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Five times someone thought Barry and Iris were Wally's parents (or The Flash was his dad) and the one time he honestly wished they were.

Bonus for one time incorporating their shared eye color!

More bonus for Wally!whump (with big time Wally!angst?).

Gen or KF/Rob or KF/RA.

Re: Mistaken

SECOND barry and iris practically are wally's parents. i second this sooo hard!!!!!

So true. Need this filled!

Go the Distance [1/6]

I'm sorry, this is anon's first try at writing these guys. Hope I did it " justice" (oh why the pun)
Gripping the box tightly he dashes through the aisle and latches onto his aunt’s legs, words spilling out of his mouth as soon as his hand touched cloth- “DoyouknowthattheysellFlashbandages!?! HowcouldInothaveknownaboutthem! AND-“ it’s about then that he notices the second woman, the one who is most definitely not his aunt.

For a second the two of them stare at each other. Wally West, adorable six (almost seven) year old redhead with a face full of freckles and bright green eyes, and a woman who is about his aunt’s age and definitely not someone that Wally has ever seen before. Nervously Wally shifts so that he’s half hidden behind his Aunt Iris’ legs, unconsciously tugging down the sleeves of his shirt. Not that it matters too much, the stranger gives him a smile and then ignores him in favor of his aunt. The strange woman gives his aunt a quizzical look, “I didn’t know you had a son Iris? Who’s the dad?”

Wally blinks in surprise and looks up at his aunt quickly, Iris isn’t his mom! For a second Iris looks as surprised as Wally, then she gives an amused smile, “Wally’s my nephew, I’m watching him for the weekend,” she explains and there’s a funny tone to her voice that Wally can’t quite pinpoint.

The strange woman at once looks embarrassed, “I-I’m sorry, I should’ve assumed that he was your son. You two look so similar though.” The woman’s attention is suddenly all focused on Wally and she bends down a little so she’s closer to his eye level, “Now how old are you?”

Wally ducks his head a little and tries to moves just a little more behind Aunt Iris, “I’m six ma’am,” he gives a polite smile, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ‘m Wally.”

The woman looks positively thrilled, she beams at him, “It’s nice to meet such a polite young boy!” she straightens up and the woman’s attention is again on Aunt Iris, and Wally drops the smile.

Pressing his head into his aunt’s leg Wally listens in on the conversation (even though Daddy says he shouldn’t) and waits for them to stop talking. It doesn’t take much longer. Just minutes later he hears Aunt Iris give a flimsy excuse (“-really should finish shopping. Still need to get lunch made up.”) and the woman gives him one last address. “It was nice to meet you Wally, you be good to your Aunt, okay?”

Wally lifts his head and gives a nod, “I will,” he pauses for a second, “a-and the pleasure of meeting you was all mine,” he’s heard that used on the few shows he’s allowed to watch and it seems to work like on the shows- the woman breaks into a wide smile and seems happy.

The strange woman gives his aunt one last farewell and then is gone, pushing her cart around the corner and disappears. Wally waits one moment, two- “Why’d she think that you were my mom?” Wally asks quickly, looking up curiously at Aunt Iris.

She looks down at him, says nothing and instead just looks at him, a strange look in her eyes. Wally waits and after almost a minutes starts to feel uncomfortable, breaking their gaze he looks down at the ground. He doesn’t get to start counting the tiles like he was planning, “So what’d you want to show me?”

Show- he looks at his hand and the little red box- “OH!” he beams and holds up the box, “Look it! Flash bandaids!”

Aunt Iris smiles, looking amused again- which is always a good sign for Wally, so he smiles back (people don’t yell when they’re smiling).

Re: Go the Distance [1/6]

Awww... Iris wishes he were her son, that much is obvious! ^_^ So cute!! Very nice start! lol He's so adorable!

Go the Distance [2/6]


Wally grabs the orange juice bottle and closes the fridge door. After a bitter fight he’s been allowed to come back for another weekend- something that he’s going to cherish and take advantage of as much as he can. He only wishes he could spend more than just weekends here. But at just nine (almost ten) he’s gotta be happy with what he can get, and Friday’s after school and weekends are what he’s managed to squeeze out from his parents. Padding silently to the cabinet he opens it up and grabs the box of granola bars, getting on tiptoes to grab them from the top shelf. Dropping back down he shuts it and turns- only to stare in surprise at his aunt and some guy he’s never seen before.

For a moment everyone’s surprised. Aunt Iris then wastes no time digging into him, a faintly embarrassed look on her face, “Wally it’s almost midnight! Why aren’t you in bed?!”

“Couldn’t sleep,” he answers dully, his green eyes are elsewhere- looking at this stranger, he’s standing pretty dang close to his aunt right now.

“You didn’t tell me you had a son Iris,” it’s the first words Wally hears out of this strangers mouth and inwardly it makes him laugh a little- way to make a great first impression.

Iris blushes, “He’s not my son Barry. Just my nephew,” she explains, and then she gives him The Look.

Wally knows that look well. It’s the one that she’s used on him before, usually in conjunction with slamming doors and nervous looks. When the other three idiots she brought around left she always gave Wally The Look. It’s a little odd that she’s giving him The Look now, usually it’s after he’s chased them out of his aunt’s life. Wally is a firm protector of his aunt’s chastity (no one that wonderful deserves to be married), and this stranger is no different, Wally believes that he’s just like the other three. An IQ in the double digits if the way he’s smiling is any indication of his intelligence. “So what took you so long to get home?” he asks quickly, dragging Aunt Iris’s attention back to him.

