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"Let me get this straight, Steve. You want to take in Superboy?"
"Great. I can see the headlines now: Captain America and Ironman Adopt Superman's Son. The media is going to have a field day with this, you know. Batman will go all Dark Knight on us, Superman'll throw a hissy fit even though he doesn't care, and we'll forever be in the Justice League's Top Five of their shitlist."
"You ready, then?"
"Hell yes."

Pre!Bereft. The Marvel and DC heroes live in the same universe, but have an agreement not to get involved with each other, don't communicate unless absolutely necessary, and don't join up on a mission unless it's an end of the world scenario.

Somehow, Captain America witnesses Superman's treatment towards Superboy and is shocked - the Avengers and Justice League are by no means on friendly terms, but Steve has always had respect for the Man of Steel. Telling himself it was probably just a bad day for Superman, he nonetheless is intrigued and spies keeps an eye on Superboy. To his disgust and horror, he finds that Superman has no intention of looking after his son, and that said son has anger and severe self-esteem issues. A 16 year old should not be basing the importance of his life on being a weapon and how useful he is in a fight, or stay cooped up like a prisoner because he has no real home to go to. And his teammates are kids themselves; how could they possibly look after Superboy like a guardian could?

Well, Cap has always wanted a son. He works on befriending Superboy, who's stand-offish at first because of obvious reasons, but finds himself basking in the man's sincere attention. The clone feels torn, wondering if being so friendly with a rival group is betrayal. As Steve Rogers, he gains temporary custody of Superboy, who finds out that Steve's Captain America, who starts training him. Yes, I want Steve and Tony to be SB's daddies. I refuse to be ashamed.

Steve and Tony are in a relationship (bottom!Tony)
Tony is a bit distant to SB at first, because he's afraid of being a crappy father like his own dad, but then gets better.
Superboy maybe becoming Captain America's sidekick/partner/whatever?
The other Avengers get involved.

Re: Unlikely adoption


I can totally see the rest of the Avengers telling Steve to put Conner back where he found him because they don't want to start a war with the Justice League because of Steve's bleeding heart. Mind you, I can also see Tony Stark being in friendly competition with one Bruce Wayne, who he doesn't know is Batman, and totally bragging about adopting Superboy, completely unaware that Bruce is behind the scenes organizing the adopting (he totally would to get back at Clark.)

And Conners conflict between the two teams is awesome!

Do not be ashamed for this prompt. Never ashamed!

Re: Unlikely adoption

*instant Head-canon.* <3

I could imagine all that, too.

Anyone notice that Superboy would actually look like their son? Steve with his blue eyes and Tony with his black hair?

Would it be narcissistic to fill my own prompt?

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And Superboy Makes Three - Prologue

Updates will be slow, so I encourage anyone else to fill this too ^_^



Tony Stark found that even as Steve Rogers adapted to the twenty-first century, he still clung onto many of his 1940s values. Steve had a crazy concept about how couples should act and Tony thought he put up with it pretty damn well when they started living together.

When Steve moved into the mansion, Tony found that things were becoming a little domesticated. Steve’s silly old fashion ways, really. Steve started cooking and dinner was set on the table promptly at six pm, Tony learned to be at dinner on time unless he wanted Steve to barge into his workshop and carry him out. Sometimes Tony was late on purpose. Breakfasts with coffee and discussions about the morning paper were mandatory. Nights that might have been spent out at parties were spent at home watching movies, Steve was kind of obsessed with movies and had seventy years worth of cinema to catch up on. When they did go out, they went dancing. Cuddling in bed and pillow talk happened on a regular basis. And they hosted pleasant dinner parties for their friends.

They were basically blissful newlyweds. All they needed were rings. Maybe Tony would have Pepper get started on that.

Tony enjoyed the domestic part. He liked the stability and warmth that Steve brought to his home. He’d never admit it, but he liked it. Until Steve started acting a bit weird, even for him.

It started out one evening during movie night. Steve had come home late, from Captain America business, and they curled up on the couch together. As the movie started Steve made a comment about helping the new mini Justice League and seeing Superman. That made Tony’s eye twitch. No man irked Tony more, including super villains, than Superman and Tony didn’t know why Steve respected him so much. Well, maybe he did, but still, Superman was a jerk. The only person who could pull off the wholesome image without seeming like a complete bastard was Steve Rogers, thank you very much. Ignoring the movie, Tony leaned over and nibbled on Steve’s ear and succeeded in distracting him for the rest of the evening.

After that though, Steve’s behavior began to change. He went out more often, which was fine, Tony wasn’t a jealous and territorial boyfriend, not at all. Steve began to ask Tony about his father Howard. Old family albums were pulled from their dusty shelves. Steve started spending more time in one of the empty guestrooms and looking at paint samples and furniture catalogs. Brochures for schools appeared. And finally, Tony found books about adoption and baby names hidden under Steve’s stack of sketchbooks (he wasn’t snooping, damn it, he was just concerned).

Pepper looked over Tony’s shoulder as he stood in shock, holding a book of baby names, and she smiled. An evil, terrible smile.

“Well, it looks like Steve wants to take domestic life to the next level,” she clicked her tongue and her smile widened.

Tony felt a little lightheaded. A baby. Steve wanted a baby. Steve wanted them to be a family. Picket white fence, flower print curtains over the kitchen windows, Sunday dinners, a dog, summer road trips and children. The American dream, from the 1940s at least. All Tony needed was a dress and a pair of heels.

Later, Tony found himself wishing that was all Steve wanted.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 2a

I'm mostly using movie!verse for Marvel, but don't be surprised if I throw in some comic!verse too (hope it's ok!)



Steve replayed the incident between Superman and Superboy again and again in his mind. It bothered him greatly. Even though Nick Fury told him to stay away, Steve gathered all the information he could on Superboy and Young Justice. He was glad that Tony kept such extensive records on the Justice League and taught him how to use the computer to access them, even if he was still slow at it.

Steve found out that Superboy was the clone of Superman, created by Cadmus. Superman had a son and if Steve had known earlier he would have sent a card. He figured that what he saw was some father and son fight, sometimes kids and parents just didn’t get along. Steve’s own father died when he was still young, so he casually asked Tony about Howard as a father. All that got him was a few grumbles and Tony walking briskly away to his workshop and he didn’t come out until Steve slung him over his shoulder to force him to come upstairs for dinner.

Finally Steve just decided to let the incident go, but to keep his eyes open for anything unusual.

Two weeks after he first met Superboy, Steve and Tony had to go to Metropolis. There was a meeting with Lex Luthor that Tony Stark couldn’t avoid, no matter much he loathed the man. Tony told him he didn’t have to come, but Steve didn’t listen. Tony could take care of himself and Pepper was always ready for action, but that didn’t mean that Steve was going to stay at home keeping dinner warm. Even if Captain America wasn’t allowed inside of LexCorp’s headquarters, he could still keep an eye out for anything unusual.

So Steve went to Metropolis, donned his costume and watched as Tony and Pepper entered LexCorp from a distance. Standing on the rooftop of an adjacent building, Captain America heard the shuffle of feet in the darkness and he spun around, raised his shield, ready to throw it, but stayed his arm. It was the mini Justice League, as Tony liked to call them. All of them were there and Captain America took a discreet look at Superboy, who hung at the back of the group, his arms crossed.

“We really need to stop meeting like this, Cap,” Robin said with an easy grin.

“Aw man, I need to start bringing my comic books with me on missions,” Kid Flash whined.

Aqualad was not so casual. “Captain America, may we ask as to why you are here? It is rare for the Avengers to come into Metropolis.”

Normally he would never discuss the details of a mission with the League, it was protocol, but these were kids and he wasn’t really on a mission. And it wasn’t a secret that Tony Stark was in Metropolis. “I’m just here as a favor to Mr. Stark, it never hurts to have a little extra security.”

“That is a wise decision considering who he is meeting with.” Aqualad’s gaze rested on the LexCorp building.

“And what is your team doing here?”

“Both Mr. Luthor and Mr. Stark are high profile targets, we are here to make sure nothing happens to them.”

There was more to their mission, Captain America knew that much, but he also knew they wouldn’t harm Tony. So he pointed to some of the other buildings. “There are some good vantage points over there, especially for your long range fighters.” Captain America paused and felt his face flush. These weren’t his troops, they weren’t even a part of SHIELD or the Avengers. “Of course, I’m sure you have your own plan.”

“We will take your advice into consideration.” There was a small smirk on Aqualad’s face and Captain America felt better.

The teens dispersed, but the girls hesitated and then approached him. A magazine that had been previously stuffed in Artemis’s quiver was thrust in his direction. It was opened to a picture of him roughed up a bit, uniform torn, with Iron Man supporting his weight, arms protectively around Captain America. Under the photo was a caption that read ‘Teammates or More? – Iron Man saves Captain America and holds him in an intimate embrace.’ Steve was very familiar with that photo, Tony had it framed, even as Tony told to the press that he and Captain America were just friends and teammates. After all, Tony Stark was in a committed relationship with Steve Rogers.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 3a

Finished this a lot sooner than I anticipated. Also, I have a distinct feeling that this is going to be a long fill. Enjoy!



The next time Steve saw Superboy and Superman he was Steve Rogers, not Captain America.

