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Prompt Post - Part Eight [CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS]
yj_anon wrote in yj_anon_meme

Feel free to reprompt posts from previous parts once. If you do so, I'd recommend leaving a link to your fill on the original prompt, in case somebody is tracking the first thread.
Please note that you can still fill over at parts one and two- just don't prompt there! I encourage you all to go through looking for older things to fill.
Welcome to the Young Justice: Animated anonymous fic meme!

How does it work? Basically, you leave prompts, and people fill them with glorious fic. Pretty simple. Anonymity is allowed for those that feel nervous or awkward requesting or filling, but it isn't actually obligatory. Unlike a lot of memes (like kink memes) this doesn't have a particular focus beyond the fandom. Het, gen, slash, femslash, anything else you can think up? Welcome! Crack, drama, angst? Go nuts!

However, we do have some...

Rules and guidelines.

• Animated canon only, please. Crossovers are fine, so is integrating comics/etc. stuff into animated canon, but no outright Young Justice comic stuff, please.
• Be reasonable. Polite. Etc. You may be anonymous, but that is no excuse for being ridiculous.
• Likewise, be considerate in your prompting. Trigger warnings are appreciated (for content that may seriously upset people with past experience, such as rape/non-con, self harm, suicide, etc.- at the absolute least, please make it clear what the fic contains about before someone stumbles across it halfway through!), and please be careful with your wording. Memes like this often touch on some sensitive material. If you feel somebody has posted an actively offensive prompt, please
either PM me or use the mod post here to bring it to my attention.
• One prompt per post, please!
• Repeat after me: Your Kink Is Not My Kink. Don't attack people's prompts because they aren't your cup of tea!
• Look, just don't wank up a storm in general. I'm sure we can all manage, right? :)

ETA: Please do not reprompt things until we reach a second part. In addition, I encourage anyone looking for things to fill to go back through previous pages. A lot of people have old prompts tracked, so your fills will still be seen!

This is the 'flat' view of the page; it shows comments in the order they're posted, rather than as threads. Makes it easier to see new fills on previous pages.

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ETA: GUYS. I am officially making the 'PM me about offensive prompts' thing obligatory. Please, I have difficulty keeping up without your wonderful help!

Incidentally, being polite includes not telling people they're being 'too sensitive' for being bothered by things. Just sayin'. This place is a safe space, in so much as I can make it one, and I don't really like the rhetoric of 'oh, if you're offended you're oversensitive' that I'm seeing in a couple places? Remember: people may have had different experiences than you that influence their view. Don't assume. :)

ETA: Since apparently it doesn't come under some of your definitions of 'civility':


I don't care if you hate that ditz M'gann, I don't care how much you think Kaldur is sooo boring, I don't care if you think Artemis is a bitch, I don't care if you want Wally to go die, I don't care how much you want Superboy to punch himself into oblivion or how bratty you think Robin is. This is not a place to ask for fic that is for nothing more or less than to satisfy said hate. We have and welcome fans of ALL CHARACTERS here, and it's just insulting and rude to tear them down.

And this is not the same as asking for a single prompt where they're AU and evil, or for a prompt where they mess up in some way, or even where they get called out on something they did if you feel it would make a good story. But come the hell on, guys.

ETA: Please see this recent post regarding certain issues we've been having. Thank you.

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Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

We need more Batsibls+YJ around here.

Say Gotham Academy is attacked and the students taken hostage by some large and powerful criminal organization. Dick (eldest), Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Cassandra and Damian (youngest) are at school. Dick is a freshman in high school, Tim’s in elementary school and Damian’s in preschool. Distribute the others through the elementary and middle schools as you like. Let’s assume the Academy has elementary, middle and high schools and a preschool on the same, giant, grounds.

Batman is on a villain-trying-to-end-the-world kind of JLA mission he can’t get away from, so YJ is deployed. They sneak in wearing Gotham Academy uniforms to do recon and assess the situation. Things don’t look good; there are too many men to handle all at once, and they’re very well-organized. If YJ attack, they risk civilian lives.

Wally is the only one who knows Robin’s secret ID, so he’s totally not freaking out. He hasn’t met the other Batsilbings yet.

The Batsibs gather (somehow) despite initially being in different buildings, and meet up with the YJ (somehow), along with Artemis (and Babs), who's in one of Dick’s classes and rendezvous with YJ+Batsibs with Dick in tow. The kids quickly figure out who the YJ are, baffling them. Since they’re pretending to be normal students for now, YJ can’t openly use their powers. So the kids pitch in and amaze YJ with their various non-superpowered skills and awesome teamwork, all except Dick, who’s forced to hold himself back for obvious secret-ID related reasons and just coordinates his siblings.

Of course, things go wrong, YJ is discovered, Dick Grayson recognized and (somehow) taken hostage to prevent the heroes attacking, and taken away (being Bruce Wayne’s eldest, Dick is probably the most famous kid around). He can’t do his ninja thing in civvies. His siblings are not happy their favorite brother is in trouble. They discreetly save the day, with help from the YJ.

Note: Robin and Wally have officially been together for a while now.

BONUS for:

– Batsibs attaching themselves to individual YJ members as described in the inspiration prompt (linked below). Tim wants to grow up to be just like Dick, and if he needs Wally (i.e. his own speedster) for it, then so be it.

– Batsibs becoming really interested in Wally when they realize who he is, and continuously testing him in weird ways (because their big brother can’t date someone who doesn’t pass their evaluation).

– Double bonus if the kids keep referring to Wally as Dick’s boyfriend, and that plus Wally’s general countenance around Dick leads the team to think Wally’s been cheating on Robin with Dick, and vice versa. Dick is a troll who happily goes with it, playing hurt and enraged boyfriend to Wally’s denials, because it’s amusing to watch speedsters squirm.

– Triple bonus if Wally and Dick keep accidentally falling into their usual best friends roles, surprising everyone with how in tune they are with each other. ‘Cause bromance plus romance rules.

- Babs is technically not a member of the Batfamily, but she is a Batgirl, and should therefore hang around. Amused!Babs flirting with Wally, flirting with Dick, and trolling on Dick while he trolls on his friends?

– A mostly useless and flabbergasted YJ, who start adoring the kids.

– Dick being an awesome big brother, and just plain awesome overall.

– Confused!Flustered!Sweet!Big brotherly!Boyfriendly!Wally.

– General panic attack at Dick having a gun to his head and a hand up his shirt (cue confused kids, appalled team, and furious Wally, and Dick is just way too pretty for his own good).

– Trolling Batsibs who finally decide Wally passes (barely. Damian is still adamant that Grayson is HIS; he doesn’t like sharing).

– General adorable kiddy fluff all around, ‘cause even Jason and Damian are sweet sometimes, especially when they get possessive/protective of family.

Artemis figures out Dick=Robin by the end. Whether the rest of the YJ realizes it or whether they continue thinking Wally is a cheating asshole is up to you (although I think everyone loves a BAMF Dick!Robin making the team go “O.o hello, Young Justice!”)

