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okay, so I've been looking longingly at this fill for weeks. I've tried to read it more than once, it looks so great... but, I just can't read any of the torture scenes. they trigger me like crazy. If any fellow readers could kindly tell me which sections to stay away from, and which sections are pretty much safe( I can read implications, possibly flash backs, but the actual graphic torture scenes break me) I would be indebted to them.

Re: help! writeranon

Oh, I'm that's unfortunate! D: How graphic can it get before it's triggering for you?

Part 2a is where the torture starts, but there is no explicit torture in that part. The torturer sharpens his tools and Robin is trying not to freak, basically.

in 2b some fingers are broken. I don't know how much you can take, but with me it's safer to always assume I've been pretty graphic.

2c has torture, and then you should stay far away from the entirety of chapter three (it's basically nothing but torture)
If rape / sexual assault triggers you, stay away from chapter four as well.

The short list: 2a has the promise of torture, 2b, 2c, all of chapter three and all of chapter four are the ones where it's at its worst.

These are all the torture chapters to look out for. I'll go see which flashbacks are the most graphic and return with a list of those!

Re: help! writeranon

Okay, so flashbacks:

chapter 9 has some flashback moments, but they're all in italics so they're easy to spot and skip. They are pretty graphic, but I don't know if it's too much for you because I don't know you. But if you want to be really careful, I'd skip the italics in this chapter.

chapter 10 has a tiny tidbit of a flashback but it's not of the torture itself, but something the torturer told Robin when in captivity. (also in italics.)

Chapter twelve is a bit of a nervous breakdown for Robin. I don't think it's too graphic or terrible but... you'd have to decide that for yourself. It's milder than the other flashbacks and definitely milder than the torture scenes. 12 is more emotional turmoil than physical pain.

Chapter 14 Superman stops an assault on a woman in an alley. It's not really that bad or explicit. '

That's pretty much it so far? If you decide you like the fic and you want me to, I can give you heads up later when I post chapters if there's going to be something really disturbing.

previous anon

oh my. thank you so much. this is so extremely considerate. I mean, it, really. :) This helps me so much, thank you for taking the time to warn me.

I don't know how much I'll be able to read, but I'm sure I'll love it anyways. I've read bits and pieces and it really intrigued me, the torture just forced me away. I'm sure I'll love it. Thank you so much.:)

OP here. I wanted to apologize. Not only was this my first prompt on the meme, this was also the very first anon meme I'd ever visited, and I'd only been around for a little while when this massive prompt hit me. I didn't know about trigger warnings and such, and this prompt needs trigger warnings as massive as itself.

So I'm terribly sorry for the lack of warnings in the prompt itself. I hope it hasn't been too bad for you, and that you can bring yourself to read this glorious fill by avoiding the sections Writer!Anon mentioned. Other than chapters 2-4, there's nothing direct in the rest of the story. The flashbacks contain implications only, and a lot of them are so vague it's unlikely that someone who hasn't read the torture scenes themselves would even know what the flashbacks are referring to.

However, for the sake of understanding the story if you do decide to read it, you should know that Robin was being tortured mostly (creatively) physically, with the mental torture restricted to his torturer basically repeating over and over again that he's weak, and how his friends and family will never want something as broken as him, so he might as well tell him what he wants to know (the identities of the other superheroes) because the torturer is the only friend he has left. Also, the torture was intense enough for Robin to have died, but there was a metahuman with healing capabilities who constantly healed him back to health. Thus the reason for the lack of physical evidence of torture. Robin's mask was removed and Dick Grayson recognized, but J'onn erased the memories of everyone who knew when they rescued him, so all the identities are still safe.

Again, I'm so, so sorry. If you have any confusions from avoiding three of the introductory chapters, please ask. We'll help reduce the triggers for you as much as possible.

Re: help?

No, don't worry about it. It's not like I felt personally victimized by the prompt or anything. I quite enjoyed reading this actually. I just kind of skimmed over the parts that were triggery. You don't have to apologize.

I'm not confused, I read enough to get the jist of what happened at he beginning, although I believe this fill is much more abut the recovery process than what sparked it. and I love the fill. once again. no worries. seriously. I don't want anyone to be concerned.

thank you.:)

Oh, that's good. I'm glad you didn't feel personally victimized by it, but wasn't until now that I realized how much the lack of trigger warnings can blindside a reader here. So I'll be extra careful from now on. Thanks for the (though somewhat inadvertent) point-out.

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