A week after their uneventful trip to Metropolis, he and Tony were in Gotham. There was some big party being thrown by Brue Wayne in one of the fanciest hotels Steve had ever seen. It was some charity event or at least that’s what Steve thought, charity was usually the excuse for large gatherings amongst the rich. Steve didn’t go to parties very often, he felt terribly out of place and it was hard for him to field questions from people wanting to know more about Tony Stark’s latest conquest. While Tony’s identity as Iron Man was public knowledge, no one outside of the Avengers and certain members of SHIELD knew that Steve was Captain America. Because of that, it was hard for Steve to explain to people within Tony’s social circle why a billionaire was interested in an unknown artist beyond his looks.

At the party Tony had to mingle with his business connections, leaving Steve behind with Pepper. He thought that Steve would be more comfortable with Pepper and Steve was happy for the consideration, because he’d much rather stay at Pepper’s side than to be leered at by strangers. So Steve stuck close to Pepper, who indulged him in several dances and he was so proud that he didn’t step on her five hundred dollar shoes.

After less than an hour, Tony made his way back to Steve and Pepper with a couple drinks in him to numb himself to the inane chatter of Gotham’s social elite. He immediately linked arms with Steve and leaned his head against Steve’s broad shoulder. “Let’s get out of here. There’s a great burger place you’ll love, we’ll have dinner there and then we’ll spend the rest our time in Gotham naked in our hotel room.”

Pepper didn’t even blink at the comment and took out her phone, ready to call for the car.

“Tony, I hope you weren’t planning on escaping.” Bruce Wayne approached them and blocking Tony’s escape route. “I don’t think I’m that boring.”

“Bruce, you are never boring, but you need to invite better people next time or spend all of your time entertaining me,” Tony waved his hand and snagged a glass of champagne from a server. He smirked at Steve from over his glass, “I have better things I could be doing right now.”

“Lois Lane is here.”

“Oh? Is she?” That caught Tony’s attention right away.

“She brought Kent with her,” Bruce added and Tony sighed dramatically.

Steve was interested, he wanted to meet more of Tony’s friends, but Tony just shook his head. “Lois is ready to tear me a new one for blowing off my interview with her when we were in Metropolis and her boyfriend, Clark Kent, is an idiot who’d bore even you to tears, Steve.”

Steve frowned. “That’s not very nice of you, Tony, I’m sure Mr. Kent is a very interesting man. And you shouldn’t have stood up Miss Lane like that, it isn’t proper.”

“I stand by my statement about Kent, but I’ll make it up to Lois, I swear. Pepper, send Lois something nice.”

Pepper rolled her eyes. “I sent something before you even left for Metropolis.”

Bruce followed the exchange with amusement and studied Steve as Tony and Pepper bickered, Tony seemed insulted that Pepper predicted that he would stand Lois Lane up. Tony noticed Bruce’s gaze on Steve. “Oh, I haven’t introduced you two yet. Stevie, darling, this is Bruce Wayne, a friend and business associate. Bruce, this is Steve Rogers, the man that I’m madly in love with.”

Steve held out his hand to Bruce and was surprised by his firm grip. “It’s a pleasure, Mr. Wayne.”

“The pleasure is all mine and please, call me Bruce.” Bruce didn’t let go of Steve’s hand and instead placed his free hand on Steve’s shoulder. Blue eyes deliberately examined all of Steve’s features. “The pleasure is certainly all mine.”

Before Steve could become flustered and before Tony could become jealous, a loud explosion surprised them all. There was now a hole in the wall of the ballroom and there were men with guns, led by Two Face. At some point during the commotion Bruce Wayne had disappeared, causing Steve some concern over the man’s safety.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 4a

Another part out in a reasonable amount of time! Also, a reminder that this takes place before the episode Bereft.



“Here is all of SHIELD’s information on Young Justice,” Natasha held out several folders to Steve, who accepted them gratefully and thanked her thoroughly. “You know, Tony could have easily gotten this for you.”

“I know, but Tony’s been busy and I don’t want to bother him.” Technically that wasn’t a lie, but Steve also didn’t want to make Tony worry by telling him about his little investigation.

“Like Tony could ever say no to you.” Natasha smirked at him. “Why do you want know about the Justice League sidekick club anyway?”

Steve tried to act casual. “I’ve run into them a few times in the last month, I thought it would be good to know what they can do.”

“Makes sense, they were in both Metropolis and Gotham when Tony was. Do you think the League is watching Iron Man?”

The thought had honestly never passed through Steve’s head, but now that it had been introduced he couldn’t rule it out as a possibility. Not that he was suspicious of the kids, they were a good bunch, but he wouldn’t put it past the Justice League. And it would give him a good excuse to look into their group a little more without drawing attention to himself. If he found anything that might be a concern to Tony, then he’d bring it to light, and if not, then he could still dig deeper into Superboy and Superman’s relationship or lack thereof.

“I just want to be informed.” Steve made sure to use his protective tone of voice. It was usually the tone he used when Tony wasn’t taking care of himself or had one too many drinks.

“Uh-huh,” Natasha raised an eyebrow and he knew that his ruse worked. “Well, make sure you don’t step on the League’s toes while you’re marking your territory, Steve.”

Steve frowned and furrowed his brow. “I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or make anyone upset.”

“Of course you don’t.” Natasha reached up and patted his cheek good naturedly. “Now go home and use your cute little bashful looks on Tony.”

Steve thanked Natasha again and did as she said. Well, he went home at least. He went up to the room that he had setup to be his art studio and office, sat behind the antique, solid oak desk Tony bought him and started looking through the files. Tony had extensive records on the Justice League, but SHIELD’s was more thorough. Tony’s information was mostly about their abilities and powers, anything to gain an advantage during a fight, but SHIELD’s records were almost like a biography and it looked like Natasha was able to get her hands on some classified information. Such as the location of Young Justice’s base, not that something like a mountain base could be kept from SHIELD. Or like a supposedly secret giant space station orbiting the Earth. Even Steve knew that was less than subtle, though he thought it was really cool.

Tipping back in his chair, Steve was concerned over the fact that apparently two of the members of Young Justice lived at the base, Miss Martian and Superboy. From SHIELD’s report Red Tornado lived there as well. Red Tornado was a valiant hero, Steve had no doubt about that, but he wondered what kind of parent the android was. He wasn’t terribly worried about Miss Martian, she was the Martian Manhunter’s niece and the Martian Manhunter had been observed visiting the base several times a week. And Miss Martian seemed like a well adjusted young lady, who always had a large smile on her face. But there were no observations of Superman visiting the base and Superboy did not make regular tips into Metropolis. And from the reports he saw from Metropolis, any interaction between Superboy and Superman consisted of Superboy trying to help Superman and then Superman hastily leaving once everything was over.

Steve closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. Miss Martian always smiled, Superboy never did.

Going back to the files, it looked like Superboy patrolled Happy Harbor when he wasn’t on missions. There was a low level SHIELD facility not far from there, probably Fury’s way of telling the League that yeah, they knew that the League had a base there. The facility would be a good excuse for Captain America to be in the area.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 5a


Superboy thought it’d be best to ask Robin about Captain America. Captain America was a part of the Avengers and the Avengers and the Justice League were not on speaking terms, but looked like the Captain had forgotten about that and it confused Superboy greatly. If anyone knew what was going on, it was Robin. He cornered the Boy Wonder in the kitchen, where he and Wally were making a snack. Wally sounded like he knew a lot about Captain America, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask him too.

“What do you two know about Captain America?”

Robin lifted an eyebrow, but Wally spoke up before he could say anything. “You’re interested in the Captain?” Wally sounded eager. “Let me get my comic books!” And he zipped out of the kitchen.

Robin laughed at their friend and tilted his head to the side. “You probably know as much as I do. He’s a war hero from World War II.”

“And he punched Nazis in the face!” Wally added as he came back into the kitchen and gave Superboy his comics.

“He was in a plane that went down in the Arctic during the war and was frozen there until SHIELD found him over a year ago.”

Superboy frowned, he already knew all of that.

“I wish someone like Batman had found him,” Wally pouted, “then Captain America would’ve been a part of the Justice League!”

“What do you mean by that?” Superboy’s frown deepened. Was Captain America forced to work for SHIELD just because they found him? For some reason that thought made Superboy angry.

“Captain America is devoted to his team, but he just wants to fight for freedom and justice and all that kind of stuff. He probably would’ve joined the League if we had found him,” Robin explained. “He’s the kind of guy who wants us all to play nice and fight together for the greater good, must be a military thing.”

“Or an awesome Captain America thing,” Wally said, his arms flailing about. “That’s why he helped us out with Grundy. Because he’s awesome like that.”

Considering what Captain America told him before, Superboy wasn’t terribly surprised about the Captain’s optimism over working together. “Everyone seems to like him,” he observed. “Unlike the rest of the Avengers.”

“Well, yeah,” Robin gave him a lopsided smile, “because we all grew up learning about Captain America in school and all of a sudden he’s back. And the first thing he did was help the Avengers save the world.”

“And how can you dislike a guy who punched Nazis in the face?” Wally was in the middle of the kind of hero worship that usually only came up when he talked about the Flash. “Even if he is an Avenger it’d be unpatriotic to dislike Captain America. And the guy gave us autographs! Did you see the magazine he signed for Artemis and Megan? If you asked Batman and Superman to sign a photo that made them look like a couple you’d be dead, but Cap signed it without blinking. Nothing bothers Cap.”

“Does anyone know his civilian id?” Superboy asked.

“No,” Robin shook his head. “From what I’ve heard, they pretty much keep him cooped up at SHIELD’s HQ in New York.”