Make us laugh, anon. Make us gasp and hold our breaths. Give us cavities! Make the dentist’s bills worth it.

Re: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

Long prompt is massive.

Inspired by this prompt and fill:

Repost from here:

Re: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

I have much love for this prompt, and just want to say that the entire school being on the same grounds isn't too unrealistic, which would probably be a sticking point for potential fillers. Granted, I went to a really small school (I think my grade had about forty students) and even we didn't include preschool, but still. It could happen.

Re: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

I am officially in love with this prompt. +1000000

Re: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

...Why wasn't this filled last time?

...Why hasn't it been filled yet THIS time?

I may not be the OP, but I will give my firstborn to whoever fills this. Or any body part that the writer!anon chooses. And all my love.


Re: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

This prompt is so damn tempting. I love the batfamily.

But I have to keep reminding myself: finish the wedding before undertaking any other long prompts.

Re: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

Um. Not OP, but come on, there has to be some other taker out there!

Re: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

Completely different Anon is thinking of filling this, and would like to claim that one anon's pituitary gland, left lung, and right pinky toe. And also the delicious cooking bribes going around. And any firstborns being offered.
okay maybe no more than two firstborns I don't think there's enough cooking from the bribes to support them all

But yes. This sounds just totally awesome and I have no clue why it hasn't been filled yet. Soooo...All I need now is maybe a day or two or three to work out a beginning, drabble a decent storyline/chain-of-events in my head, imagine up funny/fluffy/whatevas scenerios, and somehow fit most, if not all, the bonuses in there somewhere. Wish me luck!
Also can't think of titles to save my life; any suggestions?

[Fill] : A Minor Situation 1/?

A/N: This is the anon who was resisting the urge to fill. Sorry if any of them are OOC, especially Cass and Steph, the two whom I have the least experience with. Hope you like it, OP!

Things were supposed to be simple. Really, they were. There was a plan, a good plan, too.

The Justice League was off in space for the week, leaving the Red Tornado and the Team behind.

So of course an entire school got taken hostage.

And of course it had to be Artemis's.

She quickly contacted Red Tornado, who sent out a message to all the other Team members. Kaldur, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash all quickly took the zeta-tube over to Gotham to help. Artemis had managed to smuggle out boys' uniforms during the waiting period, so the Team quickly disguised themselves and started to blend in with the other students.

Robin did not respond to his communicator. Dick Grayson was currently hiding in an empty history classroom, just hoping that...

"There you are!" A small, red haired boy dashed in, grinning. "Timmy and Cass are on their way."

...That wouldn't happen.

"Jason, you are not supposed to be here," Dick snarled.

Jason snickered. "Yeah, like that's going to stop me. Or Timmy. Or Cass. Or Steph. Or even Damien."

Dick paled at the thought of their four-year-old, assassin trained younger brother attempting to take on the armed gunmen.

"Bruce is going to kill me," he grumbled.

"Not if we get to little D first," offered Jason.

"Yes, we will sneak across campus, which we're not supposed to do, on pain of being shot, locate a four year old in a mess of preschoolers, and somehow manage to keep him safe--or more importantly, everyone else around him safe?"

"Wow, you really think it'll be that easy?" Jason said, eyes wide with false joy.

"I dunno Jay. He left out a bunch of air-shafts," Timmy said, slipping through the door with Cass trailing behind him.

"You guys do remember that we are in civilian mode, right?" Dick said, burying his head in his hands. "That means no air-shafts!"

Cass walked over to him and patted his shoulder. "Dick cry not," she said, smiling at him. "Things go well."

"Yeah, don't worry! The whole Batfamily is here! What's going to go wrong?" Jason said, throwing his arm around Tim and the other around Cass.

"How about my Team getting called in to help with the situation, and none of them knowing my identity?" he said, glaring at his red-haired brother. Cass cocked her head to one side, clearly noticing that he was lying. He shot a glance at her, pleading her not to say it out loud.

"Tt. What are they going to do about it?" Damien said as he emerged into the room in Steph's arms. "We can handle this perfectly on our own."

"Hey, where's Babs and Artemis?" Steph said, setting down Damien. "All of us normals have to stick together."

"Babs isn't technically part of the Family, Steph," Tim said, looking at his sister skeptically. "And Artemis certainly isn't."

"We need to change that. Then we're even. Guys and girls," Steph said.

"We are not adopting Artemis," said Dick, cradling his head once again. "And can we focus on the fact that we, as the children of Bruce Wayne, are probably being sought after as hostages?"

The looks on their various faces offered much pain to whatever poor fool sought to take them hostage.

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[Fill] A Minor Situation Part 2/?

Wally wasn't nervous. Nope. Not a bit. Not at all. It wasn't like one of his best friends, and two of his teammates, one of whom happened to be his boyfriend, were in incredible danger or anything. Nope. Not nervous. Or scared.

Wally tugged at the ill-fitting blazer that Artemis had managed to get him, feeling very conspicuous in this snooty rich-kid outfit.

"Wonder how Artemis and--Batgirl put up with this," he muttered, catching himself quickly.

Artemis? Where are you? M'gann called out telepathically. There wasn't a response. She must be out of range. This school is huge, and if I don't project carefully, everyone in the school will hear, even the guards.

How are we going to find her? Wally demanded, looking around. We look suspicious as it is, and we have no clue where to find her!

They all ducked behind the trees in the courtyard as a bulky man with a mask and an AK-47 marched by.

"We will find her," Kaldur whispered, looking fierce. "We must."


Artemis decided she didn't like her French class even more. Class had been abandoned, with most of the kids texting their parents or sobbing desperately. A few smarter ones were trying to figure out a place where they could hide if the gunmen came in, but there were very few of them. The teacher wasn't much help either, desperately pacing back and forth, muttering to himself while ruining his shirt by sweating straight through it.

Artemis resisted the urge to groan. It was pretty clear that no one had any idea what was going on. They were perfectly safe for now. It was when a guard got twitchy, or the ransom drop went wrong, or if someone saw the gunmen's faces that they were in trouble. As far as she could tell, they were just thugs after money.

And so, they had no idea that they were holding two super-heroes captive.

She exchanged a look with Babs. Babs nodded once. She twisted her hand in a method that looked like she was having convulsions. Artemis shook her head. Faking a panic attack wouldn't help. They needed to get off the radar, not on it. The Team would be here soon.

Artemis made another gesture by twisting her middle and ring finger together. Bathroom break.

"Monsieur Dumont?" Barbra asked, allowing fear and timidity to take over her voice. "Monsieur, I really need to use the bathroom. May I go?"

The man looked up, alarmed. "V-V-Very well... but take someone with you! It's not safe to go alone!" Babs flashed a smirk at Artemis and the two quickly left.

The two made their way into the nearest girls bathroom, where Babs set to work removing the grate to the air-shaft.