In the few moments after The Look she had looked back at this ‘Barry’ (who named their kid Barry?), but now it was back where it belonged- with Wally. “Our date ran a little long,” she glances at the orange juice and box of granola bars, “Midnight snack?”

Wally shrugs, his mind working quickly, he’d done his best to prevent this date in the first place and the only thing on his mind right now is preventing a second date from happening. “Did you want to check my homework? I think I worded something funny,” he says hesitantly- with something to distract her, maybe she wouldn’t get asked out a second time.

At once she’s nodding and giving an apologetic look towards ‘Barry’. “I guess the date ends here,” she looks like she wants to say something more but has stopped herself.

Wally frowns when Barry gives a smile, that’s not a good sign. “Guess so,” there’s a small pause and Wally is seconds away from breaking in- “Maybe we could continue this later?” he asks hopefully.

Iris smiles and then after a few more words they part. Wally manages to prevent a goodnight kiss by coughing loudly and giving an apologetic smile when they both look at him. Once Barry is gone the kitchen falls silent. Turning to him Iris has a bright smile on her face, she looks happy (but so did his mom once) “So what’d you need help with again?”

“Problem six,” Wally answers darkly, turning he starts towards the guest room where he’s staying, “he looks kinda boring,” he remarks dryly as they start up the stairs.

Iris just smiles.

Re: Go the Distance [2/6]

The pun? I loved it. A lot. ^^

Poor BB Wally though... But he was so cute with his "the pleasure of meeting you was all mine"! LOVE!

And not liking Barry at first... GOLDEN. ^_^

Re: Go the Distance [2/6]

lol You say that now Wally... :D Its so cute that Barry one of the people that believe their related! lol

Go the Distance [3a/6]


“Are you sure you called the right number?”

Wally nods but doesn’t look up from the ground, he knows that number by hear- memorized it four years ago, when he was just six years old and starting Kindergarten. He knows he called the right number, and he know he talked to his dad, he just doesn’t know if anyone’s coming. It’s been almost an hour after the initial phone call and about ten minutes after the second phone call- where he called Aunt Iris instead. She had sounded busy, probably at work and had only made a vague promise to pick him up. Wally wasn’t expecting much (he would’ve started walking the miles to home after calling Iris) but his teacher was expecting something.

As soon as the teacher had seen him she’d walked over and had asked what he was doing- one quick explanation later and she had refused to leave until he was picked up. So here they’ve been…waiting for the last twenty minutes for a car that probably wasn’t coming. His teacher passed the time muttering to herself and occasionally asking Wally questions that he only gave brief, polite answers to.

So it came as a surprise to both of them when a car pulled into the empty parking lot in the back of the school. Wally finds it an even bigger surprise when Aunt Iris’s boyfriend opens the door and steps out, he does manage to not let it show though. On the other hand his teacher looks visible relieved. Barry walks over, and ruffles Wally’s hair, “Hey kid,” he says- sounding way happier than any person should legally be able to sound.

Wally frowns a little and discreetly tries to fix his hair as his teacher turns her attention to Barry, “I’m rather appalled that it took you this long to come.”

For a second Barry looks confused. Wally stops trying to fix his hair and looks at his teacher, her cheeks are flushed with anger and she looks seconds away from slapping Barry- who is heads taller than she is. “What kind of father leaves his son waiting alone in a parking lot for almost two hours!?!”

“He’s not my son/dad!!” their protests are almost synchronized- the only real difference was that while Wally sounded angry, Barry sounded mostly amused.

There’s a moment of silence in which no one says anything, all of them too surprised to speak. Barry is the first to break it, “He’s uh, actually my girlfriend’s nephew.”

The silence following that declaration is long and the teacher that had been glowing with righteous anger seconds before is now flushed dark red in embarrassment. Wally refuses to look up from his shoes- how could anyone think that he was related to someone as boring looking as Barry! “I-I’m sorry,” she finally squeaks, looking sheepishly down at her hands, “I-I just, you two look so alike, a-and Wally said he was calling his parents so…”

Barry pats her on the shoulder, “Easy mistake to make,” he assures her before turning to Wally, “Ready to go?”

Giving a small nod Wally walks over to the car, glancing back as he opens the passenger door, “Thank you for staying with me ma’am,” he says politely, giving a tiny smile.

His teacher nods weakly, her embarrassment overpowering any need to talk it seems like. Getting in the car Wally buckles up and puts his bag in his lap, staring at his hands as they pull out of the parking lot. There’s silence only for a short while, “So what were you doing at school so late anyways?”

Re: Go the Distance [3a/6]

..... lol Awkward...... :D Poor lady. How embarrassing!

Go the Distance [3b/6]


Wally glances over at Barry. Aunt Iris seemed to like him a lot but Wally thought he was pretty boring, and weird and totally not good enough for his aunt at all. “I was at my club,” he answers reluctantly, Aunt Iris likes him though and he’ll make at least an effort to pretend to be interested in talking to Barry (for her sake).

Barry looks curious; he somehow manages to put his full attention on Wally while making a turn, “What club are you in?”

“I’m President of the Official Flash Fan club,” he states proudly- its one of the few things he’s not afraid to admit.

“Oh?” Barry’s smiles and there’s something funny about it- amused and something else- “President huh? So you like the Flash then?”

