not quite frantic, but a clear edge of hysteria is coming through.

At supper that night, Alfred tells his employer, one Bruce Wayne, that “-A personal matter has come to my attention. I must go to London, tonight, to remedy the problem. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

His voice is, as always, unflinchingly calm. Of course, the tone of that voice is the kind of tone that has EXTREME PANIC writ large over it, but I digress…

Oh... I'm going to have to write flashbacks for this sucker...

Edited at 2012-03-12 04:13 am (UTC)

Transitions are for poozers!

Alfred would spend three days in London, meeting his great-nephew. He would eventually pose the question “-So, would you like to come home, to Gotham, and live with me?” He can’t quite hide the notes of hope in his voice; his face is closed enough to put off the average pre-teen.

Johnny is not the average pre-teen. Johnny can read people like books. ''We can now, anyway.'' He wasn't always able to, but Jonathan Crane spent his (previously villainous) life figuring out how people work. It’s one of the not-very-many things he still knows how to do; it’s not a conscious thing anymore, but Johnny can- and does- still do it. Instinctive, like.

“Yeah. I would like that.” Johnny’s voice is soft, sort of hopeful, hesitant and shy.

They go.

This part of the story is about how Alfred T. C. Pennyworth and Jonathan N. C. Pennyworth are related:

Alfred married Johnny’s grandmother's sister, Margot, but never had any children with her. When the Great War happened, Alfred joined the RAF, and flew planes for England. He was never allowed to tell his wife about what he did in the war, exactly. After all, spy-planes weren’t flying then… Right?

Right. An easier way to explain the above statement would be:

The Isle of Man is part of the British Isles but not governed by the British Prime Minister; though it is not part of the United Kingdom it is subject to the Queen of England.

I'll let you figure out what that means.

The plane ride was almost delayed when Johnny didn’t have a passport, nor the proper visas for admittance to America. Alfred took care of it with a few phone calls. They flew second class; twelve hours spent in mostly silence, with the occasional awkward, hesitating, and very short, conversation thrown in. Johnny had the beach towel he had stolen from the orphanage (still), a few things he had picked out of the dumpsters around London, and a few little things that the police had given him, packed into an extremely cheap, extremely ugly, black sack backpack. Alfred had nothing except his wallet, keys, and phone.

They landed at JFK in Southport, the New Jersey to Gotham's NYC; rode the number seven train into Gotham; took the limousine to the Wayne estate. Johnny sat next to his great-uncle, in the front of the car, his bag at his feet. Neither male spoke.

It was… Awkward. To overuse the word, anyway.

It might be a while before have another post ready...

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Cranes 5a/? "Gotham: It's a Wonderful Town (Not)"

Technically exposition. A short note about the story i'm trying to write here: I like world building a lot. I like reading worldbuilding. So, some of these posts will be very world-buildy. Also, I make my comma's work hardcore, yo.

This part of the story is about Wayne Manor and parts of why Gotham is the way it is:

Wayne Manor is an old building. It was built just after Gotham was founded, and approximately twenty miles away from Arkham Manor. Gotham was built in a swamp, by a madman. Although… that explanation for Gotham's geo-spiritual structure is a little too simple for this story.

The natives of the far-North Eastern part of North America, who were mostly killed by mumps in 1765, had a name for the land that would one day be Gotham City: Chick'a gami. Archibald Jensen Arkham, aged twenty-eight, was a failed entrepreneur, lord, and all around wastrel. He brought his wife and children over from Europe, and bought the land called Chick’a gami for approximately three dollars and fifty cents worth of mumps infected blankets in 1764.

He ignored the local’s dire warnings about the land he had bought, that it was cursed; ignored the legend about the land, that a demon had been trapped there, long ago; ignored the way the land seemed to ooze under his feet, the sky seemed to look at him with baleful malevolence; ignored the number of times the foundations of the house sunk into the swampy ground; ignored the way no animal, large, small, or in-between would go near the place; ignored the extremely bad luck that coated the construction of the house, the sicknesses that plagued the workers, the strange madnesses that came upon them all... The house would take forty years to build, and begin the long fall into ruin seconds after the foundations were laid.

Due to the long build time, a small village encompassing a harbor, farmland, and roads, would grow, and then flourish around the manor. This village would eventually grow into the city of Gotham.

Arkham's a fucked up place, yo. But you ain't seen nothing yet.

Edited at 2012-06-27 10:06 pm (UTC)


Archibald Jensen Arkham died during the eighth year of construction, when he accidentally-on-purposefully slit his own throat with a pearl-handled straight razor. Both razor and house would change hands within the family many times, and both would finally come to rest in the hands of one Amadeus Arkham.

The original name of Arkham Asylum was Arkham Hospital. The house’s dark history as a mental health facility began in the early 1900s when the last living Arkham's mother, Elizabeth, who had suffered from mental illness for most of her life, committed suicide. It was later discovered that her son, Amadeus Arkham, had a psychotic break and murdered her, then repressed the memory of doing so.