"Will it be big enough?" Artemis demanded, "I mean, most air-shafts aren't built for teenagers."

"I hope so, because I can't think of any other way to get around undetected unless you're Robin," Babs said. "Do you have your Swiss Army Knife?"

Artemis searched her pockets and sighed. "No, I must have left it at home today."

"Dammit," Babs muttered. "Help me here?" Artemis clambered on top of the sink and set out to join her friend in the task of removing the metal grate.

"This is not going to work!" Artemis hissed after a while. "Can you think of any other way?"

"I can think of a few!" a small voice chirped from behind them. Artemis and Babs spun around, forgetting they were precariously perched on the sink, and fell to the ground. "Oops."

"Jason!" Babs said, scrambling to her feet as she stared up at the little red-haired kid who was dangling from the ceiling tiles, a huge smirk on his face. "You are so not supposed to be here!"

"Geeze. You guys weren't even using the bathroom," the kid said. "Now are you coming or what?" He disappeared back into the ceiling tiles.

"Who's that?" Artemis demanded, eyes wide.

"Dick Grayson's little brother," Babs said, rolling her eyes. "Come on."

[Fill] : A Minor Situation 3/?

A/N: Okay, I officially hate the new format. I had just finished typing this up, when I tried to remember what I'd actually called this story (I got about three hours of sleep last night, okay?), and the new format doesn't let me see it just by looking, so I clicked on the button to see it... and I lost the fill. Luckily I had typed it up on my phone, but still, now I need to re-type it all over again.

Artemis hauled herself up to the ceiling tile, where she found a small, but surprisingly strong hand to help her up. Once she was up, she turned around to offer Babs a hand. As her friend clambered up, Artemis turned her attention to the kid.

Judging from his face, she guessed that he was around eleven or twelve years old. He was around Robin's height, maybe a little taller, with bright green mischevious eyes and a shock of copper-colored hair that would put Wally to shame.

"So where's Dick?" Babs said, looking at the boy.

"History classroom," the boy said in reply, starting to crawl away. "I volunteered to go find you two."

"And your siblings?" Babs said, pulling the ceiling tile back into place. "Where are they?"

"They're all there too," the kid said. "So are you coming or not?"

As the trio scrambled their way through the ceilings of the Gotham Academy, Artemis had a good look around. Somehow, she had not expected the ceiling of Gotham's city elite school to look like this. She expected a cramped place, with electrical wires and heating pipes everywhere, and a bunch of tiles that the enemy could push aside any time to spot them, not to mention that they should be making a ton of noise as they made progress.

Instead, their trek was completely silent, and instead of being cramped, there was enough room for a fully grown adult to stand up on their knees, and there were actually very few places where the tiles were moveable. Strange material surrounded them on all sides, (which Artemis suspected had something to do with the silence of their progress) and there was no sign of the electric or heating systems whatsoever. "What's with this place?" Artemis said.

"Dad worked with the architects and Batman to make this place," Jason said, turning just enough so that she could see his humongous grin. "It's supposed to be for Batman and Robin, but Dad got us the blueprints, just in case."

"Dad?" Artemis echoed.

"Bruce Wayne," Babs clarified.

Oh. Well that did make sense, since she, along with the rest of the world, was aware about Dick Grayson being Bruce Wayne's ward (or was it son now? She didn't really know...), and this kid was his brother. But she had never heard anything about Bruce Wayne having more than one kid, adopted or otherwise. And now Babs made it sound like there were lots of them? Artemis decided to figure it out later.

"But what's the point of this place?" Artemis said, raising an eyebrow.

"Getting around covertly mainly," the kid said. "The idea was that in the case of a hostage situation, Batman and Robin would be able to use these to operate. It's soundproof, and completely off the books. Not even the teachers know about it. Just Batman, Robin, and the Family."

"The Family?" Artemis repeated, wondering if she'd fallen through a portal into a bad Mafia movie at some point during the day.

Jason just grinned at her as he pushed aside a ceiling tile. "Yep. D'you wanna meet 'em?"

Artemis looked at Babs, who grinned and nodded. Artemis took a deep breath, steeling herself for whatever would be ahead. She leapt down from the ceiling, convinced that she would be ready for anything.

In hindsight, Artemis would know that there was nothing she could have done to be prepared for the situation that was the Wayne family.

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[Fill] A Minor Situation Part 4/?

The first one she noticed was Dick Grayson, who was sitting on a chair, arms full of a small, dark haired child who sported a scowl that looked suspiciously permanent.

A short blonde girl was sitting on the teacher's desk, cross-legged, texting on a fancy phone, all the while humming a pop song under her breath.
A boy who looked like he was a sixth grader sat at three desks that had been pushed together, in the process of disassembling an iPod Touch and one of the really fancy WayneTech laptops that Artemis saw a lot of her classmates lugging around on a regular basis.

A second, older, girl who reminded Artemis of Jade in a gut-wrenching way was sitting on the floor, taking apart scissors with a small screwdriver. For some reason, this made Artemis very nervous.

The older girl looked up, and waved at Artemis, causing all of the attention to shift to her. "Artemis!" Dick said, grinning. "Babs!" he added, as the girl in question dropped into sight. "I'm guessing Jason found you."

"You had doubts?" the redhead said, clambering down with much more grace than Artemis would expect from a seventh or eighth grader.

"Yes," the little kid in Dick's arms said flatly. Jason laughed, and ruffled his hair affectionately.

"Proved ya wrong then, didn't I Little D?" he said.

"Artemis, have you met my siblings?" Dick said with a smile that only appeared slightly strained. "This is Damien, the blonde's Steph, the other boy's Tim, and the one who's playing with dangerous weapons is Cass."

"Nice to meet you!" chirped the blonde, not looking up from her phone. "Oh, and Dick, Alfred says that we're not allowed to get killed, otherwise we're gonna be grounded."

"It's so nice to know he's concerned." Jason said, peering over Tim's shoulder.

"That's Alfred-speak for 'please be careful,' you know that Jay," Tim said. "And can I use your DS? Bruce was getting you a new one for your birthday anyway."

Jason grinned. "Pretty sure you've just ruined it for me, but sure." He pulled out a battered blue Nintendo device. "Is it one of the WayneTech ones that you've been raving about all week?"

"Yep," said Tim, starting to take apart Jason's DS.

"This is sweet," Artemis said, looking at Dick. "But can you help us? We've got four friends outside who we need to find.

"I can find 'em!" Jason and the blonde said at the same time. They then began a staring match.

Artemis felt a tug at her sleeve. "Can help," Cass said, looking at Artemis with huge eyes that made her resemble a large puppy. "Know tunnels."

"Tunnels?" Artemis exclaimed. "First the air-shafts, then the ceiling, and now tunnels? How many ways are there to get around this place? Don't they know it's a school, not a military facility?"

"Not really," said Dick with a grin. The other kids seemed to be exchanging looks, which made Artemis suspicious.