Wally smiles, “Of course! He’s only the greatest hero to ever exist! I mean, yesterday it was in the newspaper that he not only evacuated a whole apartment building but put out the fire too!? All before the fire department arrived!”

“You don’t say?” Barry’s still smiling that funny smile, only it’s a little wider.

For the next few minutes Wally goes on to explain why the Flash is not only the greatest hero to ever exist but how he could probably singlehandedly beat up every other hero, even Superman. Wally even has charts and formulas to prove it- but he’s not sure Barry really cares too much. Everything actually seems pretty great, until Barry asks a stupid question- helping to enforce Wally’s previous ideas- “So what do the other members think of that?”

Wally falls silent and his gaze turns to his hands. The car falls silent and Barry stops smiling, “Wally?”

“Um, I’m sort of the only member of the club,” he says quietly.

He doesn’t have to look up from his hands to know that Barry is probably looking in that way. The way most children his age looked at him when he was seven. When he was seven and still professed his love for science (and his parents) and would say something that left them saying he was being stupid. The way that some adults looked at him back when he was eight and he’d correct them, back when he still raised his hand in class. Or-or- “Do you like ice cream?”

Wally blinks and looks at Barry in confusion. Did he like ice cream? “Y-yeah?”

Barry smiles, and parks the car. They’re at an ice cream parlor. For a moment Wally just stares at the sign and before he knows it Barry has his door open and is waiting for him to exit the car so they can enter the parlor. Inside Wally orders a single scoop, Barry orders the largest sundae they have and then the two of them sit down at one of the tables. For the next hour Wally and Barry talked about the Flash and other heroes- but most the Flash.

Hours later Wally would quietly admit to himself that maybe Barry wasn’t as boring as he first thought.

That's all I got so far, but the next three will be up once done- promise

Re: Go the Distance [3b/6]

This is still freaking adorable. I mean, GAH that teacher! And her waiting! She reminds me of some of the teachers I used to have~ And Wally being so lonely... T_T


And poor Wally being all alone... (But he has charts! I love charts!) [/is a nerd] T____T

But... But icecream! Go Barry! COntinue to be awesome!

Go the Distance [4a/6]


One of the first things he noticed when he opened his eyes was that his whole body ached. And it wasn’t just his body that ached; it felt like every molecule hurt- if you know…something like that could be possible. Wally wasn’t too sure it was possible, but then again he hadn’t been too sure he’d be alive when he had set this whole thing up. Here he was though. Alive, breathing and there was a beeping noise somewhere that had to be a heart monitor meaning his heart was still beating and that (in all technical senses) he was alive and well. Meaning that Wally West had not only beaten the million to one odds but that he was so going to be like his hero- he was going to be like the Flash. There was no doubt in his mind that this was one of the greatest days of his life- ever.

Well it was the greatest day ever up until Wally looked around a little. He was in a hospital room- that was obvious- the right side led to the door and a row of windows which currently had the blinds shut providing some semblance of privacy. There was the heart monitor but it didn’t hold his interest for long, so Wally turned to the left side of the room, freezing with wide eyes when he spotted the two people sleeping in the chairs for ‘guests’. They were supposed to be on their honeymoon- they weren’t supposed to be back for another week!

Aunt Iris shifted a little and Wally tried to stop breathing for a second- this wasn’t in his plan. And he had a plan. Carefully thought out, planned and, up until now, perfectly executed. It had all started back when Barry introduced him to the Flash- as it turned out Barry really wasn’t as boring as Wally had first thought. With a little help from him Wally had got to actually MEET the Flash!! Long story short he’d learned that an experiment had been what had changed the Flash into well…who he was. That was that day that Wally formed his plan.

Long searches on the internet and a borrowed credit card from his parents (they never noticed the added debt) let him get the chemicals he needed. A stop at the hardware store got him the rest and all Wally really had to do was go wait for the right time. Coincidentally not soon after meeting the Flash, Barry proposed to his aunt- making Barry his soon to be uncle. Barry was still a little boring, but - giving allowance for knowing the Flash, leading him to his experiment and making his aunt happy- Barry was a pretty awesome guy too, in his own way (maybe), so Wally had actually been happy for the wedding. He’d been secretly hoping to get some important part in the wedding but no such luck, which was okay with him- as it turned out the wedding had been both boring and weird. A lot of people that Barry invited had been rather…odd. Still the wedding proved the break Wally needed- after weddings there were honeymoons and his aunt’s marriage had been no different. Their honeymoon gave two weeks in which Wally could do his experiment and then try and harness the results before his Aunt and Uncle came back. Luck had been on his side and just a few days after they left, a storm moved in. One lightning bolt later and…

Well, truth be told, it was a little fuzzy what happened after the lightning bolt struck. Something had to have happened, he vaguely remembered green glowing lights and someone… but that was- especially at the moment- inconsequential. What was odd, in Wally’s mind, was why his Aunt and Uncle were here- they were supposed to be on vacation, not in a hospital room waiting for him to wake up. Sighing Wally leaned back on the pillows that currently propped him up- why were they here? What had happened after he’d passed out? Who called his Aunt (odd considering his emergency card had outdated or disconnected numbers)? The biggest question on his mind though, was if he had super speed-or would he need to repeat the experiment? So many questions and no answers to be found it seemed. It was funny, breathing kind of hurt too.