Dr. Amadeus Arkham, the last by-blood still-living Arkham, decided that as the sole heir to the Arkham estate, he would remodel his family home in order to properly treat the mentally ill, so that others might not suffer as his mother had. Prior to the first period of the hospital's many, many remodels, Dr. Arkham had treated patients at the Kansas State Psychiatric Hospital in Metropolis, where he, his wife Constance, and their daughter, Harriet, had been living for quite some time prior to his mother’s death.

When he told his family of his plans, they all moved back to his ancestral family home to oversee the remodeling. While there, Arkham received a call from the police notifying him that serial killer Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins — referred to Dr. Arkham by Metropolis Penitentiary while at Kansas State Psychiatric Hospital — had escaped from prison, and sought Dr. Arkham’s considered opinion on the murderer's state of mind. Shortly afterward, Arkham returned to his home to find his front door wide open. Inside, he discovered the raped, mutilated, and dead bodies of his daughter and wife in an upstairs room, with Hawkins' nickname carved on Harriet's limp, dirtied body.

The shock of the murders brought back the repressed memory of killing his mother. For many years, Elizabeth had suffered from delusions where she had been tormented by a supernatural creatures, and had called on her son to protect her from them. He was skeptical of the veracity of her visions, but, one day he finally saw what his mother had been seeing - a great swarm of bats, a spectre of death. Taking the pearl-handled straight razor from his pocket, which had proven to be an accursed family heirloom, he cut his mother's throat to end her suffering. He then blocked out the memory, and attributed her death to suicide.

Horribly re-traumatized, Amadeus put on his mother's wedding dress, another accursed family heirloom, and took out the pearl-handled razor he had carried every day since the day he had killed his mother. He knelt in the blood of his family, and he vowed to bind the evil spirit of "The Bats", which he believed inhabited the house, through ritual and sorcery. “Mad Dog” Hawkins was captured, and admitted to Arkham Hospital. Amadeus “treated” Hawkins for months until he finally, fatally, electrocuted him in a shock therapy session. This incident was treated as an accident by the authorities, but soon after this event, Arkham spiraled down into madness.

He continued his mission even after he was incarcerated in the re-named Asylum; he scratched the words of the binding spells and cantrips into the walls and floor of his cell with his fingernails, and painted them on with his blood, until the day he died. With his death, the rituals he had been performing would bind the curse of the Arkham family to the Asylum. This curse would eventually drive all who entered into the asylum, for any reason (please excuse the pun), batshit-insane. Thus creating a third, and final, accursed family heirloom.

In another world, in another time, Jonathan Crane would intern, work, go crazy, and die in Arkham Asylum. Not this world though.


This is sooo fuuuuun, you have no idea...

How's my driving? Feedback: hit the reply link.

Wayne manor was built on a low incline, approximately twenty miles away from the accursed Arkham site. It sat above massive limestone caverns, which sit over massive-er ancient lava flows. The place is cool beans.

Wayne Manor began as the simple home of railroad financier Jerome K. Van Derm in 1855. Soon after, Van Derm had to sell the property to the Wayne brothers, Solomon and Zebediah, in 1858. Solomon, a judge, worked hard to preserve equality in Gotham, saying that the city should be a "fortress against vice and iniquity". Solomon expanded Wayne Manor to its current size, acting as the first Wayne to turn it into a manor. Both brothers emigrated from Europe.

Traditionally, the manor house was the dwelling of a feudal lord of a manor, which he occupied only on occasional visits if he held many manors. As such it was the place in which sessions of his manor court were held. Sometimes a steward or seneschal was appointed by the lord to oversee and manage his different manorial properties. The day-to-day administration was delegated to an official, who in England was called a bailiff, or reeve. In the present time, Alfred holds both of these roles, but in the past, his paternal ancestors served the Wayne family. The Wayne family started in Russia, and members would immigrate to Romania, and then England throughout the years.

Kievan Rus', the first united East Slavic state, was founded by Oleg of Novgorod in 882. The state adopted Christianity from the Byzantine Empire in 988, beginning the synthesis of Byzantine and Slavic cultures that would define Russian culture for the next millennium. Kievan Rus' ultimately disintegrated as a state because of the Mongol invasion of Rus' in 1237–1240. This was when the Waynes first came into being.

During that time a number of regional magnates, in particular Novgorod and Pskov, fought to inherit the cultural and political legacy of Kievan Rus'. After the 13th century, Moscow came to dominate the former cultural center. By the 18th century, the Grand Duchy of Moscow had become the huge Russian Empire, stretching from the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth eastward to the Pacific Ocean. During this time, the Waynes made a name for themselves, as champions of Justice, Law, and Order. Expansion in the western direction sharpened Russia's awareness of its separation from much of the rest of Europe and shattered the isolation in which the initial stages of expansion had occurred.