"You forgot the secret passages," Jason said lightly. "Entrance is in the Awards Room."

Artemis tried to decide whether or not he was joking as Cass left to go get the Team.

[Fill] A Minor Situation 5/?

Wally took a deep breath, trying to slow down his racing heart, which was pretty difficult thanks to the adrenaline currently racing through his system.

Wally, are you alright? M'gann asked. You feel scared.

Just worried about Rob, Wally thought back, running a hand through his hair. He didn't answer Artemis's call. What if something happened to him?

Kaldur placed a firm hand on Wally's shoulder. Wally, calm down. It is possible, even likely, that Robin cannot answer, for fear of someone recognizing his identity. I am sure he will come to our aid when he can come without compromising his identity. But for now, you must focus on the mission. You cannot allow your feelings for Robin to endanger the lives of civilians.

Wally took another deep breath. I won't.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder. Wally yelped out loud,earning him a Kaldur glare, (was Batman giving lessons now?), and spun around, ready for a fight.

What he found instead was a petite Asian girl around Robin's age, looking up at him wide-eyed, and Wally felt sick to his stomach. Shit. I used superspeed, didn't I?

Pretty much, Superboy said, looking at the girl. Why didn't we notice her?

Kaldur looked at the girl. "Who are you? You should be inside, where it is more safe."

The girl ignored him. "Kaldur?" she asked, pointing at him. Shocked, the Atlantean nodded. "Conner?" she turned her finger to Superboy. "Megan? Wally?" she pointed at each of them in turn, and they nodded.

The girl smiled widely. "Follow." She walked away, towards the wall of Gotham Academy, which they had just scaled.

"Why should we?" Conner demanded, crossing his arms. "How do you know our names?"

The girl grinned at him, and pointed forwards. "Artemis. Babs. Send me."


The tunnels were cold, damp, and filled with cobwebs. Add the stench of mildew and rot, and the tunnels gained a place on Wally's "Worst Ways of Sneaking Around" list.

But, he had to admit that they were a great way to get around.

"You never answered my question from earlier," Kaldur said to the girl. "What is your name?"

She looked at him with a grin, dark eyes taking in his every movement. "Cass."

"Do you know Artemis?" M'gann asked, leaning forward.

She shook her head. "Dick does. But I like her."

Dick? Wally was really glad that M'gann had taken down the link. Oh shit, shit, shit, shit, Dick has a sister named Cass. Shit, this is my boyfriend's sister...

"Who's Dick?" Conner asked.

"Wally's boyfriend," the girl said cheerfully. "My brother."

All eyes were leveled at him in accusatory glares. Wally, are you cheating on Robin? M'gann asked.

Wally groaned.

[Fill] A Minor Situation 6/?

Artemis decided that the kids were pretty cool. Absolutely, completely insane, but cool.

She'd figured out the insane part when she'd made the mistake of asking Tim what he was doing, which earned her a technobable lecture on computer science that would give Robin a headache. Jason had succeeded in stopping Tim by stealing the screwdriver, which prompted an epic three-minute battle over the small piece of plastic and metal.

After all was said and done, Tim recovered his tool, although he'd spent the last thirty seconds of the fight trapped in a headlock, having his hair mussed up by Jason, before Jason relinquished his hold on his rambling younger brother and the screwdriver.

"Found Boyfriend!" Cass announced, the Team following her, looking rather hilarious in the Gotham Academy uniforms she'd managed to get them before the guards had started establishing the rules.

Artemis thought for less than a second that she saw a flash of dismay on Dick's face, but she must have imagined it, because a humongous grin appeared on his face. "Wally!"

Dick placed a reluctant Damien on the desk, and wrapped his arms tightly around Wally. "What are you doing here?"

Artemis crossed her arms, and narrowed her eyes. "Boyfriend?" She asked Cass, using the dangerously soft voice that her mother loved to use when she'd stayed out too late crime-fighting.

"Yeah, Dick and Wally have been dating for ages now," Steph said, a scary grin on her face. "We've been trying to meet him, but Dick says we'd scare him off."

"Got plans," Cass said with an innocent smile. "Good plans."

Oh dear. Artemis almost felt sorry for Wally.


"Hey Wall-man. Does Dick know about Rob?"

Wally blanched, while Dick made a comically confused expression, and demanded to know who "Rob" was.

"Wally's boyfriend," Conner said, with an accompanying glare that told Artemis just how lucky Wally was that Conner's heat vision hadn't shown up yet.

Dick stumbled away from Wally, eyes wide with hurt. "Wally..." he looked at the Team, lower lip quivering. "Is this true?"

Babs had a hand clasped over her mouth. M'gann looked like she was going to cry. Kaldur radiated disapproval. Wally had no support in this room, and he knew it.

Wally looked down, and sighed. "Yes Dick. It's true."

Artemis was the only one who noticed Jason and Tim doubling over behind the desk, shaking with what appeared to be silent laughter.

It was then that Artemis noticed that Babs looked more amused than horrified.

Artemis's eyes narrowed as she looked at the boys, and then at Babs. What was so funny about this situation?

OP: Young Justice, Batsiblings, and Gotham Academy

Happy New Year, my lovely anons! Here's to hoping for a good year, new Young Justice episodes, and more amazing prompts and fills.

[Fill] A Minor Situation 7/?

Once Jason had finally recovered his breath, he poked Timmy in the ribs several times, and then gestured for his younger brother to meet him in the corner while the teenagers had a serious discussion.

Tim crept forward, grabbing Cass and Steph as he went, while Jason grabbed Damien. Luckily, Damien had finally figured out that protesting about Jason holding him resulted in Cass tickling him, so he didn't complain.

Jason sat cross-legged on the floor, surveying his siblings. "Alright. Now that the Team's here, we need a plan."

"Plan?" Steph said, frowning. "I'm pretty sure that's there job."

"Not a plan about the hostage situation Steph!" Timmy said, grinning.

"A plan about Wally." Jason said, grinning his evil-ist grin.

"Good plans," Cass said, smiling serenely.

"But which ones should we use?" Steph said. "I mean, we came up with about a million!"

"Four hundred and sixty four, Steph. Don't exaggerate," Tim said, frowning.

Jason rolled his eyes. "How about we each pick one test, and just roll with it? If it's too organized, Dick will get suspicious."

The others exchanged looks, and nodded.

"What if we each pick the same one?" Tim wanted to know.

"Seeing as we've got so many, Tim, I don't think--" Jason started, before Cass cut him off.

"Quiet," she said, placing a finger to her lips. "Steph talk."

Sure enough, the younger sister was bouncing up and down eagerly. "What about Artemis?"

Tim and Jason exchanged wary looks. "What about her?" Jason said.

"Aren't we adopting her?" Steph asked, widening her eyes and sticking out her lower lip, forming one of the most adorable expressions that they had seen.

"But she's got a mom," Jason said, hardening his face and his heart against adorable younger sisters.