Go the Distance [4b/6]


Wally laid back for a while it felt like a long time, but he wasn’t sure- he might’ve fallen asleep. Not that it mattered, the next time he opened his eyes he wasn’t the only one awake. For a moment Wally stares at the ceiling, for all of about a second. A voice cuts through the silence, “Wally,” and Wally can’t help but notice that Uncle Barry doesn’t sound at all happy.

Nervous Wally shifts himself so he’s sitting up a little (pain is easy to ignore) and he looks over to where his aunt and uncle were sleeping. Or, where Aunt Iris is sleeping anyways, Uncle Barry is wide awake and he looks…he looks angry. Not once in the time Wally has known his Uncle has he seen the man angry, a little annoyed maybe, but never angry. Wally hasn’t seen Uncle Barry look angry, and now he has, and that angry is focused directly on him and the redhead can’t help but shrink down a little. “Uncle Barry,” he squeaks out.

For a second Uncle Barry’s angry look gets angrier- if that’s at all possible- but in the time it takes Wally to blink that look is gone. The sudden tension goes with it. Sighing his Uncle leans back into the chair he’s sitting on, his body going lax and he looks so tired now. Wally waits nervously and when Uncle Barry opens his eyes he’s not angry anymore, instead he looks infinitely…disappointed.

Quite frankly, Wally finds that look to be even worse than the anger. Not once has Uncle Barry been disappointed in him. And now he looks like disappointment is the only emotion he has. His Uncle doesn’t even bother speaking; he moves his arm and gently nudges Aunt Iris. It doesn’t take her long to wake, one nudge is all it takes and she’s up, blinking and looking around in confusion for a moment. Up until she spots Wally. There’s a second where she looks relieved- it doesn’t last long. “Wallace West!” she hisses, righting herself and giving him the fiercest glare he’s ever seen.

Wally makes himself a little smaller. “What in the world were you thinking!?!” she’s not shouting, her voice is odd and she sounds like she wants to shout but she’s not (Wally almost wishes she would), “I’m not as good with numbers as you but-but-one in a million!?! Were you trying to kill yourself!?!”

Gripping the blanket Wally doesn’t look at Aunt Iris, he knows what she’s going to look like (Aunt Iris and his mother are pretty similar after all). He couldn’t just ignore her question though (that was rude) but what did she want him to say?! There’s a sigh, “Wally we’re…” she breaks off and her voice is funny- Wally can’t quite pinpoint what the emotion is, he can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad sign.

“We’re not angry at you Wally,” Uncle Barry manages to sound pretty convincing.

He wants to look up and see if Uncle Barry looks as convincing as he sounds right now, but a loose thread by his hand has caught his eye and-and he doesn’t want to see their faces. Aunt Iris grabs his hand gently and says nothing for a moment. “Wally do you know how close you were to dying?” she asks softly.

Hesitantly Wally shakes his head no- he doesn’t remember much after the initial moment, he’s not even sure how he ended up in the hospital for that matter. “You came close kid, very close, but,” and here Uncle Barry pauses, “but that doesn’t really matter now. You’re alive and that’s all we care about. That you’re safe and that you’re not hurt too badly.”

Wally looks up just a little; so that he can just barely see his aunt and uncle’s faces (he wants so much for those words Barry said to be true). “Is that why…” Wally starts but can’t quite finish the question- it could end in so many ways.

Is that why you’re here instead of my parents? Is that why you came back in the middle of your honeymoon? Is that why you’re always there for me? Is that why you care so much? Is that you let me stay over every weekend? But Wally doesn’t finish the question and the room falls quiet, Aunt Iris giving his hand a gentle squeeze. Their quiet doesn’t last too long though, the door opens and all three heads turn- a large man in a white coat stands there for a second, he’s looking at Wally in surprise. The man- probably Wally’s doctor- recovers quickly, he looks over at Aunt Iris and Uncle Barry, “Mr. and Mrs. Allen?”

Go the Distance [4c/6]


Momentarily Wally is a little surprised to hear the surname, Mrs. Allen. He’d forgotten that Aunt Iris had a new last name now. His mind had been on…other things after all. The doctor smiles when they give confirmation and his eyes dart over to Wally briefly, “If I could talk to one of you privately, about your son, I think we have a few questions that need to be answered.”

Uncle Barry looks like he’s about to say something but Aunt Iris stands up, “Of course,” and she walks out of the room with the doctor.

The door shuts and Wally notes that no one corrected the doctor (he feels a deep stab of guilt that he didn’t ( he should’ve…)). For a little while longer Wally watches the door, he watches the blinds rock back and forth a little bit- “So why’d you do it?”

Uncle Barry is still here. Looking at his uncle Wally stares for a few seconds, “Do what?” he asks after he can’t hold the gaze any longer and instead goes back to counting loose threads.

“The experiment. The one with a one in a million chance of success and you still attempt to do it? I think that takes a little more than just blind fanfare to try something like that.”

Wally shrugs and picks at one of the loose threads. What’s he supposed to say? He wanted to be like the Flash, yeah that was a huge part of it, but it wasn’t the only part. He wants to be useful, he wants to help make people happy, he wants to…to have a purpose, he wants his parents to be proud of him and maybe having powers like the Flash would help, there are a lot of answers, but he’s not sure that Uncle Barry would understand any of them. Why would Uncle Barry ever understand? “I don’t know,” he says weakly- he feels a familiar stinging in his eyes, but he refuses to cry here.