Imma go sleepy-byes nao...

What time is it? BEDTIME!

Successive regimes of the 19th century responded to such pressures with a combination of halfhearted reform and repression. During this time, the weaker branches of the Wayne family were subtly encouraged towards warmer, more enlightened climes. Russian serfdom was abolished in 1861, but its abolition was achieved on terms unfavorable to the peasants and served to increase revolutionary pressures. Between the abolition of serfdom and the beginning of World War I in 1914, the Stolypin reforms, the constitution of 1906, and State Duma introduced notable changes to the economy and politics of Russia; however, the tsars were not willing to relinquish autocratic rule, or share their power.

Although not typically built with strong fortifications like castles were, many manor-houses were partly fortified: they were enclosed within walls or ditches that often included the supporting farm buildings as well. Arranged for defense against robbers and thieves, it was often surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge, and equipped with small gatehouses and watchtowers; but was not provided with a keep or with large towers or lofty curtain walls to withstand a siege. The primary feature of the manor-house was its great hall, to which subsidiary apartments were added as the lessening of feudal warfare permitted more peaceful domestic life.

Zebediah explored, charted, mapped, and finished the many limestone caverns beneath the manor, and excavated a set of tunnels into Gotham proper, and around the city. Both brothers would later use the manor as part of the Underground Railroad, sheltering escaped slaves who fled north to Canada. According to the Gotham records, there have been six generations of Waynes in the manor. Also according to the Gotham records, Wayne manor has burned to the ground four times. What is not on record is the way those manors burned; “illicit activities” and all that jazz.

Incidentally, Alfred has a small (loft apartment sized) room behind the butler’s pantry. Johnny will also have a small room (apartment), that was originally the maid’s quarters.

C U 2morrow

Re: Cranes 5d/? (Anonymous) Expand

Cranes 6a/? "It's A Family 'Fair"

For future reference, this story starts about three years before YJ. Meaning, Johnny would be around nineteen when Rob and the boys- well, you'll see

This part of the story is about how Alfred, Bruce, Johnny and Dick came to live with each other:

The limousine drove through the city, then out the other side, up into the Gotham hills. The car drove past a massive, slightly ostentatious manor, turned a curve, and drove up the back road to the house. The limousine was carefully parked in the carport/garage behind the house, and both males exited. Alfred gestured at Johnny, to “follow me.”

Johnny followed Alfred, feet crunching through thick frost. It is December, but Johnny is only wearing a windbreaker. He is clean-ish; his eyes are clear, his skin has enough elasticity to not seem old, and his hair looks like a black, sooty haystack. His glasses are navy surplus, so he can't really see. His shoes are sandals, because he has size sixteen feet. He is thin, the kind of too thin that can only happen through the lack of food, for long, long weeks. He is gaunt, cadaver-like, walks with a certain stoop to his shoulders. Above all, he is open in his face, open in a way that Jonathan Crane never would have been.

Johnny Crane dares to hope.

The males walked up a slow incline, scraped their feet on the mat in front of the service entrance. Alfred reached into his coat pocket, pulled out his keys, picked out the key to the service door. The door is actually a double door, nestled underneath an exquisite Gothic arch. The key went into the lock, gently scraping, twisting, unlocking. Heat from inside the house wafted out around them.

LJ, why you gotta be so mean?

Edited at 2012-06-27 10:13 pm (UTC)

Oh, things are going to get angsty soon...

Alfred and Johnny stepped into the mud room, and the three boys- Johnny, Scarecrow, and Doc- smelled the house. Scarecrow carefully picked out and identified the smells. Doc identified what each smell meant, and quickly relayed the information to Johnny. Johnny would decide what to do with the information.

Flour, butter, eggs, bacon, meat, blood, soaps, sour milk, soot, Gas- from an oven, a big oven, carpets, dusty, empty space- too much empty space, expensive perfumes, colognes, dirty laundry, different kinds of hair gel with masculine scents, hair wax, silver polish, Tung oil, sawdust, water that’s underground, bat guano, ammonia, medicines, sterilization, strong solvents.

‘’This is a big house, but almost no one lives here. There are, at most, two people that live here. They are all men. Women sometimes come here, but they don’t stay. One of the men knows how to cook well enough, but one of the others cannot cook at all. Some one who lives here is very wealthy, and doesn't mind showing it. There are old antiques here that are kept in very good repair. There is a massive cave system beneath the house; bats live in the caves. They have to clean a lot.’’