"So? Cass and I have dads, and Daymie has a mom," said Steph, clearly not getting it.

"Yeah, but Artemis..." Jason floundered, feeling like Dick. How could he explain this to them?

"Is an Arrow!" Tim said, clearly seeing that Jason couldn't think of what to say next. "And we're Bats! Or Birds."

"She's an adopted Arrow, too," Steph said. "And she'd be a good sister. I like her."

"Maybe she could be like Babs," Jason said, "Y'know, be a Bat, but not adopted..."

"No!" Steph said, frowning.

Damien piped up. "Why do we need more girls in the Family?"

Cass frowned at him, and poked him in the stomach. But it was Steph who said, "Because then we're almost even, and we can do Boys vs. Girls combat training." She then looked at Tim, somehow changing her expression again to being even more adorable, focused directly at him.

Tim looked at Jason. "She does seem pretty cool... and Dick says she's good in a fight..."

Jason buried his head in his hands. "Yes, okay, I admit it. But Bruce would have to approve, and her mom, and Alfred, and I don't think they're just going to let us adopt Artemis just because we want another girl, and Steph and Timmy like her..."

Cass spoke up. "Like her. Family."

Tim and Steph exchanged triumphant looks. Jason might bicker with Steph on a daily basis, he might tease Tim until both boys were blue in the face, but their red-haired brother had a huge soft spot for Cass.

Jason groaned, and relented. "But I guess it can't hurt to do preliminary research. We're going to have to have a really good argument if we want another sister. I'll scout her out. Maybe get her to help us test Wally."

Tim nodded, knowing better than too tease Jason about relenting. "Daymie, it's time for the Toddler Maneuver."

[fill] A Minor Situation 8/?

A/N: Okay, I am so terribly sorry that this update took this long. I had it all ready, and then when I went to type it up... it turned out that my Internet had crashed in an incredibly spectacular manner, and it only just returned to me.

And yeah, I'm de-anoning. This is intentional.


Jason raised an eyebrow. "The Toddler Maneuver? Bit extreme, isn't it?"

Tim shook his head rapidly. "Right now, they're planning about what to do about all the gunmen. And when they do decide to do something, the first thing they're going to do is send us back to someplace safe."

A scowl appeared on Jason's face. The second-oldest brother hated being treated like a child--or a civilian. Then again, they all did, judging from the similar expressions that were appearing on Cass, Steph, and Damian's faces.

"Alright then. Let's get into position," Jason said.


"...and so, I believe that if we are careful, Conner and I will be able to disable the guards near the preschool, and then Megan will be able to start the evacuation for that area," Kaldur said, feeling a bit odd about having a civilian--Wally's other boyfriend at that--in their midst, but there would be no way to avoid it. They just could not use their powers or abilities. That should held deter suspicion.

Babs and the Team nodded, but Wally's other boyfriend in question frowned. "What about my siblings?"

"What about them?" Conner asked, frowning. "They can stay here, can't they?"

Dick shook his head rapidly. "No. They're going to be in serious danger. I mean, most people know that I'm Bruce's adopted son. And while Jason's adoption didn't get nearly as much media attention, people still know who he is. Cass was so good of staying out of the spotlight that most people don't know her, and most people just gave up keeping track of us after Tim, but these people would still know who we are."

"And the children of Bruce Wayne would be very useful hostages," Kaldur said softly, running his hands through his short hair. "Should we be concerned about your safety as well, Richard?"

The boy frowned. "It's Dick. And I can look after myself. It's them I'm--"

"NO" Damian shouted as everybody within the room jumped. "I am not a baby, Todd--"

Dick blanched. "Last names. He must be pissed."

"What about?" Artemis asked, swallowing a smile as the tiny Cass grabbed the toddler from his attempts to murder Jason and dangled his from one ankle.

"Put me down Cain!" shrieked Dick's youngest sibling, twisting and turning within her grip. "You can't--"

"Dick!" Tim yelled, avoiding Damian's swinging fists. "Help?"

Babs turned to Kaldur, eyes wide. "If the guards hear the noise, and find us here..."

"This will be taken as a sign of resistance," Kaldur finished.

Conner moved quickly after hearing that. He grabbed Damian, held the boy up so that he could look Damian in the eye, and adopted the voice he used on Wolf when his pet decided to play up. "Stop it. Now."

Much to the surprise (and relief) of everyone, Damian did.

"So what was that about?" Wally asked Dick, checking the door for incoming guards.

"Knowing them? No idea," Dick replied.

Kaldur frowned. "In light of these developments, perhaps it is best that your siblings accompany us on our attempts at sabotage. It is not ideal, but perhaps it is the best way to keep them out of trouble and to protect them."

"...not to mention, there are probably going to be guards here any second now," Babs said, standing behind Wally to check.

"And who knows?" Dick said, leaning back with a slight grin. "They might be able to help."

Megan looked curious. "They're just kids. How would they be able to help?"

[Fill] A Minor Situation Part 9/?

Sorry this took me so long, I'm back in school, and so I was going to update Friday night, but apparently my internet problems weren't quite behind me yet... but now I'm back, hopefully for good this time. Anyways, here's the next bit!


“So who’ll take each kid?” Artemis said, watching Dick and Wally. Something was off here, and Artemis was determined to find out what it was. Dick hadn’t seemed nearly hurt enough to discover that his boyfriend had been cheating on him. And Wally seemed more concerned about the fact that everyone on the Team, herself included, was glaring at him than the fact that he’d been caught cheating.
An idea appeared in Artemis’s mind that was so completely ridiculous that she had to push it aside.

But still, it made sense.

She refocused as she heard Kaldur say, “Perhaps Conner should look after Damian, since it appears that he is able to keep him under control.”

The other siblings, realizing that they were being discussed, crowded around the Team and their brother, exchanging looks amongst themselves that made Artemis suspect a conspiracy. She’d seen similar looks between Wally and Robin often enough to know the look of a plan in progress.

Well, well, Artemis thought. They planned for this.

Clearly, this was going to be much more interesting than she’d suspected.

“Can I go with Wally?” Tim asked, bouncing up and down, looking up at his brother’s boyfriend with huge wide eyes. “Can I please Dick?”
“Sure thing, Timmy,” Dick said, ignoring Wally’s frantic head-shakes. Clearly, the boy didn’t want to be alone with a sibling of Dick’s. Artemis squinted as a very familiar smile lit up Tim’s face. It looked an awful lot like Robin’s.

Artemis bit her lip. She needed more evidence.

Steph walked up to M’gann, beaming up at the disguised Martian. “Can I go with you?”

M’gann returned the smile. “I’d be delighted!” The little blonde reached up and grabbed M’gann’s hand.

Cass tentatively walked up to Kaldur, and tugged on his sleeve, as if trying to communicate her thoughts without speaking. Kaldur knelt down beside her. “Do you want to come with me?”

Cass nodded, an adorable smile lighting up her face. “Please.”