Hearing Robin say that he was kept hidden away in SHIELD’s headquarters made Superboy feel oddly sympathetic. Superboy looked down at the stack of comic books in his hands and stared down at the stylized picture of Captain America heroically charging alone towards a group of Nazis. It was hard to imagine someone like Captain America, a genuine hero according to Wally and Robin, running around with a group of loose cannons like the Avengers.

Wally grabbed one of the comics from the stack and held it up to Superboy. The cover had a picture of Captain America and the first Flash fighting together on the frontlines of the war. “This one is my favorite! Man, how awesome would it be if Cap and the first Flash really did fight together?”

Robin looked at the stack and snatched one that had Captain America with a teenage sidekick. “I like this one, though from what I’ve learned Sergeant Barnes was actually the same age as Captain America, if not older.”

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 6a


Superboy stopped as he passed by the kitchen and Megan’s voice softly called out to him.

“Going out again, Conner?” Megan asked as she pulled her lasagna out of the oven. Megan and the team had taken a liking to his new name, taking every opportunity to use it. They seemed to like it more than he did.

“Yeah.” He felt guilty when he saw all the food she made, knowing that she’d be eating it by herself.

“Ok,” she said cheerfully. “Kaldur is coming by soon, I think he’s spending the night, so you won’t miss him.”

That made him feel better and the guilt in him eased. “Good. I shouldn’t be out long.” He moved to leave.


He stopped again.

“I don’t know what …” Megan trailed off and Conner tensed. “I just wanted to say that you seem happier lately,” she tried again and a smile formed on her lips, “and I’m really glad.”

“Uh, yeah.” Conner hurried along, grabbing his jacket as he left the confines of the cave.

Superboy went out to the SHIELD facility, staying well out of sight from the guards, waiting for Captain America to come out. This time Captain America had mentioned something about Italian food, the man enjoyed trying new restaurants a little too much. Maybe next time Conner would bring something Megan made, he didn’t know how much home cooking the older man got and he might appreciate the change.

They had met a few times after Conner had chosen a name, eating together each time and one time Captain America had brought a Frisbee with an eager grin. It had been an interesting game, the man had excellent aim and Superboy had a lot of super strength to spare. They stopped when they accidently knocked down a tree and the next time they met they planted a new one in its place at the older hero’s insistence. And when Captain America realized that Superboy wasn’t really one for talking or for answering questions about himself, the older man started telling Superboy stories from the war. Conner found himself listening eagerly as Captain America told him tales of the brave Sergeant Barnes, the brilliant Dr. Abraham Erskine, the fearless Howling Commandos, the tough Colonel Philips and the strong Agent Carter.

Captain America was consistent, a solid presence in Superboy’s life. But it was beginning to dig into Conner that he was spending time with an Avenger. Even if Captain America was a hero to the entire country, if not the world, he was still a part of the Avengers and the last time Superboy checked, the Avengers and the Justice League didn’t play together. He wasn’t sure what his friends would think of it, besides Wally being jealous, and he knew Batman’s head would explode from paranoia and anger. Superman probably wouldn’t even be able to look at him. But Superboy wasn’t one to let others tell him what to do, even if meeting with the Captain tugged on his conscious.

Shaking off those thoughts, Conner watched out for Captain America and wondered idly if the Captain would finish his story about his first mission with the Howling Commandos. An hour crept beyond their agreed meeting time and he became progressively more frustrated as he stood in the darkness. Another half hour passed and Conner left in a huff, feeling like an idiot and returning to the cave angrier than he had been in a long time. He shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up, he shouldn’t have been risking his loyalty with the team for someone who would abandon him like Superman. It had been too good to be true.

As he stomped past the living room, Megan waved at him, catching his attention. Both she and Kaldur had been sitting on the couch and she watching the TV intently, which wasn’t unusual. But when Conner looked at the TV, Megan’s usual shows weren’t on, instead it was live coverage of an attack on LA by several robots and the Avengers were in action. Superboy barely had time to process what he was watching when Wally came racing into the cave, throwing himself on the couch to watch what was happening. Not long after Wally, Robin and Artemis appeared.

“Are those Iron Men?” Artemis leaned in closer to the screen. “I mean, they look like really bad copies of Iron Man.”

“Do we have any info about what’s going on?” Wally asked.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 7a


Steve stared at the mostly empty guestroom. It had the bare essentials of a bedroom, a bed, a nightstand and a closet, but it was unoccupied. There were no personal touches and while it was bright with plenty of natural light, there was no color to the room. The only person who ever used it was Thor when the God of Thunder had too much to drink and Steve had to haul him upstairs to sleep it off or risk the wrath of Jane Foster.

Holding up the paint samples in his hand, Steve frowned. Dark blue would make the room look too drab, but the light blue would make the room look too much like a nursery. Red might be a better option. He held up the red samples and wondered if they would be too bold. He was good at painting and drawing, but somehow interior decorating was just beyond his grasp. Maybe if he sketched how he wanted the room to look like he’d have a better idea about which colors to use. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Steve opened up the IKEA catalog he picked up earlier. He might be having a hard time picking paint colors for the room, but he had some good ideas for furniture choices.

“Did you seriously bring an IKEA catalog into the mansion!?” Tony all but screeched.

Steve blinked, staring at Tony, who was standing in the open doorway. “The lady at Home Depot told me that IKEA had good quality furniture for reasonable prices and all I have to do is assemble the furniture.”

“You went to Home Depot?”

“To get paint samples.”

“You want to use paint from Home Depot and furniture from IKEA in our home?”

“Yes.” Steve didn’t think his catalog and paint samples were that bad, but this was Tony, who wouldn’t let Steve stock up on food because it was on sale or buy his clothes from Sears.

Tony rubbed his face and sighed. “And why are you suddenly interested in home design?”

“This room is plain, it’s boring.”

“Uh-huh. Ok, I need to talk to Fury about getting you back on active duty, you obviously don’t have enough to do.”

“I have plenty to do.” Steve stuck out his bottom lip, even though he was getting rather restless while on medical leave and most of his injuries were healed.

Tony threw his hands up into the air. “And don’t you dare buy anything from IKEA or let Home Depot paint touch these walls, I’ll get you real furniture and paint.”

Tony disappeared from the room and Steve just shook his head. He was used to Tony’s eccentric ways. Before it used to make him angry because he didn’t understand, then it worried him, and now Steve was more concerned when Tony wasn’t acting eccentric.

He went to his office and took out a sketchbook, but his mind began to wander as he worked on the outline of the room. Steve had started redecorating the guestroom with Conner in mind. The more he learned about Conner, the more Steve wanted to do for him. Somehow visits into Happy Harbor and talking didn’t feel like enough to Steve, not when the boy was sitting around in a mountain, waiting for a new mission to get him out and about.

Conner had his friends and Miss Martian lived with him, but they were all kids. Steve remembered growing up, his mother working long hours before she died and his father had passed on when he was young, and Bucky had a similar home life too, leaving them to their own devices. It left Bucky to raise and protect Steve. They obviously both turned out ok, but they missed something without their parents. Conner had a parent though. A parent who for as far as Steve could tell wanted nothing to do with him. To Steve the Martian Manhunter acted more human and more like a father towards his niece than Superman, raised on this planet, did to Conner.

And preparing the room might just be a good idea to have a place for Conner in case he took Steve up on his offer. A place that he could come to and feel at home. A place that had some life to it, where light could come in and there were always people who cared. A home was an important place to have and Conner needed one.

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And Superboy Makes Three - Part 8a

Might be a little awhile until the next part >.< I hope you all are still enjoying this!


“This is a great book on adoption,” the kindly saleswoman told Steve, holding the book out to him. “A lot of couples who have adopted kids said this really helped them out. And this one is another good book, especially if you plan on adopting older kids.”

He accepted the books, whispering a thank you as he took them. The saleswoman kept looking at his face, which he tried to hide with his lovingly worn Dodgers baseball cap. Steve Rogers wasn’t nearly as famous as Captain America, but his current relationship with Tony Stark did put him in the limelight. Taking the books, Steve purchased them and grabbed some pamphlets on local private high schools.

Checking his watch as he left the bookstore, Steve started to pick up his pace a bit. He had an important lunch date that day and if he didn’t hurry he’d be late. The restaurant he stepped into was a nice one, but it wasn’t the kind that Tony would usually drag Steve out to, which was why Steve agreed to meet Bruce Wayne there. He took the time to take off his baseball cap, throwing it into his bag, and ran a hand through his hair. He hoped he looked semi presentable in his slacks, button up shirt and brown leather jacket.

The host looked at him with suspicion when Steve told him that he was there to meet with Bruce Wayne. Thankfully Bruce spotted him and led him to his table in a secluded corner of the restaurant. To felt a little too intimate to Steve’s sensibilities for a casual lunch and it didn’t make things better when Bruce helped him out of his jacket, draping it over the chair he had politely pulled out for Steve. Now he knew how Tony felt when he griped about his masculinity when Steve did the same things for him.

Steve sat straight up in his chair and tried not to fiddle with the tablecloth. “Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Wayne, I know you’re rather busy while you’re here in New York.”

“It’s my pleasure, Steve, and for the last time my name is Bruce.” Bruce smirked at Steve’s manners. “Trust me, you’re better company than my business partners and you make less of a scene than Tony.”

“I usually try to prevent those scenes,” Steve sighed. “But you know how Tony is.”