‘Bruce Wayne and Great-uncle Alfred live here. They’re hiding something, but now I live here too. I just hope that I-’

“This way, Johnny. Your room is over here.” Alfred interrupts Johnny’s train of thought, his voice hushed in the soft mid-afternoon light. It is mid-winter, so the sun sets around five in the afternoon, but Johnny is approximately two hours ahead of the time in Gotham, and is a little more tired than he should be, jet lag being what it is. The soft winter light falls gently into the former maid’s quarters, illuminating a rather bare room. Well, I should say, bare of any personal touches; the room obviously hadn’t been re-furnished since 1906, when the maid was still in residence.

The walls were a soft, neutral shade of pink, inasmuch as a shade of pink can truly be called neutral. The curtains are fine, thin lace, flowers picked out in dark rose on the valance, the fabric gently draping to about three inches above the baseboard. There are shelves of some dark wood, on the same wall that the door opens onto.

Johnny steps into the room, the light from the slowly setting sun catching on a previously hidden tiffany-style lamp, sitting on a low table next to the bed; it’s purple, green, and pink glass gleaming in the soft light. The bed is a twin, and almost six feet long. Johnny looks at his great-uncle, asking him with his eyes “May I? Is this-?”

“We can certainly change anything you don’t like in here, but I think that this room will suit you, Johnny. Do you like it?” Alfred's voice is gently questioning; Johnny can hear that he cares.

Johnny has walked into the center of the room, his face curiously blank. He had set his bag at the foot of his bed, toed off his sandals at the doorway of his room. At his great-uncle's words, he turned, and practically flew into the older man, his long, boney arms wrapping around the older man. Johnny presses his face into Alfred, overcome with emotion.

To his credit, Alfred only hesitates a moment before hugging his great-nephew back.

Oh Johnny...

Here comes the last little bit of exposition... for now...
This part of the story is about Haley’s Circus, and how Dick came to be the ward of Bruce:

C.C. Haly and Norton Bros. Circus, more commonly known as Haly's Circus, is a small travelling Circus that tours throughout the United States. Haly's main show under the big top includes various acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, tightrope walkers, jugglers, and other stunt-oriented artists. Haly's also has a rather extensive midway where various amusement rides, food vendors, merchandise vendors, games of chance and skill, as well as a place where sideshow curiosities can be found. Johnny had been living with his great-uncle for two years, and when the circus came into town, Johnny found himself asking Alfred to take him.

Mr. Wayne was informed of their plans, and decided, as he sometimes did, that he needed to “be Seen in the light of day.” So, they went together, as... Well, not as a group, as Mr. Wayne took, not one, but two women with him as dates, and not-so-subtly informed the Mr. s’ Pennyworth that they need not attend him. But. They went, not-together, as it were.

Johnny ambled through the circus; in the two years he had been living with his great-uncle and part-time employer, he had grown upwards like a jungle-plant in the sun, but not out of his crippling shyness; as he walked, people would sometimes stop him and ask if he was a part of the circus. Johnny would always mumble “I’m s-s-sorry, but no, I-I’m n-n-not.” He played some games on the midway, looked at the sideshow- had himself a grand old time. Then the barkers started barking the circus goers into the big tent, “-The show’s about to start!” Johnny found his great-uncle, and they walked into the big tent, showed their tickets, took their seats.

Haly’s was perhaps best known for being the former home of The Flying Graysons, an acrobatic troupe of performers consisting of Jonathan, Mary, and Richard "Dick" Grayson, their son. The troupe was most famous for performing without a net, making their acrobatic act more dangerous. Jonathan and Mary were famous for performing a series of triple flips in succession; Dick was the only one in the western hemisphere that could do a series of quadruple flips. The family was the star attraction of the circus, and was considered one of the finest examples of acrobatics living, sane, and not a cheerleader.

heee, this is fuuuuun

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Being mean is fuuuun

However, Anthony "Fats" Zucco, a low-level thug, and Edward Skeevers, a minor mob family head would both attempt to take over Haley's Circus in order to use the circus’s trucks for drug trafficking. These two men would change the Grayson’s lives forever. To show the circus owner his seriousness, Zucco's crew sabotages the star attractions' ropes. When they went to perform, John and Mary Grayson fell to their deaths, leaving their son an orphan. Johnny was there; he saw the two performers fall, saw their son rush out from behind the clowns- Clowns only come out like that when something’s gone wrong, Johnny, Doc, right?- ’’They just… fell. How-’’ ‘Something stinks at the circus, and it isn’t elephant shite.’

The three four boys- Johnny, Scarecrow, Doc, and Dick- saw John and Mary fall. Scarecrow smelt the dust of the ring, heard how it puffed up, saw it flutter down onto sequins and spandex. Doc saw their faces, saw the shock, saw that there was no time for fear, no time to worry- just down, and out, and gone. Johnny is the one who notices how Mr. Wayne is reacting to this- notices him noticing the newly orphaned Dick Grayson. They see the disbelief turn to anguish on Dick's face- see the tears begin to fall. None of the trio noticed how the deaths were affecting them.