“I would be honored, Cassandra.”

The smile disappeared. “Cass.”

“My apologies, Cass.” The smile returned.

“I’ll stick with Jason, you take Dick?” Artemis said to Babs, ignoring Dick’s indignant look at being assigned a guard, like his siblings. “That is, if Jason doesn’t mind?” she turned to the red-head, raising an eyebrow.

“That’s cool with me,” Jason said with a lopsided grin. “We’ll have a blast. You’re at the Elementary School, right? I’m great at sneaking around that place.”

“I bet,” Artemis said, smiling.

“Let’s head out,” Kaldur said, glancing towards the door, as if expecting it to be broken down any second. “M’gann, Conner and I will go with Damian, Cass and Steph to the Preschool, while Dick, Wally, Babs, and Artemis will escort Tim and Jason to the Elementary School.”

Cass ran over to the place where she’d been disassembling scissors, scooping up the blades and tucking them into her pockets, while Tim grabbed his backpack and started stuffing his tech supplies into his backpack.

[Fill] A Minor Situation 10/?

“Do you really need that stuff?” Wally asked, clearly anxious that he’d been assigned to watch a youngster.

“Yes!” the kid said, looking shocked. “We’ll need this stuff! I can hack into the security feed with them, and then we can track the guard’s movements!”

Wally blinked, and Artemis raised an eyebrow. She then did what she'd been taught to do when things didn't make sense; she listed the suspicious activity that she’d noticed in her mind.

Evidence 1) Jason was unusually strong, and clearly good at sneaking around. This was excusable. Evidence 2) Wally, despite being a super devoted boyfriend to Robin, was apparently cheating on him with Dick. Very odd, but somewhat believable, due to his flirtatious nature. 3) The kids were very good at planning, and at enacting these plans without anyone noticing them. 4) Tim was very good at computers, a skill that she’d learned to associate with Robin and Batman, and had an eerily similar smile to Robin. 5) Cass seemed to be preparing weapons for a fight that she really shouldn’t be able to fight in. And yet somehow, Artemis would not be surprised if Cass could fight, and even win.

All small things, but together they seemed to point her in one direction.

Of course, it could all just be coincidental.

Thing was, Artemis didn't believe in coincidences.

“Hey Jason?” she said conversationally.

“Yeah?” the boy said, looking up at her.

“Do you have sunglasses? It’s pretty bright outside,” Artemis said.

Jason gave her a look that seemed to indicate that he thought she was crazy, but after a second, understanding seemed to gleam in his eye. “Sure thing,” he said, suppressing a grin, opening his backpack. Artemis caught a glimpse of a pair of good, very dark sunglasses and what appeared to be a spray can before Jason removed the glasses and gave them to her.

Meanwhile, the ceiling tile was being slid aside, and Kaldur, Conner, M’gann, Cass, Damian, and Steph disappeared into the ceiling, sliding the tile back after them. Wally scooped up Tim, checked the door, and then quickly left to go to the tunnels.

Artemis looked at Dick, unfolding the glasses as subtly as she could. “You ready?”

Dick nodded, a grin identical to Robin’s lighting up his face. “Oh yeah.”

That was all she needed to see. Artemis suddenly launched forward, pressing the glasses onto Dick’s face, which caused him to yelp out in pain and surprise. She then took a step back, and smirked, recognizing the boy in front of her. “Hello Robin.”

“Hey Artemis,” Robin said, taking off the glasses with a resigned sigh. “What gave it away?”

“I know Wally,” Artemis said, smirking. “He wouldn’t cheat on you.” There was a pause. “And you are such a little troll. Poor Wally."

Dick grinned sheepishly. “It couldn’t be helped. I have no intention of being grounded for life because I blew my ID to the entire team.”

Jason smirked at his brother—they were almost at eye level, despite the age difference. “Bruce might ground you anyway, since she found out.”

It might just be because Artemis was still in super-suspicious mode, but Artemis could have sworn that Jason had called Bruce Wayne—holy shit, Bruce Wayne was Batman—“Dad” earlier.

Artemis didn’t like complications. But it seemed like she was stumbling into a lot of them.


[Fill] A Minor Situation Part 11/?

Babs grinned. “Sorry to break up this interesting conversation,” she gestured to the door. “But your boyfriend is waiting for us.” She dashed out the door, with Dick hot on her heels.

Artemis glanced out the door, preparing to go herself. “You ready?” She asked Jason.

“Always,” the kid said with a confident grin. “But hey, could you help me with something?”

Artemis raised an eyebrow. “Depends…” she said cautiously.


Kaldur looked at Cass and Steph solemnly as they crouched outside of the preschool building. “Once Conner has distracted the guards, you are to stay down until we tell you that it is safe, do you understand?”

Cass tilted her head to one side, but nodded, while Steph simply smiled innocently. “Of course, Kaldur,” she said. “We’ll be good, won’t we Cass?”

Cass nodded, smiling widely.

Kaldur nodded at Conner, who scooped up Damian (who had refused to remain with his sisters in the bushes) and entered the tunnel that led into the building.

The preschool building was very small. It consisted of two large rooms, two bathrooms, and a small room that appeared to serve as a teacher’s lounge of sorts. All of the kids and the three teachers were huddled in one of the rooms, the teachers trying to keep twenty-nine preschoolers under control.

Despite Kaldur’s worries of there being a guard inside the preschool, the only guards were the four patrolling outside. They just needed to be distracted so that Kaldur and M’gann could take them out.

Damian squirmed in Conner’s arms. “Put me down,” he hissed. Surprised, Conner complied.

Moving into the midst of his fellow youngsters, Damian set to work. He bent over and whispered something into one little girl’s ear, causing her to burst out crying. He snatched one boy’s Flash action figure, shoved over a stack of blocks, kicked shins, and pulled hair.

Conner covered his sensitive ears, wincing at the resulting shriek. He hadn’t spent much time around children, and the noise of twenty-nine wailing toddlers was far too much for the Boy of Steel.
Damian, satisfied with his work, promptly sat down and joined his classmates in making as much noise as possible. The teachers desperately tried to silence the thirty four and three year olds, but to no avail.

Conner heard the guards coming, and he hoped that Kaldur and M’gann were ready to take out the guards now that they were distracted. He did not want to find out what he would do if he saw someone fire on children.


Kaldur slapped a hand over one of the guard’s mouths, preventing the criminal from crying out to alert his fellow guards. M’gann was doing to same thing to the second guard, but taking them out without powers was difficult. Kaldur cursed internally for allowing himself to forget that Artemis and Robin could only do this without powers because of years of practice and training.

There was a faint woosh in the air, and the third guard dropped like a stone. A second noise followed, and the final criminal collapsed. This time however, Kaldur noticed the source of the noise—a small, round rock tossed through the air, hitting the guard in the temple exactly. He looked over to the bushes, where he had left Cass and Steph.