“Unfortunately, yes. At least he’s calmed down a bit after he started seeing you, I regret ever discouraging him from pursuing you.” Steve’s eyes went wide, but Bruce held up a hand in his defense, “Tony pursued you for almost six months, it was basically harassment, and I was afraid you would have him arrested for stalking. Which would have been completely justified.”

Steve relaxed and smiled sheepishly. His and Tony’s friendship was rocky at the start. Tony had irritated a newly woken up Steve to no end, though Tony claimed it was love at first sight for him. Most likely lust. And as they slowly became friends, Steve had been completely unaware of Tony’s intentions, though Natasha said that it was the most obvious thing in the world. Even when Tony made it clear that he wanted to be with Steve, he had been resistant as Steve had been more worried about the team and their working relationship than a romantic one. Then Tony showed up at his apartment window in his Iron Man suit, holding up a pair of dancing shoes and reservations for dancing lessons for two for the next month. Steve said yes.

“Thankfully it didn’t come to that, though I did have a lot of friends threatening to do something like that,” Steve replied with a laugh. Fortunately Natasha waving her gun in Tony’s face did little to deter him. Bruce and Steve made small talk, ordering their lunches, and once the waiter disappeared, Steve leaned forward in chair and stated, “So, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.”

Bruce had been expecting this. “I’m assuming it’s not about business.”

“No,” Steve shook his head, “it’s kind of personal and I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t mention this to Tony.”

Bruce lifted an eyebrow and after a pause nodded in agreement.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 9a


With one short sentence, Steve managed to kill Tony’s train of thoughts and render him speechless.

“I want to adopt Superboy.”

After thirty seconds of a blank mind, Tony’s brain kicked into high gear, retracing the steps of when he found out that Steve wanted a family. It was only a few days ago, he was in his workshop, tinkering with glove of his suit when Steve came in.

“I’m going out, don’t wait up.” Steve gave Tony a kiss. “And if you’re still in the workshop when I get back I’ll personally make sure that you’re in bed promptly at nine pm for the rest of the week.”

“That’s not much of a threat, Cap, especially if you come to bed with me,” Tony murmured, leaning closer to Steve. “Anything I can do to make you stay?”

“Maybe, but the fact that your doohickey over there is on fire doesn’t help your cause.”

Tony spun around and groaned loudly when Dummy failed to put out the fire and had to do it himself. “Bye, Stevie, my love. I’ll be naked and in bed when you get home, scout’s honor!”

Steve pressed a kiss on Tony’s cheek and left the workshop. Tony waited for a few moments before he let out a sigh, wondering about how much Steve went out these days. Not that Steve was a kept man, he had friends, took up commissions to do freelance artwork, worked with SHIELD and the Avengers, he had a life outside of Tony. But Steve was suddenly gone more often, working at the SHIELD facility in Happy Harbor. Normally Tony would assume that his partner was cheating on him, but this was Steve. Captain America could deceive the enemy with his brilliant tactical mind, but when it came to Tony, Steve couldn’t keep a straight face when he ate the last of Tony’s cereal. It had to be something else to his change in behavior and routine.

Tony slowly made his way upstairs after Steve left, slipping into Steve’s office and art studio to find something that would give him a clue about Steve’s odd behavior. When he gaze landed on the desk, he noticed a couple of books under a stack of sketchbooks. Tony grabbed them and almost dropped the books once he picked them up. They were books on adoption and baby names. Steve had books on adoption and baby names. Tony didn’t know how long he stood there, staring at the book of baby names. He hardly noticed when Pepper came into the room, looking for him. Apparently he missed a meeting with her or something.

“This is where you went,” she said. “What is this?” Pepper peered over his shoulder.

“It’s Steve’s.” Tony sounded oddly detached from reality.

“Well, it looks like Steve wants to take domestic life to the next level,” Pepper’s voice was light, like she knew something he didn’t, and it was filled with pure evil.

“What am I going to do?” Tony started to panic. “Steve wants a kid.”

“The only thing any man can do,” Pepper answered firmly. “You’re going to marry your boyfriend and adopt a baby with him.”



“Wait, why am I marrying Steve?”

Pepper gave him a look of disbelief. “You mean besides the fact that you two are madly in love and he’s absolutely perfect and you two act like married couple already?” Tony nodded. “Because the man is from the forties. Do you really think Steve will have a kid with you without him getting down on one knee in front of you with a diamond ring and serenading you with love songs?”



That night Tony laid in his bed and thought about the books he found. At first he rejected the idea of doing anything so domestic, despite what Pepper insisted. But then he thought about having a little kid who looked like Steve and had Tony’s brains. A child who had Steve’s courage and Tony’s charm. A tiny boy or girl who Steve would carry around in one strong arm with his or her little head cradled on Steve’s broad shoulder.

And when Steve came home, slipping into their bed with a smile and his blue eyes bright, Tony knew. Yeah, he could totally do the domestic family thing as long as it was with Steve.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 10a

Long chapter is long and the plot finally moves forward!



“I don’t care if he’s an Avenger, it’s like the Royal Wedding, I have to keep track of it!” Artemis claimed as she tore the remote from Conner’s hand and changed the channel. On the TV screen was the current news coverage of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers’s upcoming wedding, along with a replay of the proposal.

“Oh, I love this! It’s so cute!” Megan sat down next to Artemis as she watched the proposal for the hundredth time.

It was a video from someone’s cell phone of the couple dancing at a garden party thrown by fashion designer Janet Van Dyne when all of a sudden fireworks were launched into the air. The guests of the party all stopped to watch, including Steve Rogers, who turned his head towards Tony Stark and found his boyfriend down on one knee with a small box in his hand. Rogers went red before giving an enthusiastic yes and pulling Stark to his feet and dipping him down for a Hollywood style kiss.

Stark laughed loudly when Rogers literally swept him off his feet and Stark proclaimed, “Pepper, I’m going to be the prettiest bride there ever was!”

“You are not going to wear white!” Pepper Potts’s disembodied voice told him.

“Oh yes I am!” Stark yelled back and that was the end of video.

“If you had never saved Steve Rogers we wouldn’t have to put up with this,” Wally said to Conner. Conner wasn’t sure why Wally was complaining though, he remembered not too long ago Wally commenting on how good looking Steve Rogers was, which had earned the speedster a glare from Red Arrow.

“Just because you don’t know anything about romance doesn’t mean the world should be deprived of it!” Artemis glared and then indulged herself in watching the latest interview with Tony Stark about the wedding. Steve Rogers was absent from almost all of the interviews, but Stark was eating up the attention and rattled on about how many superheroes and celebrities that were invited to the wedding.

“I heard that they were already secretly married, because Mr. Rogers is such a romantic and private man and Mr. Stark just can’t say no to him,” Megan gushed.

Artemis shrugged at the rumor. “I don’t care when they officially got married as long as I still get to see Steve Rogers in a tux. Iron Man is annoying, but he’s cute and his boyfriend is hot.”

“Seriously man, we have to put up with this for god knows how long!” Wally waved his hands about in outrage. He paused and grinned, “Maybe instead of throwing a bouquet they’ll throw Thor’s hammer or Cap’s shield.”

“I somehow doubt that,” Kaldur murmured with a small smile.

Conner just sighed. Despite Wally’s griping and the media frenzy around the couple, he was happy that he saved Steve Rogers’s life, remembering the praise and gifts he received with some pride. Stark and Rogers were the friends of Captain America, if the Captain approved of them, then they couldn’t be that bad. And Conner vividly remembered the grateful smile on Steve Rogers’s face and the compliments that came so easily from both him and Iron Man.

The only drawback, beyond Artemis and Megan’s constant watching of news coverage of the upcoming wedding, was that it seemed to occupy Captain America’s time. The older hero still made time for Superboy, their routine of grabbing takeout wasn’t interrupted, but Conner could tell something was on his mind. When Conner asked about it, the Captain just gave Superboy a tired smile and said that he was helping with security for the event and even as a close friend of Tony Stark, the man was frankly driving him up the wall.

It shouldn’t bother him, Conner reasoned, Stark wasn’t cutting into his time with Captain America, but the man was obviously tired. And oddly happy.

Conner looked up as Robin snuck into the room and the young teen silently gestured for Superboy to follow him. Curious about what the other boy wanted, Conner got up and left with Robin, his departure doing little to rouse the attention of his friends, they were used to Conner coming and going.

Once they were out of hearing range of the others, Robin told Conner quietly, “Batman wants to see you.”

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 11a


Conner’s welcome to Tony Stark’s mansion early Saturday morning was a blissfully quiet one. From everything Superboy knew, Stark had a flair for the dramatic or explosive. But when Conner arrived at the mansion with his bag slung over his shoulder and his friends standing with him, there was only Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts to greet them. Rogers was all smiles, giving Conner a hug and happily shaking the hands of all of his friends as he made introductions and took Superboy’s duffle bag for him. Miss Potts also gave Conner a quick hug and she kept looking over the teenagers’ heads, searching for something. Stark didn’t hug Conner, but he slung his arm around the teen’s shoulders briefly.

Once everyone was ushered inside, Miss Potts turned to the group and the corners of her mouth tugged downward. “The Justice League told us they’d provide you with an escort to New York.”

“That’s what we’re here for,” Wally answered. He and Artemis didn’t bother with masks or disguises, neither were overly worried about their identities as they were unknown teens.

“Black Canary was going to come with us, but she was called away by the League,” Kaldur explained.