Tears are running down his face, water dripping down a blank mask. He will lie in his bed later, shut off the lights, close the door. He will scream, and rant, and cry into his pillow- but that would be later.

“Johnny, are you-?” It is Alfred, his stalwart uncle, trying to comfort him.

“I-I’m fine, Uncle A. I-I-it’s just… I- t-t-they-” Johnny’s voice is wobbly, horrified, disbelieving.

Johnny, for all his reserve, is still instinctively empathetic; he can sympathize with what he sees in Dick’s face. He is still crying when his uncle wraps an arm around him, still crying when they go to get the limousine, still crying when Mr. Wayne and the young Mr. Grayson get in the car; he cries all the way home. It is not the kind of crying that makes the face, the body, the soul hot and oozy; it’s the kind of crying that looks, at first glance, completely fake. Just tears running down a blank face, a few tiny puckers and folds in the cheeks, a miniscule quirk of the eyebrow.

He cries.

Because of the LJ character limit, I have the occaisional problem with how to break up my chapters... Let me know if i do something really, really wrong, 'Kay?
They end up taking Dick home with them, ignoring a Mr. Skeevers’ increasingly impassioned pleas for them to “leave the boy with him, they’re relatives yanno?” No, Mr. Skeevers’, they didn’t know, but, more importantly, they didn’t care. Skeevers would eventually be arrested by the IRS for tax fraud, leaving his daughter, Maureen Conner, with social services. Zucco would not be arrested.

Johnny had figured out just who he lived with, just who Batman is when he isn’t Batman (although, to be fair, Batman is always Batman) after a few weeks. He had kept his peace; he didn’t want to rock the boat, and be tipped out and away. He quietly began training; he would have the occasional half-remembered dream about “violent dancing”, dreamt of potions and powders that would drive men mad, dreamt-remembered how good he was could be with a slung-shot,- He wants those skills, either way. His great-uncle sees what he’s doing, and subtly steers him towards teachers; gives him a foundation to build on.

Bruce… Bruce starts teaching him detective work. It’s one of the things Jonathan Crane never really knew. Johnny is more than happy to learn the skill, even informally. Johnny also takes care to never really point out the giant pink elephant in the room. But, when Dick finds out the secret- That Bruce Wayne, his guardian, is also Batman, the Caped Crusader- and asks Bruce to teach him, train him, take him on as a sidekick partner, Johnny asks nearly the same thing.

What Johnny asks is "May I be your associate?"

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Johnny knows enough to know, -or is it remember?- that it would be a bit too improper to ask his part time employer to train him as a protégé. Accordingly, Johnny asked to be merely associated with Batman, not an actual member of the team. Then again, Johnny didn’t really ask anyone’s permission to become a superhero; he didn’t ask his great-uncle exactly, he sort of- well, it went like this:

“Uncle Alfred?” Johnny’s voice is quiet in the kitchen, almost hesitant. In the months he had been living with his great-uncle, he had mostly left behind his fears; mostly left behind his shyness. He still stuttered horribly, though.

“Yes Johnny? What is it?” Alfred’s voice is just as quiet, but not any real emotion, other than patient curiosity.

“I was wondering- N-not that I have to, o-or anything, b-but would you be t-t-terribly o-opposed to me…” He paused here, as if searching for a way to word it without giving anything important away. (Doc is the one who decided that they needed to tell someone about their plans. Scarecrow suggested Alfred.)

“Would y-you mind t-t-t-terribly if I-I-I became a s-superhero?” His voice sounds so hopeful, so solemn-

“Not at all, Johnny. Not at all.” Alfred says these words without the slightest hesitation, as if he was merely telling Johnny what to add to a recipe to make it better. Johnny, who had only just turned thirteen, put down his dishes, walked over to his great-uncle, and gave him a hug.

That was how Johnny decided to become a hero. He would have done it, even without the permission of his great-uncle, but, well, he still wanted to ask- anyway.

Scarecrow is the one who decided how to phrase the question, Doc is the one who picked the tone; Johnny sold the line. Even though he isn't really, in his mind, a part of the family, he doesn't want to be left out. Thus the request- "May I be an associate?"

Oh, Johnny...

This is the last part of chapter eight, and then...

In the end, Bruce Wayne adopted young Dick Grayson as his ward, and eventually took him on as his sidekick, Robin. They would succeed in revealing Zucco's complicity in the murders of John and Mary Grayson, but he supposedly died of a heart attack before his arrest.

Skeevers was paroled in 2004, and killed by Permafrost during the Columbus Day Massacre. Although “Massacre” is a bit of a misnomer; Permafrost was under the effects of mind control when she flash froze thirty people, including Skeevers, her father. It is unclear whether or not Permafrost meant to kill Skeevers.

Incidentally, Maureen Conner has a rather spectacular crush on Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth.