Cass waved, a wide smile on her face as she held up another rock and gestured to him, as if asking for permission to knock the man who was struggling within Kaldur’s grip unconscious. Steph, next to her, gestured to M’gann.

Kaldur, still very confused, nodded, and Steph and Cass, in perfect synchronization threw the small stone projectiles through the air, nailing both of the men in the temples. Kaldur relaxed slightly as the man he was holding slumped unconscious in his grip.

Who were these children?

[Fill] A Minor Situation Part 12/?

“So let me get this straight,” Artemis said, looking at the smiling red head. “You want me to—”

“Yep,” Jason confirmed, not even allowing her to finish her sentence.

“And this somehow will help you guys figure out if Wally is good enough for Rob—Dick?”


“Is this one of those test thingies that Cass was telling me about?”

“Yep. We agreed to each test him individually,” Jason said, smirking.

Artemis raised an eyebrow. “So what happens if Wally passes?”

“Then one of the others gets to test him next!” Jason said promptly.

“And if he fails?”

“He gets to face the fury of five kids raised by Batman.”

“Why does that sound so terrifying?” Artemis asked, grabbing Jason’s hand as she tugged him into the hallway.

“Um… because at least two of those kids were raised by the League of Shadows?” Jason asked, running to keep up with her longer legs.

Artemis blinked as she pulled him into the tunnels. “Wait, what?”


Recovering from his momentary shock over Steph and Cass’s peculiar aiming abilities, he rushed inside, seeing three distraught teachers attempting to calm down thirty toddlers. Conner waded into their midst, clearing noting that the danger had passed, glowering down at them. “Quiet,” he said, using the same voice he had used on Damian earlier.

It was as if Conner had gained the ability to soothe wild animals—or more amazingly, children—in the stead of flight. The children gazed up at him, with wide, almost adoring eyes.

Now that they were silent, Kaldur turned to the teachers. “I am sorry for this, but the guards outside are disabled. If you can accompany me, I shall take you to an evacuation point.”

Conner led the way, with twenty nine toddlers following him like a string of ducklings following their mother, and Damian in his arms once again. The teachers followed as well, making sure that none of their charges wandered off. Noting their sharp, careful eyes, Kaldur wondered how exactly Damian had made an escape in the first place.

M’gann pushed aside the bushes and rocks that concealed the exit that would lead to the street where the police and terrified parents had gathered. “Everyone, through here quickly!” She whispered, ushering the children down the small hole, making sure that Damian was among them. The teachers squeezed through after the children, and M’gann moved the rocks that blocked the entrance back into place.

That’s when Kaldur noticed that somehow, even though he had seen Damian leave with the others, Damian was holding onto Conner’s pant leg, a scowl on his face as he looked up at Conner.

“Megan, please move the stones back,” Kaldur said, feeling the headache that always came when Robin and Kid Flash failed to listen to his plans coming on, “We must get Damian in the clear for his own safety—”

“No,” the little boy said, tightening his grip on Conner’s leg.

“I am sorry, but you must. Think of how worried your father will be—” Kaldur said, feeling ridiculous for trying to reason with a four year old.

The boy just scowled at him. “I’m staying. You can’t make me leave. I’ll scream if you do, and then all the guards will come, and then they’ll shoot you full of bullet holes—”

Rubbing his temples, Kaldur turned to Cass and Steph, “Perhaps you to should go and join the other children then—”

“If Damian’s not going, we’re not going!” Steph said flatly, crossing her arms and leveling a glare at him. “And anyways, we’re not kids!”

Cass nodded emphatically. “Want to help!”

Kaldur’s headache was definitely getting stronger.


“Aren’t you worried that your siblings will blow it?” Babs said, looking at Dick.

Dick shrugged in response. “Not really. I’ve never mentioned siblings to anyone but Wally, and so even if they show off a little, there’s no reason to connect five talented kids to Batman and Robin.”

“Artemis did,” Babs pointed out.

“Artemis also already knew Dick Grayson,” he replied. “And I’ve been dropping hints for her for ages. It just took until now for her to pick up on them. In the mind of the rest of the Team though, I’m just this shallow rich kid who Wally’s been dating.”

“… You do know you just jinxed it there, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

[Fill] A Minor Situation Part 13/?


Tim had the laptop precariously perched on his knees as Wally kept watch. The sixth grader’s fingers were a blur as he typed furiously, using Batfamily passcodes and hidden software systems in order to access the school’s elaborate security camera system.

“Okay, there are twelve guards in the elementary school,” Tim said, various angles of security footage flickering across the screen as he flipped through them rapidly. “And there are six of us.”

“Two for each then,” Wally said, smirking.

“Except that you can’t use your powers,” Jason said, peering in. “Hey Timmy, c’mon! Dick wants to have a look at the computer stuff. Hey Wally, can you distract Artemis for a bit?”

The last thing Wally wanted to do at the moment was to be stuck distracting the blond archer, who would doubtlessly interrogate him about the “cheating on Robin with Dick” misunderstanding.

“Thanks Wally!” Jason said before he could respond otherwise. “I’ll go get her!” His fellow redhead disappeared, and Tim got to his feet, unplugging the laptop.

“Wait!” Wally called, dashing to the door, but as it turns out, Dick wasn’t the only member of his family that could do the ninja thing. Jason was nowhere in sight. Groaning, he looked at Tim. “Why does this stuff always happen to me?”

Tim shrugged.

Artemis appeared, being propelled by Jason, who was holding her hand and dragging her along. “So why am I leaving you alone with Tim?”

“We’ll meet up with Dick and Babs, I promise!” Jason said. “Babs’ll text you when we get there!”

“She better,” Artemis threatened as the two adoptive Waynes disappeared into the hallway.

[Fill] A Minor Situation Part 14/?

“What’s this about?” Tim asked, crouching in the ceiling with Jason, accessing the security footage.

“Artemis figured out who Dick is, so I asked her to help me test Wally,” Jason replied, shrugging.

“She figured it out?” Tim parroted, eyes wide. “We’re dead!

We’re not, Dick is. And plus, remember Steph’s adoption plot? Artemis would’ve found out soon enough.”

“So you made up your mind?” Tim said, looking eager. Steph had already won him over to the cause completely. “You’ll help?”

“Already said I would,” Jason muttered, looking at the security footage, scowling. “But yeah, I think she’d be a pretty good sister. Not as good as Cass or Steph,” he said loyally, “But pretty good.”

Tim hid a grin. “So which test did you pick?”

“Number seventy-three,” Jason said, glad for the change of subject.

Seventy-three?” Timmy repeated. “Are you nuts?”

“Only as much as the rest of our family,” Jason said, grinning. “What’s the matter? Seventy-three was your idea.”

“I never thought you would use it!”

“Should’ve thought of that before you suggested it then!”

Suddenly, the brothers realized how loud they were being and shushed.

“It’s starting,” Jason said, leaning forward.

[Fill] A Minor Situation 15/?