“And bringing Red Tornado would just be asking for the media to swamp us. By the way, good job drawing the press away with Miss Van Dyne’s revealing the design for your dress for the wedding,” Robin said. Robin, unlike Wally and Artemis, had his sunglasses on, plus a hat with the bill tucked low over his face.

“We try to take these things into consideration and plan for unexpected mishaps,” Miss Potts said and made a note in her PDA.

“I’m happy that all of you were able to accompany Conner so he wouldn’t have to come alone.” Rogers sounded far too cheerful for a man who had six teenagers in his home. “You kids are always welcome to come by to visit.” He glanced over at Stark expectantly.

“Oh yeah, uh, the door is always open. Our home is your home. Come whenever you want, except for when the door closed and there’s a tie on the doorknob,” Stark chattered on until Miss Potts glared at him. Stark cleared his throat and gave Miss Potts an apologetic pout. “Anyway, let’s give you kids the grand tour of the mansion.”

Conner hung in the back of the group as Stark showed them around, with Rogers following at his side. His friends looked around with wide eyed fascination, except for Robin, who seemed almost bored by the tour until Stark gave them a glimpse of his workshop. Spotting half finished prototypes and pieces of the Iron Man armor, Robin tried to worm his way to the workbench, but Kaldur had the sense to stop him. While Stark gave Robin a wary stare, Rogers chuckled good naturedly. Nothing seemed to bother that man.

Wally grinned widely at Conner as they passed through a well stocked kitchen and into a living room with a TV that put the one in the cave to shame. “I’m going visit you every day, Supey.”

Artemis, sneaking a glance at Steve Roger’s ass, nodded in agreement. “Mm, yeah, this mansion has some better … assets than our base.”

“And Mr. Stark, Mr. Rogers and Miss Potts have been really nice and welcoming,” Megan said.

Conner bit back a remark about them not getting too comfortable. As impressive as the mansion was, Superboy wasn’t planning on staying. He made a promise to Captain America to give Stark and Rogers a week, but he already knew that by next Saturday he was going to pack up his bag and go back to Mount Justice. He was a part of the Justice League, he reminded himself, not the Avengers. He was just grateful that the team had taken the whole being friends with Captain America in stride. Mostly they were hurt that he didn’t tell them about the Captain, but they had quickly forgiven Superboy and proceeded to bombard him with questions about the Avenger. And the team had the utmost confidence that Batman would be able to get Superboy out of Stark and Rogers’s custody and back to Mount Justice in no time.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 12a


After managing to get a few hours of sleep and calling Happy to come and take Pepper home, Steve was surprised to find Conner already awake in the early hours of the morning. The teen was just sitting in the kitchen, not doing anything, so Steve started making breakfast. Steve moved around the kitchen stiffly, his ribs still ached from the fight last night, but he wanted to make sure that Conner got a good breakfast. Glancing over at Conner, Steve frowned a bit. Maybe he was trying too hard to make the teen feel comfortable, because Conner looked distinctly uncomfortable. The boy hardly made eye contact with Steve and had yet to say a word.

“I’m sorry we had to run out last night, it’s not exactly what I wanted for your first night here,” Steve said as he finished up making breakfast.

“It’s fine,” Conner said sharply. “You didn’t have to call Pepper.”

Steve did feel bad that he called Pepper in the middle of the night, but he’d do it again if he had to. “I didn’t want you to wake up and find that no one was here, it wouldn’t be right.”

Conner didn’t reply and silently helped Steve bring the plates and food over the table. The teen readily dug into his meal, keeping his head down and his eyes fixed on his plate. Steve took a careful sip of his coffee and tried to think of the best way to tell Conner that he was Captain America. He and Tony weren’t out defending the Earth every night, but last night was a reminder to Steve of all of his responsibilities, which now included the happiness and wellbeing of a teenager.

“About last night,” Steve started.

“You’re Captain America,” Conner interrupted. “I saw you and Iron Man down in the workshop last night. You were injured.” The last statement sounded rather accusing.

“Oh.” Steve flushed that he and Tony hadn’t been more careful, but he wanted to get home as soon as possible. He had felt badly about leaving Conner with Pepper, even though she was more than capable of taking care of him.

The teen clenched his hands in his lap and Steve could almost hear the grind of his teeth. “You should have told me,” Conner bit out, his voice sharp and angry.

“I’ve tried, I really did, but every time I tried to tell you who I am you’ve stopped me.” It was true, Steve had tried to tell Conner, but every time the teen had interrupted him, had told him that he didn’t want to know. That was ok, Steve understood that telling Superboy his identity put the teen in an awkward situation and that he might be obligated to tell the Justice League. He really understood, especially sometimes he seemed to be Captain America first and Steve Rogers a distant second.

Conner opened and closed his mouth, his brow furrowing as he realized that Steve was right. “Yeah, well, that doesn’t excuse anything! You should have told me! Especially since you were planning this!” He waved his hand around the mansion, glaring at it like it had done something to him.

Deflating under Conner’s anger, Steve’s shoulders sagged. “I know, you’re right, you’re right there’s no excuse for this. And I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to hide this from you, I didn’t want this to be a secret. But everything I’ve said before is true, Tony and I just want to give you a home, because you deserve one, Conner. You really do.”

The teen just stared down at his half eaten breakfast, his unhappiness was clear.

“I … I would still like you to give us a chance, a week like we settled on. No, that’s not true, I’d like you to stay and make this your new home. But if you want to leave now I … I’ll be terribly sad, but I’ll understand.”

They sat in silence. The longer the silence stretched, the further Steve’s heart sank. He was afraid that all the work he put into his friendship with Conner was now irreversibly damaged and the teen would storm out at any second. And the thought of Conner going back to that cave, without anyone to look out for him, broke Steve’s heart. He couldn’t keep his sadness and worry off of his face, Tony always said that Steve was an open book when it came to his emotions. Actually, Tony said something along the lines of, “A giant, flashing neon sign of emotions.”

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 13a


Monday and Tuesday for Steve were spent showing Conner around New York while Tony was busy at work. He took Conner to all of his favorite places, both from the past and the present, and all of the famous landmarks within the city. Conner was quiet as usual, but he was attentive and his small smiles spoke volumes, he didn’t mention leaving and it gave Steve some hope. Tuesday afternoon they ended up running into Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, and ended up having lunch with them.

He introduced Peter as a friend and the photographer for his and Tony’s wedding. But as they settled into a booth at a diner, Peter grinned, obviously recognizing Superboy, and told Conner in a whisper, “Since you’re going to be around the mansion, I should tell that I’m your friendly neighborhood, well, you know what.” He wiggled his fingers like a spider for emphasis and Conner nodded solemnly in understanding.

“Peter and I will show you around since you’re new to the area,” MJ offered. “I mean, Steve’s probably a great tour guide, but he’s kind of old,” she teased.

“Yeah, we’ll take you to dinner and a how, MJ knows people in the business,” Peter added. “I mean, if Steve’s ok with it.”

“Of course! Though it’s really up to Conner,” Steve said quickly.

Peter’s grin was both dorky and mischievous. “I’m moving up in the world, Cap’s trusting us with his kid.”

Conner frowned a little at Peter’s statement, but he smirked when MJ put her boyfriend in his place. She sighed loudly, “I would hardly call that moving up in the world, you know that Steve’s just going to have Tony send a security detail. So, what do you think, Conner? Come out with us on Friday night?”

Steve held his breath for a moment and beamed when Conner hesitantly accepted their invitation. Assuming that the world wasn’t in danger on Friday night. He knew that Conner had great friends, but he was happy to see the teen make new ones. Peter and MJ weren’t in high school anymore and they were far from being normal kids, but Steve thought they’d be a good influence and would help Conner get adjusted to life in New York City. If Conner chose to stay.

The beginning of the week had gone well, better than Steve had imagined. The only snag in it was the clear distance Tony put between himself and Conner. Not that Tony was cold towards the teen, just uncomfortable, and any conversation the two had over dinner tended to be awkward. And while Conner warmed up to Steve, he seemed content enough that Tony spent a lot of his time down in the workshop or at the office. Steve started consulting with Pepper and they began tentatively blocking Tony’s schedule for the next few weeks so Steve could plan family outings around work, saving the world, planning for a wedding and meetings with lawyers to formalize Conner’s adoption.

The middle of the week did not go as well as the beginning of it. Which was disappointing considering that Wednesday had started out so well since JARVIS finally let Steve back into the gym and he and Conner got a good sparring match in. Steve also managed to get Tony to take the day off and they planned to go to lunch. As it was getting close to noon, they went upstairs and found that they had company.

Tony was up in the living room with an unfamiliar young lady and man. Tony visibly brightened at the sight of Steve and Conner and he waved them over to where he and the couple were sitting. “Stevie, Conner, this is the fabulous Lois Lane of the Daily Planet and that guy is Clark Kent. Lois graciously barged in for an interview about the newest addition to our family, isn’t that nice, Stevie?” Tony batted his eyelashes at Steve.

Steve ignored Tony’s flighty tone and held his hand out politely. “It’s a pleasure, Miss Lane, Mr. Kent.” He noticed the extra firm grip to Kent’s handshake that made Steve feel oddly suspicious. “This is Conner.”

Miss Lane held her hand out to the teen, but Conner ignored her as he turned to Steve and asked, “Do I have to stay around for this?”