Again the room falls silent. Wally manages to tug a whole three threads out before anything is said, “You’re a smart kid Wally.”

Jerking in surprise Wally looks up at Uncle Barry- “What?”

Barry smiles a little, and even though Wally’s gotten better at reading the emotions he thinks for a second that he’s getting the wrong message- sad, proud, and guilty? “Just thinking out loud.”

“Oh,” Wally looks away and stares at the wall in front of him- he’s not…sure what to say.

Time passes and Wally starts to wonder when Aunt Iris will be getting back and before he can really start to get fidgety his stomach growls. Wally didn’t even realize he was hungry but now that it’s brought to his attention he can’t help but notice. His stomach feels like a gaping hole and like the rest of him, aches in a way that really doesn’t feel quite natural to him yet. “Hungry?” Uncle Barry asks.

Wally pouts; there is no fairness in how amused Uncle Barry sounds right now. But his stomach gives another angry twinge of pain, “Starving,” and Wally doesn’t feel like he’s exaggerating at this moment.

“I’ll get you something to eat,” Uncle Barry stands up and starts to the door, “You’re going to need to start building up your strength now anyways.”

“I’m what?” Wally asks in confusion, not sure if he’s mishearing his uncle.

Uncle Barry pauses at the door, “Well,” he looks at Wally and gives him one of those really odd smiles that Wally doesn’t get at all, “Once the Flash hears about this he’s probably going to want to talk to you. Especially if you do start developing powers, he’ll probably want to partner up or something. I’ll get you something to eat, I need to talk to Hal anyways,” he says with a shrug, leaving the room.

The previously steady beeping increases exponentially and then flat lines. Wally’s smiling like a fool too much to even notice.

Go the Distance [5a/6]

“Oh wow…”

Wally has no other words to describe what he’s seeing right now. The expansive city is laid out before him, all dark pillars of skyscrapers and glowing windows of those staying up late to work. Home has nothing with this kind of view, and the trials of getting up here were well worth it. It’s almost midnight and back home the city would be mostly dark, here the streets are still alive somewhere and there seems to be a part of Gotham that doesn’t sleep, keeping a steady glow that provides enough light to see in even the darker alleys (there are way more dark alleys in Gotham than there are back home). The view makes almost falling to his death worth it! “Pretty nice view, huh?” Uncle Barry asks.

He doesn’t bother turning, his eyes are still trying to find the edges of Gotham, “It is way cool,” he mutters.

“Just wait until you meet the protectors, I think-“ and the awed, good feeling is gone.

“I think I’m going to be ill,” Wally whimpers, paling slightly- he’s not exaggerating.

Some might find it a great honor to meet The Batman. Wally finds the very idea terrifying. Not only does the man look like he could snap Wally like the twig he is, but the stories that he’s heard from other heroes makes it hard to look at the guy and not want to beg for his life. Of course Uncle Barry insisted that they join up with him, Wally needed practice working with a wide variety of people, including Batman. All Uncle Barry had to say about the Batman was that he was a cool guy, great, and that his other persona was pretty interesting too- just like his own ‘alter ego’.

The Flash, who is amazing and spectacular and stupendous and fantastic, is also- as it turns out- his Uncle Barry (who is also amazing, but in a much different way). Upon first hearing that, Wally had started hyperventilating, his two greatest heroes turning out to be the same guy had been a little hard to comprehend. After the initial shock had worn off though, the similarities were…well…glaringly obvious. Wally had even been a little frustrated for not figuring it out sooner- he had his suspicions but no concrete proof. Of course superheroes had to have a hidden person they went about as, but Wally had no idea how someone as scary as Batman could ever hide in with regular people.

Crouching down lower Wally grabs his stomach, just the thought of meeting Batman is freaking him out- what about talking to him? OH GOD- “Please don’t make me talk to him Unc- Flash,” Wally squeaks out, standing up suddenly and looking at his uncle.

Uncle Barry looks surprised for a second- the looks had been hard to read at first through the mask, but Wally knew enough now, so he recognized immediately when the look turned from surprise to amusement. “You aren’t scared of him are you?”

“No!” he tries to sound unafraid but his voice squeaks again and it is in no way convincing.

“Don’t worry kid, you’ll be fine,” Uncle Barry looks concerned, “You’re seriously riled up about this, aren’t you?”

Wally feels like vomiting, but that doesn’t seem like a good topic to go about on the top of a roof in the middle of Gotham minutes away from meeting ‘The Dark Knight’. “A little,” is what he says instead.

Uncle Barry frowns and is quiet for a micro-second, and in a blink his expression is completely different. “Training then, we’ll keep ourselves occupied until the Bats show up,” and with that said Uncle Barry seats himself on the rooftop.

Go the Distance [5b/6]


Keep occupied, as it turns out, is just another phrase for the worst exercise ever. Control yourself by sitting still and counting- it is the worst thing Wally has ever experienced. It’s a very simple concept, you sit as still as you can and count the 60 seconds in a minute, that’s it (Uncle Barry created it, Wally figured it was a form of torture for not helping with the chores.). Wally isn’t sure there are any benefits at all, he’d know- for the first week it was all they did- just sat still and counted until Wally could go perfectly in time with any clock (he’d been way too fast the first thousand ‘minutes’). Once they had gone onto dodging and running Wally had secretly hoped they’d never return to sitting and counting out minutes ever again. Instead Uncle Barry made it a weekly thing. Wally was forced to have a nice sit down once a week to have a ‘calming’ session of JUST counting. Least favorite part of the week…even if afterwards he always felt more at ease and less fidgety and could stand sitting still and- okay there were a ton of benefits and Wally totally did need that sit down every week to keep him grounded. It didn’t make it any less boring. So giving an exaggerated sigh Wally mirrors his uncle and sits down on the roof, “Why are we doing this?”