(Johnny fancies Maureen right back, but them both being shrinking violets, Dick would be thirteen before they started openly flirting with each other in civilian settings, which is a very intimate thing for superheroes in like to do.)

Cranes 9a/? "I can walk on water; I can fly"

Oh, chapter nine... still setting up this AU, but, swear to god, we will get to YJ canon soon enough...

This part of the story is about Scarecrow, Permafrost, and how they both became heroes:

Scarecrow, while he lived in Gotham, patrolled the Narrows. Robin stayed with Batman, and helped him fight the good fight; Robin had to stay with Batman, seeing as Robin is Batman’s partner. Scarecrow does not have the same relationship with Batman- Scarecrow is an associate of Batman’s. Thus, Scarecrow will get advice from Batman, the occasional training from Batman; the only person Scarecrow answers to is Scarecrow. And anyway, the Narrows are just a little too dangerous for Robin, or Batman, to be out in every night. All three boys resolutely ignore how the Narrows are a little too dangerous for them to be out in every night, too.

The Narrows is an island in the middle of the Gotham River, situated between Midtown and Downtown Gotham City. It is home to the decaying and dilapidated neighborhood in which Arkham Asylum is located; the island carries the Arkham curse. The Narrows was the original village of Gotham, and is one of the few places in the city that the tunnels dug by Zebediah do not go- swampy land like that, especially accursed* swampy land, does not allow tunnels to be dug underneath it. Batman generally cannot spend all his nights in the Narrows; Gotham is too big, too dangerous a city for that. Scarecrow, on the other hand, is too young, too green to unleash on all Gotham proper, and while the Narrows is a tough neighborhood, Scarecrow, Johnny and Doc are tough too. Or so they like to proclaim.

This is a short note about the Arkham curse:

The curse is bound to the old Arkham estate, and all its holdings, which means the entire Narrows. The curse will drive anyone who sets foot on the Arkham lands absolutely insane, but Jonathan Nathaniel Crane Pennyworth is already insane. You can’t have three distinct people in one singular body without going a little crazy; think annoying roommates up to eleven.

* accursed is cursed with an extra -ed

A note on why I'm including Permafrost- there seems to be a startling lack of FEMME POWAH on YJ and this meme. Also,it would screw up the dynamics of the team to add another guy, but not another girl. TruFax, yo.

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A wild love interest appeared!
It was January, and Scarecrow had been out patrolling. Because of his hero duties, Scarecrow is a little late checking in with Batman. Suddenly, he is attacked- trapped beneath a thick layer of ice. Just after he melts through it with one of his chemical heat bombs, he is attacked by a homeless girl that bombards him with giant spikes of ice. He struggles to ward off the attacks, but ultimately drives her away with a well-timed flashbomb.

Doc had spent months playing around with chemical formulas. Some worked, some didn’t; some were for heat, some were for explosives, some were for sedatives or poisons or- well, he tried really hard not to hurt themselves with any of them. He did anyway, but it’s the thought that counts. He also put antidotes into tiny, antique perfume bottles that Scarecrow liked to collect. (Each of the boys has their own, singular hobby- Johnny likes to read period romance novels; Doc watches (cusses out) C-Span; Scarecrow collects and sometimes refinishes antiques; Dick likes to troll people on the internet (and is getting Alfred to teach him how to cook). To each their own, and all that.)

A few days later, Scarecrow is out patrolling the Narrows when he sees the girl again. He notices frost coating the street near him, and follows it; finds and watches as the same girl from before admires an ice sculpture of an angel. Something about the ice angel freaks her out, and she begins to trash the street with ice and snow. Scarecrow intervenes, and is nearly killed by a pillar of ice. He narrowly escapes with his life, but in doing so, becomes trapped in ice again. Fuckin' hell...

In a nearby liquor store, the girl sees a younger child, whose mother is clutching him protectively. This causes her to flash memories from her own past, and she breaks down in tears, leaving the scene. By the time Scarecrow frees himself, she is gone.

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Men! They don't know what they did!

For all of his skill with human emotion, Jonathan Crane had almost no understanding of how women work. It’s understandable; Jonathan Crane was a man, and no man, no matter how smart, knows how a woman’s mind works.

Johnny Crane is no better with women; he has a history of foot-in-mouth syndrome, especially with women he likes. Things are about to get… messy.

At a nearby parochial community center where Johnny, now seventeen, and Dick, now twelve*, volunteer to make up their community service hours (long story), Scarecrow and Robin are covertly investigating the Ice Girl. Doc had noticed that the girl appeared to be homeless- Johnny, Scarecrow, and Doc were out on the street for two years; they know a bag girl when they see one. Scarecrow decided to ask Reverend Anderson if he knew the Ice Girl, or a girl who looks like the Ice Girl.