“We would actually like to ask you a few questions, Conner,” Kent said, his voice straining on Conner’s name.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 14a


Conner had fully intended to go back to Mount Justice and stay there. Not necessarily because he disliked living in New York City, but because it was the right thing to do for his team. He owed it to his friends to stay where he was needed. In the cave he would be immediately available for missions, ready to protect his team. That’s what he was made for, that’s what weapons were for.

Despite Conner’s protest, Steve had called Happy and the older man was there to see Conner off with a hug. Conner had only met him a few times before, but Happy was sad to see him go and it was nice to have someone there when he let. Conner had a feeling that he would have liked Happy, anyone who was dating Pepper Potts couldn’t be too bad.

No one was around when he returned to Mount Justice, Megan had gone out with her uncle and Red Tornado was out on a mission. His footsteps echoed unusually loudly in the cave and his room was small and uninteresting. He thought about working out, but Batman had yet to install a punching bag that could take his strength and the thought of going through the boxing moves Steve taught him made his chest ache with an unfamiliar hollowness. So Conner went to the living room and stared at the TV with the words ‘No Signal’ glaring back at him.

Robin appeared an hour into his staring match with the TV. The young teen threw a couple of files in his direction and flopped down on the couch next to him. “I brought you some reading materials.”

Conner looked down and saw that the files were labeled ‘Captain America/Captain Steven G. Rogers.’ “You know.”

Robin rolled his eyes and turned the TV onto a proper channel. “Of course I know. Batman knows, so I know. I thought you’d want to know more about him, past and present.”

Flipping open the first file, Conner found himself looking at a black and white picture not of Captain America, but a thin, frail and determined Steve Rogers. Everything from Steve’s early life was there, the grades he got in school, his parents and their history, the addresses he lived at, his extensive medical records, information on Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes, everything was there. It took him awhile to realize that what he had was Batman’s personal file on Captain America.

“How did you know that I came back already?” Conner asked.

The slight elevation of Robin’s eyebrow was all the answer Conner needed.

“Right, stupid question.”

“I think the real question is why are you here?” Robin countered. “Shouldn’t you be enjoying being Captain America’s son and living in the most awesome mansion ever? Hey, do you think you could sneak me into Stark’s workshop?”

“I’m back here for good.”

Robin snorted. “That’s dumb.”

Conner glared. “It’s for the team. I’m needed here.”

“You don’t need to be here twenty-four seven. Even Batman has a personal life, we all do and you get to have one too. We’re not the Justice League, we don’t respond to emergencies, we’re a covert team with planned out missions.” Robin was breaking down Superboy’s reasoning with ease.

“I can’t live with a couple of Avengers.”

“Of course you can,” Robin waved off Conner’s concern. “We know you, we know that you’re not going to reveal any big secrets or put us in any danger. Rogers is Captain America and if Cap isn’t trustworthy then I don’t know who is.”

“What about Stark?”

Robin paused and said, “He’s not bad and I don’t think he cares enough about the League to do any damage.”

Superboy closed the file he was skimming, deciding it would be better to forget Steve and his insistence that Superboy needed things like a name, a home, a family.

“Don’t.” Robin reached over and opened the file again. “They’re good people and Cap cares about you. The team, we don’t care if Stark and Rogers are Avengers, we just care that you’re ok and right now you’re totally not. And who cares about what the Justice League thinks? Batman doesn’t care.” Conner didn’t look convinced, so Robin said, “Ok, let’s tell the team about Rogers and what they think about you staying in New York. Because that’s what you want, I can tell.”

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And Superboy Makes Three - Part 15a


“Curfew is at midnight, call if you’re going to be late. Pepper and Happy will be here if there’s an emergency and Tony and I have to leave. And take a jacket, it’s supposed to get cold tonight.” Steve diligently ironed a set of clothes for Conner, he told Steve not to, but the older man insisted on it. The teen wasn’t dressing up, he was going to wear his usual cargo pants and a plain black t-shirt, even though Stark had filled his closet with new, expensive looking clothes.

“Jesus, Steve, he’s invulnerable and can jump over buildings, he doesn’t need a curfew. And didn’t I make you a robot to do that?” Stark barely looked up from the tablet he was working on.

“All teens need a curfew and I like ironing.” With that, Steve shut down the argument before it even began. “There you go,” he picked up Conner’s shirt, put it on a hanger and handed it to him. “Peter should be here to pick you up soon.”

“Is he still driving that terrible piece of scrap metal?” Stark snorted. “Tell him I’ll buy him a new car to save me the embarrassment of having him drive it to my house.”

“Tony, behave.”

“Yes, dear.”

Conner ignored them and went to his room to change out of his slightly wrinkled clothes into his immaculately pressed ones. He came back with his brown jacket in hand when Steve presented him with a new jacket. It was a similar shape and color of his old one, but it was much nicer, made of leather and had more weight to it.

“Tony bought it for you,” Steve said with pride before Conner could thank him.

“Oh.” Conner shifted from one foot to another. “Thanks … Tony.”

“Don’t mention it.” Stark’s eyes were still glued to his tablet, but Conner could hear his heart speed up.

He didn’t have time to comment on it as JARVIS announced Peter’s arrival and they left for dinner. MJ was already at the restaurant, sitting in a discreet corner with a young blond man, who Conner recognized Johnny Storm, the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. For the first half of dinner, Conner sat stiffly, quietly listening to Peter and Johnny joke back and forth, but MJ was able to coax him out of his shell. She was able to make him feel at ease, while Peter was nice, but awkward, and Johnny was overwhelming.

“Are you seeing anyone?” MJ asked lightly, her mouth curling up and her eyes were bright with curiosity. There was no teasing in her tone, just a sincere interest to get to know Conner.

Conner shook his head.

“If you need some help in the dating department, I am your man.” Johnny sounded thrilled. “Which one of those teen heroes do you like?”

Leaning back, he thought about it for a moment and answered, “I like all of my friends, but I think Miss Martian is pretty,” he admitted, which earned him a squeal from MJ. “I think Robin is too. I wish he’d take off his mask so I’d know what color his eyes are. I don’t like secret identities.”

“That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard,” MJ declared as Johnny laughed, and Peter choked on his drink.

“Robin? Really?” Peter asked after he cleared his throat.

“Well, yeah,” replied Conner. “I looked at Kid Flash once, but then Red Arrow threatened me, something about kryptonite arrows.”

“I like him, he’s ballsy if he likes Batman’s kid.” Johnny grinned widely with approval that made Conner oddly happy. “Let me know if you want any dating advice, for both Miss Martian and Robin.”

Conner didn’t answer, but he made note of the offer.

By the time they finished dinner, Conner was having a good time and he was disappointed when MJ told them that she had to leave. She promised to take Conner to a play soon and, much to his embarrassment, pressed a kiss on his cheek. Once they saw MJ off, Conner expected to go home, but Johnny Storm other ideas.

“You know, there are other things we can do,” the blond man grinned.

“Yeah, but I need to get Conner home by midnight and I don’t exactly have what I need,” Peter said hastily.

“It’s barely past nine and we’re not far from the Baxter Building, you’ve got a spare under my bed.”

“Cap is going to kill me.”

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 16a


Steve bit his lip as he watched the press conference begin. Pepper had given him a copy of Tony’s statement for his approval, but Steve was still nervous. Conner wasn’t interested in the press conference and was playing videogames with Kaldur up in his room. Steve couldn’t keep away from the TV though. Earlier that morning, he had caught Tony by the arm and whispered, “Please, don’t do anything drastic.”

Tony had grinned and kissed Steve, but he made no promises.

He tried to not worry when Tony approach the podium looking as composed and confident as he always did and started to speak. “I would like to announce my intention to adopt Superboy with my fiancé, Steve Rogers. This isn’t about the Avengers or the Justice League, it’s about a kid, who is in need of stability and a family—” Tony looked down at the cards with his speech on it and threw them away, making Steve’s heart sink with dread. “So, seriously, Steve and I wanted to adopt a kid and who better than Superboy? There’s the League and all that stuff, but did you know that this kid saved Stevie’s life in Gotham? That makes him an instant hero in my books.”

Steve’s phone beeped at him and there was a text from Pepper, I am so sorry. I promise to kill him for you. After that he received a message from Clint, Do you want me to tranq him? Got a clear shot. His fingers itched to type back to Clint to go ahead, but he kept his hands in tight fists and tried to decide which couch Tony would be sleeping on for the next month.

“I’m not saying that the Justice League is abusing kids or anything like that,” Tony continued. “They just hadn’t found a suitable home for Superboy yet and hey, I’ve got a really big house, lots of money and I’ve got a nice stay at home fiancé to spend time with the kid. Seriously, he’s better off. Before we met this kid, he didn’t even have a proper name. I mean, I’m pretty sure Superboy isn’t a biblical name.”

Burying his face into his hands, Steve began to wish that Hydra would attack just to end the press conference.

“And I know I have a history of irresponsible behavior, but we all know that I’ve gotten a lot better and Steve is the most perfect person in the world. Besides, there are much worse people out there who have kids. Super villains have kids! So, why can’t Iron Man and his soon to be husband have a kid?” Tony kept talking, his outrage building over the thought of people objecting to them taking in Conner. “Before you ask, this isn’t about the Justice League. I couldn’t care less about the League and I don’t even have any contact with the League, besides through my lawyers, a few prank phone calls and skywriting ‘Avengers Rule’ and ‘Suck It Justice Losers’ above the Hall of Justice.”