“Don’t know if you noticed but we’re not exactly talking normally right now,” Uncle Barry smiles, “Fairly certain anyone listening in wouldn’t be able to keep up without having to slow our speech down.”

Oh. Wally hadn’t noticed at all. He used to talk faster when he was nervous but that took on a whole new meaning when he got his powers- old habits die hard apparently. Frowning he closes his eyes and tries to focus, he counts off to five before being told to slow down. He slows down and tries again, this time he gets to twenty before having to force his count to be slower. Wally was never been very good at being patient (it’s gotten worse with speed) and the third and fourth he’s counting way too fast. By the sixth repeat he’s finally counting properly- no corrections from Uncle Barry and he’s allowed to count off to sixty with no interruptions. There’s a tiny pause, “Perfect, think you can do two minutes?”

Rolling his eyes Wally starts rattling off to two minutes- only to be told off before hitting ten. Worst. Exercise. Ever. What feels like a half hour is spent getting to two minutes. As soon as he hits 120 Wally jumps to his feet, he is so done with sitting down. “Can we do something now?”

Uncle Barry is on his feet in an instant and is smiling weird again, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?” he says gesturing behind Wally.

Confused Wally turns to look and very, very quickly he can feel his heart jumpstart. “I wasn’t aware you were bringing your sidekick Flash,” the voice is the thing nightmares are made of.

Wally is safely behind his uncle before any reply can be formed. “Figured you wouldn’t mind,” there’s something about his Uncle’s voice that’s weird but Wally is too busy keeping a close eye on ‘The Dark Knight’s’ body language to really be paying too much attention to his Uncle’s (Uncle Barry isn’t going to snap him like a twig after all).

Not that Batman gives off much; he’s all carefully composed impassiveness. It’s freaking Wally the hell out. Nervously Wally watches as the Batman gives him a glance over, but very quickly the attention is again focused on his uncle. He lets out a quick sigh of relief and relaxes just a little; it’s not so bad if the man isn’t glaring at you like he’s contemplating the six best ways to dispose of your body. It might seem like an exaggeration but Wally’s heard stories, lots of stories, and the imagination in the hands of someone with a lot of time on their hands is a very bad thing. “-understand?”

It takes a moment to realize that he’s just been addressed; they’d been talking so slowly that he’d just sort of tuned them out. “No,” Wally says blankly.

His uncle grins at him, “Don’t worry, he’ll re-explain it, probably. See you in an hour Kid,” and before Wally can reply his uncle is gone.

Go the Distance [5c/6]


Batman gives him one last look- a glare that unnerves Wally and makes him shift uncomfortably. The man is of few words apparently and is gone without saying a thing to Wally, shooting something and disappearing into the night. Wally watches until Batman disappears- his uncle is long gone- and for a moment he realizes that he is alone…in the middle of Gotham with no idea what he’s supposed to be doing. “Well that was informative,” he mutters.

“Wasn’t it?”

Wally is on the other side of the roof in an instant, whipping around to face the speaker once he’s ‘safe’. Said speaker grins and looks amused, “You always this jumpy?” and Wally realized that there is only one possible person this kid could be.

“I always thought you’d be taller,” Wally’s mouth moves of its own accord, “and older, and not so tiny.”

Robin stops look amused and raises an eyebrow, “Way to make an impression Kid Flash,” and the way Robin says it makes Wally’s title sound like some sort of insult.

“Sorry, just,” Wally nervously shifts his spot trying to find a word that describes what he’s feeling.


Wally nods, he was trying to find a better descriptor but…nervous fits his mood to a T right now. Boy Wonder shrugs, “Eh, you get used to it,” he turns away from Wally and starts walking towards the edge of the roof, “How long you been heroing?”

“Heroing?” Wally repeats, watching as Robin steps onto the ledge of the building and looks straight down.

“Yup,” Robin turns and is again facing Wally, “I’ve been doing this since I was 9- so going on two years now. You,” he grins, “Not so much.

He wastes no time going over to where Robin is, “Is it really that obvious?”

“Very obvious.”

It’s a little disappointing to hear that, not that he really expected anything else. Of course he was obviously still new at this whole thing, but…well it kind of hurt what little pride he had left to be told this by a kid (probably) younger than he was. “So is your power genetic then?”


“ADD much? Your speed, is it genetic?” Robin repeats, and there’s definitely amusement now.

Wally stares at him for a very long time. “No,” he says finally, sort of confused, “No it’s not genetic.”

In return he gets an equally blank stare. “Oh,” Robin finally says, sounding mildly disappointed, “Then how did you get your speed if it wasn’t from your dad?”

OH! “The Flash isn’t my dad,” Wally frowns, “Why would you think that?”

Robin crosses his arm and gives him ‘a look’. “Did you really just ask that?”

“It’s happened more than once!”

“Well no duh,” Robin rolls his eyes- and steps off the edge of the building.