In fact, the reverend does know a girl who matches the description; “Oh, you mean Maureen Conner. Yeah, she was taken by social services when her father, Edward Skeevers, got booked. She was taken to Gotham West orphanage, but left the orphanage on her own soon after; she comes around every now and again, gets checked out at the clinic, has a few warm meals, takes or returns something from the charity clothes chest, and leaves again.” The reverend’s voice is tired; the reverend is one of the only ones the parish has. “Maureen’s one of the few protectors of the many homeless children in the Narrows. I think she’s a hero. Besides, Scarecrow, Batman, Robin; They can’t be everywhere at once.”

Robin and Scarecrow patrol the Narrows, but after five hours of nothing but the normal Narrows crime, Scarecrow takes Robin back to the cave. Robin is not too young, too green, to stay out all night long on the hunt, but this is Scarecrow’s case, and Doc doesn’t like exposing Robin to the Narrows for longer than they absolutely have to.

Scarecrow asked Batman for Robin’s help; Johnny had noticed that the girl was markedly less violent around small children. Robin is small for his twelve years, especially considering his training, but acrobats are small. Besides, they're going to college soon; they want to spend a little more time with the person they privately think of as little brother.

Sigh... so Cute!

Johnny, Scarecrow and Doc can’t just go off to college: they have responsibilities. But they can’t not go to college; they have responsibilities. Thus, the dilemma- should they stay, and miss out on opportunities, or should they go, and leave their territory undefended? Then, like a miracle, like a gift of the angels- A girl with powers! A girl who protects the same place he does! Just one problem: She’s kind of… well…

Scarecrow eventually meets the Ice Girl a few weeks later, and manages to stop her long enough to say:

“Hel~lo, pretty lady.” Scarecrow is the one who talks when they go out hero-ing. Johnny stutters, and Doc is sesquipedalianly loquacious. The girl can be forgiven for her… antagonistic reaction.

She loses her composure, blasts him away with her powers, then flees, easily running on the still frozen streets. She buries Scarecrow in snow when he tries to follow her.

Eventually, they dig themselves out. Doc traces the girl's last movements to a building filled with homeless people, near the Midtown side of the Narrows. Scarecrow got close enough to smell the girl- That’s her natural scent? Roses, Rubbing Alcohol and Baby Powder? She smells- ''Like some rareified perfume. I wonder if bottled Hyacinthus orientalis albulus scent would please her…''

He finds her room; it is a fairytale confection of a room, the kind of room a little girl would dream of when she heard the words “Princesses Bedroom”.

There was a small single cot, not much longer than five feet, completely encased in ice: The bed had been changed to a French romantic style of bed, its thin posts filigreed with frost. The walls were painted white; the single bare bulb in the room was surrounded by sharp, crinkled pieces of ice, throwing the feeble light in dazzling rainbows which danced across the walls. Tiny ice crystals everywhere, set sparkling and glinting, crazed with movement by the amber glow of Scarecrow’s perfume-bottle light.

Those silly boys of mine...
The only other thing in the room is a small vintage vanity, old style, with a few small makeup things, and a photograph with one side torn out of it. The remaining portion shows a little girl with her mom. The little girl bears a striking resemblance to the Ice girl. He looked through the drawers, but doesn’t find anything else of interest, so Scarecrow took the picture. Johnny objects, strenuously, but is overruled by Scarecrow and Doc.

Scarecrow leaves with many questions still unanswered, but the next time they meet, it's her that seeks him out, demanding her picture back. She is irate, and screams at him “YOU STOLE HER!! GIVE HER BAAAAACK!!!” Her voice is high, breaks at the edges. He dodges her attacks and leads her upwards, desperately seeking the least amount of collateral damage possible. When Scarecrow tries talking to her she only throws more ice shards at him. She only starts to calm down when Johnny tries to talk to her.

He offers her his help, and talks to her, eventually gaining her trust by giving her an angel shaped perfume bottle, and her torn photo. (He accidentally, or maybe not (who can tell?), gives her one of his bottles of all-purpose antidote. The stuff in that little angel will negate the effects of everything he has on him, including his “Scarecrow Special”. It also smells like love, hope, and peace had a beautiful baby together, and the stuff in that little bottle is that baby.)

She finally introduces herself as Permafrost, and confesses to the boys that she has almost no idea how to be a superhero. Maureen and Johnny sit down on a high ledge, together, and just start talking. Johnny tells Permafrost about himself, about what he does as a superhero; tells her about his arrangement with Batman. In turn, she tells him about herself, and asks him some questions.

Sigh... the next part is coming soon... no really...

“So… You just work for Batman? Like… Does he pay you, or anything?” He voice is soft from all the screaming she had been doing. Her soft blue skin and fluffy white hair gently flutter in the night; moonlight catches on her frost covered cheeks, making them sparkle.