Steve wondered if the chunk of ice he was trapped in for seventy years was still around and if he could crawl back inside of it. He had to admit though, Tony’s deviation from his original speech didn’t go too terribly and Tony avoided outright insulting the Justice League. But watching it left Steve exhausted and he turned off the TV as Tony started fielding questions even as Pepper tried to drag him away. Steve stretched out on the couch, throwing an arm over his eyes and was glad that Conner was occupied with Aqualad. His phone kept beeping annoyingly, messages from everyone he knew from SHIELD and the Avengers were giving their feedback and offers to kill Tony for him.

“Captain Rogers, I am sorry to disturb you in the middle of your mental breakdown induced by Mr. Stark,” JARVIS apologized, “but Mr. Wayne’s car is approaching the mansion. Shall I let him in when he arrives?”

Steve got up, there were few people he felt like seeing at the moment, but Bruce was a friend and had been a rather helpful one as of late. “Uh, yes, thank you, JARVIS.” He looked down at his button up checkered shirt that was now wrinkled and wondered if he had time to change before Bruce arrived.

The AI apparently read his mind. “I do not believe you have enough time to change, Captain Rogers, but may I comment on how well your ass looks good in those jeans.”

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 17a


Superboy didn’t have time to dwell on legal issues, the Avengers and the Justice League, since almost as soon as he returned to New York he was called for a mission. When he came back from Bialya, reluctantly leaving Sphere behind for the time being, he found the mansion in a burst of activity. Stark was constantly on the phone, yelling into it and stomping around, while Steve tended to all of the people coming in and out of the mansion and barking out orders to Stark and everyone else with military precision.

Besides Stark’s lawyers, the Avengers, SHIELD agents and other associated heroes came over to offer advice and support. Agent Coulson and Hill came by often with stacks of files that had classified stamped all over them that Stark took away to his office. And Conner finally got to meet the last two members of the Avengers. Black Widow was pleasant enough, but he could hear her whispering to Steve, “I told you this would happen.” Bruce Banner was nothing like Conner imagined, he couldn’t believe that such man was the Hulk. Banner was rather awkward in his reassurances to them and they quickly found that Conner’s short temper and Banner’s need for tranquility didn’t work out very well. Stark was rather proud and Steve was slightly horrified when Banner transformed in the middle of their gym because of an outburst by Conner.

As a show of his loyalty and friendship, Thor stood on the coffee table with his hammer in hand and proclaimed, “I will strike down all those who threaten the house of Rogers and Stark! As my shield brothers, I am bound to protect them and their kin!”

“That’s nice, buddy.” Hawkeye tried to pull Thor down. “Jane! Jane, come get your psycho boyfriend!”

Bruce Wayne dropped by a couple of times, obviously upset about the turn of the events. Conner didn’t mind him too much as he spent most of his time counseling Stark in legal matters, the teen listened in just in case. But he did catch Wayne shaking Steve’s hand a little longer than necessary and Conner made his displeasure clear.

There were reporters and journalists permanently parked in front of the mansion and had worked themselves into a frenzy over the League’s legal actions. Everyone got pretty good at sneaking around them, but Stark and Steve did their best to deal with them. Stark would say offensive things about the League, while asserting his determination in fighting for his and Steve’s right to keep Conner. Steve was much more polite, but his face was set in a strong sense of resolve that often led troops into battle. He was firm on his commitment of becoming a parent and stated in clipped tones that he had nothing against the Justice League, but was appalled by their lapse of responsibility when it came to Superboy.

The whole affair made Conner uneasy and he knew that soon he’d have to choose a side. Either tell Steve that he was going back to Mount Justice or dig his heels in and refuse to leave New York. Before he made the decision to stay and to not be officially adopted yet, but now he’d have to decide.

Towards the end of the week Stark came back late into the night from his office, looking tired and stressed. He told Steve that he’d talk to him about it later, which to Conner was basically an open invitation to eavesdrop. After Conner went upstairs to his room, they went to the workshop, where Conner wouldn’t have been able to really hear them in his room if he stayed there. He spied down at them from the steps and JARVIS was kind enough to keep quiet.

Steve was sitting down while Stark paced in front of him. “I got the League’s lawyers to agree to let Conner stay here while we work things out,” Stark said.

That perked Steve up. “That’s great.”

“No. I mean, it is, but that’s not all. They’re using how I acted when I was dying against me!” Stark threw his hands into the air. “How tacky is that? Natasha told me that they’re also trying to get SHIELD’s evaluation of me, but thank god that no amount of lawyers can overcome Fury’s paranoia and secrecy. And I’m pretty sure that they’ve found all of my exes to give statements against me. You don’t have anything in your past that’s going to come up, do you Steve?”

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 18a


“Well, that was a waste of time,” Iron Man griped as he piloted the Quinjet back to New York not long after they left the city. “I told you Loki wasn’t a big deal, he was taken care of before we could even get there.”

“We were lucky that the X-Men were in the area and managed to get things under control, but we need to be on alert now that Loki has made another appearance,” Captain America insisted. He was glad that they were going home though, he could have a nice, quiet night in and pretend that all was right with the world, before waking up and fighting a completely different battle in the morning. “I should call Conner when we get back and tell him that he can come home if he likes,” he said.

“The kid is at his friend’s place, he probably doesn’t want to come home,” Iron Man countered. “Plus, we’ll have the place to ourselves.” With his helmet off, there was no mistaking the lustful gaze or the deepened tone of his voice. It was enough to make Steve blush.

“Some of us are trying to have a peaceful plane ride home without picturing the two of you getting it on!” Clint shouted from behind of them.

“I don’t mind picturing it,” Natasha hummed to herself.

“Nor do I,” Thor said with enthusiasm, instantly cheering up from his sulk over not getting to fight or see his brother. “I am sure that the Captain is a most generous lover and Iron Man has long bragged about his prowess in the intimate arts. It would be both an enjoyable and a learning experience.”

Bruce buried his face in his hands. “Ok, I’m jumping out of this jet now.”

“Hey! If the peanut gallery doesn’t mind, I’m trying to have a private conversation with my fiancé!” Iron Man snapped and the rest of the Avengers shuffled away to the other end of the jet. Once the team was out of hearing range, Tony asked Steve quietly, “Are we doing the right thing?”

Steve was confused and concerned. “What do you mean?”

“Conner,” Tony clarified. “Are we doing the right thing with Conner? I’m not, you know, screwing him up, right?”

Steve smiled softly and placed a hand on Tony’s armor covered shoulder. “No, Tony, you’re not screwing him up, not at all. And yes, we are doing the right thing.”

“Ok, good. You’ll tell me if I’m screwing up?”

“Only if you tell me when I am.” Steve bent down and pressed a kiss against Tony’s temple. “You don’t have to be scared, you’re doing really well with him.”

“Scared? What are you talking about?” Tony snorted, his arrogance shining through. “There isn’t anything I’m not good at. I’m a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, remember?”

“How could we forget? You remind us every day!”

Tony twisted around and snapped, “Didn’t I tell you to shut up, Clint?”

“Hey, if I became your and Cap’s son, can I get a private jet?”

“Shove it, Clint!”

“I’d be your son for a lab and funding for research.”

“Zip it, Bruce!”

“I would be their son for the honor and glory of being the offspring of Iron Man and the Captain.”

“Shut up, Thor!”

“I don’t want to be Stark’s kid, but I wouldn’t mind sitting on Daddy Cap’s lap.”

“Hands off, Natasha!”

The flight home was short and debriefing would be held off until the next day since nothing of importance happened. Everyone went off in their different directions, going home for the evening. Just before they parted ways, Natasha caught up with Steve and murmured, “You are doing the right thing, though you two are making quite a mess of it.”

Steve’s face lit up at Natasha’s approval and would have thanked her for her support if Tony’s armored hand hadn’t grabbed him and dragged him away back to their home. Tony was more than eager to have some private time and once his armor was off, he led Steve up to the bedroom. “Leave the uniform on,” Tony whispered into his ear when Steve tried to remove his top and ran his hand over the large star on Steve’s chest. “I’m feeling patriotic tonight.”

“Just, just wait a bit.” Lightly pushing Tony away, Steve said, “Let me call Conner and tell him that we’re home.”

“Fine, fine, be responsible and give him a call. Tell him to stay in Central City tonight if he wants that car.” Tony threw himself down onto their bed.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 19a


Conner frowned at himself in the mirror. “I don’t like the uniform.”

“I think it looks great!” Megan’s fingertips brushed his neck as she straightened his collar.

“Miss M is right, you look sharp,” Robin agreed as his nimble fingers buttoned up Conner’s sleeve cuffs, the pads of his fingers pressing into the inside of his wrist.

Conner couldn’t stop blushing, he was trying on a school uniform sent to the mansion for him and his friends wouldn’t stop fiddling with it. Tony told him to try it on to see if it fit and since Conner had no experience putting on anything more complicated than a t-shirt and jacket, his friends were helping him out. From across the bedroom, Wally and Artemis wouldn’t stop smiling at him and even Kaldur could barely hide his look of amusement. Before, Superboy would have just stormed out of room in anger, but now he was taking the situation in stride. The attention was embarrassing, but not necessarily bad.

“So, you’re going to be a private school brat?” Artemis asked.

Robin glanced around Conner to send her a glare from behind his sunglasses. “I thought I heard you’re going to a private school too.”

Artemis groaned and sat down on Conner’s bed, where Dog happily made herself comfortable in Artemis’s lap. The young archer scratched between Dog’s ears and sighed loudly. “Don’t remind me. It’s not by choice.”