Before he can really think Wally’s doing his best to make sure that Robin isn’t a flat pancake at the bottom of the building. Reaching the base he’s utterly confused to find that…there’s no bird pancake. Wally spins 360 degrees and still no sign of the other sidekick. It’s the laughter that causes him to look up; Robin’s hanging by a rope a few feet in the air above his head, perfectly safe. Annoyed Wally glares at him, “What the heck was that about!?”

“What was what about?” Robin asks, sounding perfectly innocent as he drops to the ground next to Wally.

Sputtering incoherently Wally tries to articulate his annoyance, only to be stopped by Robin holding up his hand. “Listen, we have places to be. You can walk and talk can’t you?” Boy Wonder doesn’t wait for a reply just starts walking down the alley like it’s not the middle of the night in a dark alley in the ‘bad’ part of Gotham.

Still annoyed he follows after Robin, “What was the no duh for?” he grumbles.

Go the Distance [5d/6]


Robin shrugs, “Well in your civvies you two look like father and son,” and briefly Wally loses sight of him as they step onto the main street.


A few feet down the street Robin pops back up from a patch of shadows (inwardly freaking Wally out). “Civvies, civilian wear.”

Wally zips to his side, “I know what it means. You’ve seen me out of costume? I met you hour ago Rob.”

“Ten minutes actually. And yeah I have. The Flash has us on his Christmas card mailing list.”

For a moment Wally isn’t sure if he’s joking, “You can’t be serious,” he deadpans.

“I’m not,” Robin disappears from Wally’s sight but the speedster can still hear him clearly, “He did however bring a wedding photo and you just so happened to be in it. So if he’s not your dad,” and suddenly Boy Wonder is on the roof of a low building, “Who is he to you?”

Tailing after Wally scrambles onto the building as well, “He’s my uncle,” -this disappearing, reappearing thing is getting freaky and annoying really fast.

Robin tilts his head, “Blood related?” he asks curiously, darting up the next building.

“Marriage, I’m related to his wife,” Wally explains before darting past Robin to a building a few blocks down.

Wally gives himself a few seconds of rest, scanning the streets below- it’s...really quiet for some reason. He’s noticed that as they’ve darted through the streets, there’s no one out tonight, and for a big city that’s pretty odd. He doesn’t get much more time to think, Robin catches up quickly and drops by his side, “Alright so he’s your uncle through marriage, you still look alike.”

“How?!” Wally is just a bit exasperated- he doesn’t see the similarities at all!

Robin gives him a patronizing look. “You can’t be serious,” he deadpans.

“Well I am,” he mutters, “I really don’t see it.”

Straightening up Robin closes his eyes and thinks. Wally waits patiently (all of about twenty seconds) “Well?”

“Patience isn’t your virtue is it KF?” Robin is definitely amused at Wally’s expense.

“No it’s not.”

“Alright, alright,” Robin holds his hands up in surrender, “I’ll tell you, no need to get snappy,” he starts moving again- it’s a steady pace and they weave themselves through the city as he talks.

“It’s your general attitude for one. You act the way most kids act around their parents so that’s a main part. You’ve got red hair; your aunt’s got red hair. You uncle’s married to your aunt so they figure you got it from your ‘mom’,” Robin puts quotations around the word mom, (doing a fancy flip just to make sure that Wally sees the air quotes (and admittedly a cool flip at that)), “It’s not just the red hair either .You’ve all got similar eye colors, yours are really green by the way. You’ve also got similar body types and you two act like family. You give off the impression that you’re related, so that’s the impression people get. That’s probably why everyone makes that mistake, guessing more so in civilian clothes?”

Wally frowns, “You’re definitely not the first to make the mistake,” he pauses and looks around- he has no idea where they are- “Where are we headed anyways?”

“The harbor, your guy is so interfering in one of our drug deals.”

Oh yeah, that’s why he’s here. “So why split up?”

Robin shrugs, “Maybe they wanted to share mentoring tips. I don’t know. You never answered my question you know.”

“What?” Wally backtracks, he’s answered most of the questions- hasn’t h- “Oh, um, I’ve only been heroing for a couple of months,” he pauses, “Feels a lot longer though.”

“It’s great isn’t it?”

There’s no need for clarification so Wally just nods in agreement. Almost twenty minutes pass in silence, they stop two muggings. Then, with no warning, they stop on a building. Wally looks around- he knows what a harbor looks like, and this isn’t it. “Why’d we stop?”

“This is the meeting point.”


Silence falls between them. Well almost silence, Robin- like Wally- can’t seem to stand still, the kid’s fiddling with his utility belt or looking around for their mentors. This lasts a whole two minutes, “So is Batman your dad?”

Go the Distance [5e/6]


Robin turns to him and gives a small smile- it’s sad mostly and there’s something else there- “No, not my dad.”

Wally nods and fidgets nervously, not much else to really say. “That does remind me though,” Wally looks up at Robin- he looks amused again- “Someone’s gotta tell Bats.”

“Tell him what?”

Robin grins, “That his information is wrong,” he notices the look on Wally’s face, “You didn’t think I was the only one thinking the Flash was your dad, did you?”

“Batman thinks The Flash is my dad?” and Wally is in faint wonder at how he’d never thought he’d ever say a sentence like that (it is a really cool sentence).

“It’s in his files,” Robin says this like it’s the funniest thing in the world.

Wally smiles, “Guess he ain’t perfect.”

“Perfect?” Robin laughs- it makes Wally relax a little more- “Far from it.”