All three boys are working very hard not to lose the thread of conversation; they’re failing miserably. They had been staring at her mouth, watching the delicate play of sparkles around her eyes, across her cheeks, down her throat- They had stopped making little listening sounds sometime earlier-

Permafrost quirks her brow a little, and looks at Scarecrow carefully. “Am I… Boring you, or something?” she sounded so hurt

“N-no! N-not at all. I-i-it’s just… You’re so fuckin’ beautiful, I want t-to go out wiv you and- I’m being fuckin’ w-w-weird, sorry, sorry… N-never m-mind.” All three boys have forgotten that they have commlinks; all three boys have forgotten that they left their commlinks on. Batman, Robin, and Alfred have been listening to the entire conversation. Johnny, Scarecrow, and Doc haven’t exactly told anyone what they’re trying to do with Permafrost; Then again, it’s Batman, Robin and Alfred: they know already.

In the end, Bruce manages to save Scarecrow from making a complete ass of themselves.

“Johnny, do you want to invite this girl to dinner?” His voice is slightly amused; it’s quite something, listening to a son try to get the girl.

“Yes sir, I do.” His voice is clipped, professional.

“Do you think that she can handle the Narrows?” Batman is asking now, curious.

“No sir, I do not.” Still clipped.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Something like the old arrangement, but tailored to fit, as it were.”

“…That’s doable.” Batman- Bruce- both men agree to his not-request; both men agree to make Permafrost their associate; both men agree to informally train her, subtly teach her the ways of being a hero. (Both men agreed to a request from a beloved, but distant child.)

“Scarecrow, who were you talking to?” She is curious; she shyly asks the question, almost too quiet to hear.

“Batman.” His voice is very matter of fact; his body is as close to RELIVED as a body can get fully clothed.
I shouldn't crush The Boys with their crush...

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Younger siblings can be so annoying...

The boys hear a haunting, jittery cackle in their ears- Robin.

“So… Do I have an older sister now?” His voice isn’t exactly mocking; his tone isn’t exactly hopeful. Close, though.

Scarecrow sighs, then mutters under his breath, “Shut up, bird-boy wonder. Don’t you have case-files to go over?”

Scarecrow gets a raspberry for his trouble.

Alfred, their uncle, is the one who manages to ask the million dollar question, like the boss he is.

“Why her, Nephew?”

“Why not her, Uncle? She is a human being, just as I am. Just as anyone in the Narrows is. Any help or understanding must be given uniquely, specifically.”

“And can she be trusted with the Narrows?”

“Robin is too young for the Narrows, and Batman is too busy. Neither of them have ever really been here, have the time to really be here. They both focus too much on what was, or will be. The Narrows demand ones full attention- They will kill, -have killed- those who give anything less. I can’t let that happen.”

"Yes, but why her?"

"Because she can. Because she has. Because she is beautiful, inside, outside, with her actions, with her words."

“You honestly think she can handle it?”

“I don’t think she can handle it. I know she can.”

Permafrost hears the sincerity in Scarecrow’s voice, the depth of his emotions. In talking with his uncle, he had never once faltered in his regard for her. She blushed. The boys faint, and fall off the building ledge.

It will take a long time for the boys to live that one down...

Cranes 12/? "Gonna take myself to College"

I love continuity porn... See if you can spot all the references...
This part of the story is about Roy, Kaldur, The Boys, Star City, Atlantis, and how Scarecrow, Speedy Red Arrow, and Aqualad became friends:

The boys went to college near Star City, which is on the western coast of America. Batman hadn’t really said much about the local heroes; Johnny had surmised that Batman didn’t exactly think repeatable things about the local heroes. Alfred was strangely evasive on the subject (something about a “Manhunter” being stupidly heroic; or was it heroically stupid?), and with Robin all into some guy from Central City he had met through a Mathletes competition, Doc had to do research on Star City himself.

According to several published accounts, Star City was incorporated as a city under its current name over 200 years ago, making it of comparable age to Gotham. Star City's location moved many times due to various disasters, just like Metropolis, Gotham, Central, and other cities. The city sits on a low coastal plain, allowing few skyscrapers to be constructed. Star City is in northern California, specifically near the coastal regions north of the San Andreas Fault.

The earliest map of the city was published in 1805, and has been modified and redrawn many times throughout the city’s life. The layout of the city resembles the geography of metropolitan Gotham, subtly reversed. This is not surprising; one of the main city planners of Star City had a running rivalry with one of the city planners of Gotham.

The city of Platinum Flats, home of the world famous Birds of Prey cheerleading/rollerderby squad, is approximately half an hour away. It is more closely patterned on the north-eastern city of Blüdhaven, but, again, with a subtly reversed layout. The boys don’t actually live in Star City; they live in Platinum Flats, in a remodeled textile mill with two roommates. All three young men go to the same college in Star City.

Dang it, why do i keep missing the little things... I should probably go to bed soon anyway...

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