“Tony said he went to this school when he was a kid before he was shipped off to boarding school,” Conner said absently as he tugged at his tie and both Megan and Robin batted his hands away. “They sent me the uniform along with all the paperwork for admission. Well, a bunch of other schools did too.”

“It’s probably good publicity to get Tony Stark’s superhero kid into your school,” Wally mused, “even if it isn’t official yet.”

“It will be,” Conner said firmly. A few days after the confrontation with Superman and the lawsuit had yet to be dropped. But Steve said that they’d beat it, his conviction was strong and unyielding, so Conner found no problem in believing him.

Wally looked over at Robin expectantly and the Boy Wonder shrugged. “Batman’s working on it,” Robin insisted, “he’s going to fix everything.”

“Tony said that Mr. Wayne has his own legal team working on the lawsuit too. Anyway, I don’t care, I’m not leaving.” Conner frowned when Robin thrust the jacket of the uniform in his direction and made him put it on.

“I’m glad you’re staying,” Megan smiled brightly. “Captain Rogers and Mr. Stark are so nice! And they’re so cute together!”

“Yeah, I don’t think Superman could give you anything half as nice as this.” Artemis gestured to the room and to Dog. “You can get anything you want.”

“Oh! Ask for a little brother and sister, big families are always fun.” Megan suggested, her mind wandering to Mars and her numerous sisters.

“I think you two are missing the main point,” Wally interrupted, “Conner is Captain America’s son now! Cap’s son! Captain America Jr.! He can be Captain America’s partner if he wants to!”

That thought immediately piqued Conner’s interest. All of his friends had mentors, had partners, except for him. He had Black Canary, but she was everyone’s teacher and his friends had their own personal mentors in addition to her. To become Captain America’s partner had a certain appeal, even if Cap was an Avenger. But he worried how it might look. Being Steve and Tony’s son was one thing, being Cap’s partner was completely different. Wally was enthusiastic about the idea, but Wally was enthusiastic about anything related to Captain America.

Robin seemed to sense what Conner was thinking and he grinned reassuringly, his hand resting on the larger teen’s shoulder. “I think being trained by Captain America would be a great idea. We’ll all be jealous of you, but why not become Cap’s partner? It’s not like you’re signing on to join the Avengers.”

“I believe it would be most beneficial for the team for you to get the extra practice and training,” Kaldur put in his opinion, solidifying his approval.

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 20a


“I would like to congratulate my shield brothers in their defeat of the Justice League, they fought a valiant battle and forced the Justice League into shameful surrender! I would also like to welcome Conner the Superboy into the house of Rogers and Stark! May he always strike down his enemies and bring glory to his honored parents, Captain Steven Rogers of America and Anthony Stark, the Man of Iron!” Thor lifted up his glass of ale in a toast.

“I’ll drink to that!” Tony lifted his glass of whiskey.

Clint clinked glasses with Tony and wiped dramatically at his eyes. “Thor’s speeches always move me to tears.”

“They’re like poetry,” Banner added drily.

“Thank you, Thor,” Steve patted Thor on the shoulder after he took a drink of his Coke. Thor had offered him some Asgardian ale, but Steve wisely stayed away from it. It was the one form of alcohol that could actually get him drunk.

Before he tried to explain to Thor that they didn’t necessarily defeat the Justice League and that the combination of the pressure put on by Tony’s legal team, Batman and ultimately a vote by the Justice League itself made the lawsuit go away. Apparently both Batman and Black Canary lobbied for their case and the Justice League decided that their resources were better spent elsewhere and that the publicity could turn rather poorly in their favor. From what Wally told them, it was a close vote and he said, with pride, that the Flash and the Green Lanterns backed Superboy’s decision.

But the concept was lost on the God of Thunder and all Thor could think about was the new addition to his friends’ family. The adoption had just become official and while Steve wanted to wait until after he and Tony were married so that they would officially become a family at the same time, they decided not to risk it by waiting. On the day the adoption went through with the helpful push of Tony’s sway and money, Thor threw a celebration in Conner’s honor at the mansion. Tony never turned down a party and when asked about it, Conner merely shrugged and asked if his friends could come.

The large turnout was surprising to Steve. The Avengers were all present, along with several SHIELD agents and Thor’s usual entourage of Jane, Darcy, Erik and on this occasion Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. There was also the Fantastic Four, Peter and Mary Jane, Wolverine and Storm from the X-Men, their allies Janet Van Dyne, Hank Pym and Sam Wilson, and there was of course Pepper, Happy and Rhodes. Then there was the addition of all of Conner’s friends and another older teen, Red Arrow, who Steve had a sneaking suspicion was Wally’s boyfriend. Steve was surprised that Conner’s friends were able to attend an event that had so many SHIELD affiliated heroes, but he heard whispering that the kids didn’t actually tell their mentors about the nature of the party. He didn’t necessarily approve of lying or the omission of information, but since the party was for Conner, he didn’t say anything.

Steve watched as Conner introduced his team to Johnny, Peter and MJ. The team was obviously happy to meet Conner’s new friends and both Wally and Artemis didn’t want to let go of Johnny’s hand when they shook it. Red Arrow had to peel Wally’s hand off of Johnny’s and spent the rest of the party glaring at the Human Torch. Steve was glad that the younger heroes were getting along so well and any fears he had that Conner’s two groups of friends might not get along were put to rest.

“They all seem rather chummy,” Natasha murmured to Steve.

“I’m glad that they’re not letting their group affiliations get in the way,” Steve replied, smiling as Peter, Robin and Wally were engaged in conversation about science that went way over Steve’s head.

Natasha looked at the teens thoughtfully before turning her attention back to Steve. “Which last name did Conner decide to take?”

“He decided to go with Rogers-Stark and we’ll be sharing the same birthday.” Steve’s smile widened as he remembered filling out the paperwork and asking Conner for a birth date. Natasha raised an eyebrow at him and Steve quickly explained, “The fourth of July was the day that Conner’s friends broke him out of the Cadmus facility, he said that was the first day his life really began.”

And Superboy Makes Three - Part 21a

Sorry for the delay! Caught another cold :(


“I can do this. This is going to be easy. No pressure, none at all.” Tony paced the room, pausing every once in awhile to readjust the bowtie of his blindly white tux.

Off to the side Conner sat silently, slightly amused by the situation. He only half listened to Tony’s rambling as he fiddled with the gold cufflinks on his new suit. They were one of the many gifts he received for Christmas, Steve had tried to hold back Tony’s newfound enthusiasm for the holiday, but Steve eventually gave in and let Tony go overboard. Conner didn’t mind the over extravagance of his first Christmas as he learned that was just how Tony did things. He never did anything in a small way and it was mostly to Conner’s benefit. The teen now had an old Mustang to work on in the garage and along with every videogame, comic book, DVD and piece of clothing he could ever want.

Over the last few months, Conner learned a great deal about what it was to be a family. He almost ran away after the first argument he and his adopted parents had. But his friends had managed to stop him when he came to Mount Justice with a bag in his hand, explaining that arguing with parents was normal. And he worried when he overheard Steve and Tony argue for the first time, afraid that they’d split up. His friends reassured him that parents fought occasionally and that Steve and Tony weren’t breaking up. He learned to take the bad with the good and lived with the satisfaction that there were much more happy moments in the mansion than bad ones. Not that he’d ever say that out loud.

“Oh god, I’m going to screw this up. I don’t even remember my vows! Did I even write my vows? Fuck!” Tony ran his hands through his hair in agitation.

“They’re in your coat pocket, Steve put them in there this morning, and don’t mess with your hair, Pepper will get mad.” Conner often found himself being the voice of reason whenever Steve was absent, he learned more just fighting from Captain America. That wasn’t to say that Tony was irresponsible, just irrational at times and Conner found it odd having to be the reasonable one. Things were much better when it was all three of them, Conner was honestly still too hotheaded to be reasonable all the time.

Tony patted his coat pocket and found his messy handwritten vows. “Thanks.”

Conner nodded and said, “It’ll be fine.”

“What will, kid?”

“It’ll be fine, old man,” the teen repeated. “You make Steve happy and you’re a good father, so I like you too. Even if you do screw up your vows, it doesn’t matter, because we’ll still love you and we’re family. Now stop freaking out, your pacing is making me dizzy.”

Tony stopped his pacing and ruffled Conner’s perfectly combed hair. Pepper was going to have a fit. Tony took a step back, a large smile on his face, and straightened out his suit. Every bit of arrogance that Tony Stark was known for appeared and there was even a swagger to his walk as he moved out of the room. “Come on, kid! Let’s get this show on the road! I’m getting hitched today.”

Conner sighed with exasperation and followed Tony out.

The ceremony was surprisingly small and held in the ballroom of the mansion, decorated in red and gold. Steve had immediately rolled over on the color scheme as he did with most matters about the wedding, Pepper said that was because Tony was being a Bridezilla, whatever that meant. Only people who were close to both Steve and Tony were invited, which meant a lot of superheroes, SHIELD agents and the Avengers, with the press firmly shut out. It seemed everyone there knew of Steve’s secret identity and didn’t bat an eye when Steve appeared in his 1940s dress uniform.

Conner and his friends were the only people who were connected to the Justice League to attend, but his friends were too caught up in scoping out all the other superheroes to care. Later, Artemis would claim that she spotted Nick Fury wiping a tear from his eye and Megan said that she and Professor Charles Xavier had a wonderful telepathic conversation before the wedding started.

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