“So how long have you been dating Dick?” Artemis asked, crossing her arms.

Wally tried to stand up tall. “None of your business!”

“You’ve been dating two of my friends for months, and you say it’s none of my business?” Artemis said, glaring.

“… well it’s not!”

“Great comeback, Baywatch,” Artemis said, rolling her eyes. She leaned against the wall, looking at him.

There was a long pause. “That complicated?” she asked, voice surprisingly gentle.

“Yeah,” Wally said, relieved that she'd dropped it. “Very.”

Artemis smiled at him in a manner that if Wally didn’t know better, he’d call flirtatious. But he did know better, so it must be something else. “So how long do you think Jason and Tim will take?” Artemis said, moving his face towards hers, still smiling that weird smile.

“No idea,” Wally said, moving her hand away. “It probably will take a while though…”

“No problem then,” Artemis said, smiling in the way that was almost definitely flirtatious, but that didn’t make sense, because she was Artemis and he was Wally, and he was dating

Artemis leaned in, and every single alarm went off in Wally’s head. He stumbled away, suddenly aware that Artemis had at one point pulled down her sweater, showing a lot more cleavage than before... “What are you doing?” he yelped.

“Trying to kiss you,” Artemis said, an odd look on her face.

“I’m dating Robin!” Wally said, voice oddly high-pitched.

And Dick,” Artemis replied, crossing her arms. “So what, you can cheat on Robin with Dick but not me?”

Wally sputtered, brain racing, attempting to come up with an excuse—any excuse—that could get him out of this situation besides “Robin is Dick, and he’s been screwing with you since school started just because he can.” Oh yes, that would go well. “It’s not like that!” he finally said, conscious of how bad that sounded.

Artemis advanced on him again, sticking out her arms and trapping him against the wall, unable to run away without knocking her down. “So what is it like then?” She leaned forward, but didn’t make to kiss him this time.

“Umm…” he floundered, very aware of the fact that her lips were an inch away from his.

Artemis suddenly smiled, letting her arms to fall to her sides as she leaned away. “Gottcha. Dick’s Robin, isn’t he?”

“What?” Wally’s voice broke. “How—”

Artemis laughed, pulling up her sweater. “Just thought I’d test the theory.”

That’s what that was about?” Wally’s voice was both relieved and indignant, and the sound of it seemed to amuse Artemis to no end.

Artemis laughed. “I would never do that to Robin.”

“So that whole…” he gestured oddly with his hands in a manner that apparently was supposed to detail the previous events, “Was to find out if Robin was Dick?”

“Yep,” Artemis said, turning away, an odd note in her voice that Wally couldn’t identify. “Oh look, here come the boys.”

“Did Babs text you?” Wally asked, oddly lightheaded.

“What?” Artemis asked.

“Y’know, text you that Jason and Tim found her and Dick.”

“Oh right,” Artemis said. “Yes, she did.”


Wally passed my test. Who's next? -Jason. Steph read on her phone.

Smirking, she typed her reply. Dibs! She put her hand in her pocket, fingering her weapon.

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[Fill] A Minor Situation 16/?

“Twelve guards,” Dick said, looking at the group around him, wondering how exactly he’d ended up with three red-heads in a group. “If we pick them off one by one, we ought to be able to take care of them easily enough.”

“Stick together, or go out on our own?” Artemis said, eying Jason and Tim. “Are they trained? For combat, that is?”

“Yep!” Jason said, grinning widely.

“Well, that’s something,” Artemis said. “Dick?”

“They’re good,” Dick said, a weird look on his face. “But I think we should stick in pairs, just so we can watch each other’s backs.”
Artemis nodded in agreement. “C’mon kid,” she told Jason. “Let’s see what you can do.”

The two walked off, and Wally and Dick met eyes. “Be careful,” Wally told Dick softly, grabbing his hand. “Please.”

“You too,” Dick said. “Look out for Tim please.”

Wally nodded, wondering why exactly he was so afraid—it wasn’t like he’d never been with Robin in even more dangerous situations before.

Maybe, he thought as he kissed Dick briefly, it was because it had been Robin that was in danger and not Dick.

“Watch him for me?” he muttered to Babs softly, blissfully unaware that Dick was asking the same of Tim.

“Sure,” Babs said grinning as she rolled up her sleeves, revealing twin batarangs concealed there. “I’ll look after him. Now go.”
Batman’s two partners looked at each other as Wally and Tim raced away to claim their four guards. “So when are Jason and Cass going out in the field?”

Dick shrugged. “I have no idea,” he said honestly. “They’re ready, but Bruce doesn’t think so I guess.”

“You were out early,” Babs said, pushing her hair out of her face. “Maybe he wants them to be more prepared when they do it?”

Dick frowned. “I’m not sure. I think he’s worried about them.”
Babs raised an eyebrow before pausing. “We should really have this discussion later.”

“Agreed,” Dick said, checking around the corner again. “Hey, we’ve got incoming!”

Babs smiled widely, handing Dick his backpack. “I’m so glad Mr. Miller gave us extra homework, aren’t you?”

A guard walked down the hallway, prepared for just about anything—except three tons of Chemistry and Pre-Calc homework, which what was promptly smacked in his face, courtesy of two high school freshmen and their backpacks.

“Out cold,” Dick reported, checking the guard’s pulse.

Babs pulled open one of the empty lockers. “Put him in here. I’ll stash the gun in the ceiling.”

Dick nodded in agreement, hauling the heavy man up and attempting to stuff the mook into the locker, feeling a bit like a stereotypical bully as he did so.

In the end, they had to remove the shelves to be able to fit the guard in the locker, and then they had to hide the shelves in another locker. Grabbing their backpacks, the duo set off to find their next victim.


“I hate having to improvise weapons,” Artemis grumbled, opening a cupboard in the cafeteria, searching for a pan or something. Locating a cast iron pan, she tested its weight, trying to decide if she could deliver a suitable concussion with it. “Think this will work?”

“Should do fine,” Jason said cheerfully, looking up from his own search. “Y’know…” he mused, “If we were at Gotham North, we’d be able to use the food to attack the guards.”

Artemis laughed, remembering years of school lunches at that place. “To bad we’re here then,” she said, watching as Jason went with a rolling pin for his weapon.

“Ah, the price we pay for education,” Jason said, attempting to sound worldly, and failing hilariously.

Artemis laughed. “You know, the security here sucks. I can’t believe we’re managing to have a conversation while there are armed guards patrolling the hallway.”

Jason shrugged. “They probably figured that everyone would be too scared to do anything.” He smirked widely. “After all, we’re all spoon-fed trust fund babies who’ve never been held hostage before.”

Artemis snorted. “Hasn’t the media nicknamed Dick the Boy Hostage?”

Jason laughed. “Haven’t heard that one,” he said, peeking over the counter. “Oh look! Company!”

“Why do I feel like I should make a food pun?” Artemis griped, clutching her frying pan.

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