Intrigued Wally watches as Robin takes a quick glance around and then the Boy Wonder couches down, motioning for Wally to do the same. Crouching down Wally waits, and thankfully he doesn’t have to wait long. As soon as they’re mildly comfortable Robin launches into a story about the Penguin, three of his goons and a very large plastic giraffe. Truthfully Wally doesn’t get most of it, a lot of references that Robin makes go over his head and he’s not quite following- but the story is funny and the end of it has both of them laughing. It makes Wally feel…well…normal. Which is really odd considering the current situation is anything but normal.

The two of them then go about sharing amusing tales they’ve heard, or things they’ve experienced. Wally talks about his first fight, which ended up with him nearly unconscious after running into a wall. In return Robin talks about the first time he used Batarangs, and how he completely missed the target hitting Batman instead. The two of them are still talking when their mentors show up. From there on the time- which usually drags by- disappears. One moment the four of them are perched on a roof, the next Wally and his uncle are getting ready to leave, the warehouse swarmed by police and all involved successfully captured. Normally Wally would’ve been glad to have time flying by…but something’s different and Wally can’t quite pinpoint it. It isn’t until the two of them turn to leave that Wally realizes what it is. Whipping around he looks at Robin- who is moments away from shooting a grappling hook and disappearing into the night -Batman’s already gone and it makes Wally a little braver- “Hey Rob…”

Boy Wonder pauses and looks at him, raising an eyebrow quizzically, “Yeah?”

Wally grins, “It was really cool meeting you,” he pauses, “Even if you weren’t as tall as I thought you were going to be.”

Robin smiles back, “Same here. If you’re ever in Gotham don’t hesitate to call- you have my number.”

“No,” Wally has no recollection of ever being given a number, “I don’t think I do.”

“Totally, might’ve hacked your things and put my number in when you were dragging your uncle from his talk with the police. ANYways, see ya around KF!” and before Wally can respond (he’s sputtering indignantly but nothing coherent) Robin disappears into the night.

Shoving his goggles down Wally turns and glares lightly at Uncle Barry who’s standing there with a wide grin. “What?”

Uncle Barry shakes his head, “Nothing,” the smiles still there, “Just glad to see your having fun.”

“If you definition of fun is being hacked by a ten year old,” Wally mutters bitterly- but he’s grinning too.

The two of them start their run home and Wally is happier than he’s been in a while (he’s never had a real friend before).

Go the Distance [6a/6]


Downstairs something shattered loudly, and not too soon after the front door slammed shut- or what Wally assumed was the front door. Counting off the seconds Wally listened to the sounds of feet shuffling and the fridge door slamming before (right on cue) the television turned on, the loud noise blaring, undistinguishable through his thick door. Closing his eyes Wally takes a deep breath and then very cautiously sits up, glancing to the clock- 11:48pm- their fight ended pretty early. Flopping back onto the bed Wally listens to the mildly muted sounds of the television, hearing but not hearing, his mind elsewhere. Today had been pretty good- for a Wednesday.

He woke up, made breakfast and managed to get out of the house before his parents woke up, arrived at school only an hour and a half early this time-so he easily made it to his early bird class. School went by pretty alright, low bullying today and it was only a few rude bumps in the hallways. Wally bought his lunch (with money from Aunt Iris of course), no tipped trays or spilled milk today either. Classes had passed easily, then he milled around in the same room he’d milled around for years, an hour and a half designated just for clubs- and yet again he passed it alone. He then walked to the library (he’d need a new excuse for tomorrow (maybe training with the team again, he’d get to stay even later)) and was able to get to six pm before his mother called, begging him to come home.

Once home Wally’s good day kept up. Only minor bruising that healed by the time he was able to slink off to his room under the excuse of homework. Nine had him sneaking to the kitchen to grab some of the food his mom set aside for him before slinking back to his room again. The yelling hadn’t started until Ten, more good luck. Now that it was almost midnight and his mom wasn’t to return for another hour or so and his dad was drinking his problems away- it would only take a half hour for his father to drink himself into a stupor before heading to bed. Better than most days. Wally would probably get to sleep by one tonight, but that was still some ways away.

Staring at his ceiling Wally mulled his life over. He was a superhero and he still feared coming home. Wally could run faster than his father could move his arm but he still stood there and took it. The only reason he came home was because of his mom and he desperately wished that someday she’d get some sense and divorce or report to the police or-or at least take him away from this place! All she did was drag him home, fight with his father, and leave him to deal with the damages (he hated it (he hated her)). Wally didn’t want to think about his father, he showed more love to his beer than he did his own biological son, he had no love for that man and now that he healed faster than he could be hurt Wally openly showed that hate. Or…he had up until his arm was broken and Wally had to scramble for an excuse- speed healing could only do so much. He was a superhero and he cowered whenever he was home and he hated his parents. What kind of superhero was that?

Re: Mistaken


A guilty feeling seeped over him so he rolled to his side curled up a little, reaching up and grabbing the familiar form that had always been there for him. Einstein had been his only friend up until Robin. The stuffed patchwork bunny with longs ears- a handmade gift from his mildly senile grandmother before she died- was worn down, it was frayed thin in places and one of its button eyes was missing but it still looked at Wally with a familiar, concerned face. “Is it wrong?” he asked, his voice just barely audible.

Of course Einstein didn’t answer, just looked at him with his one good eye and let Wally continue to rub the cloth off his ears- it was what he did when he was thinking like this. “I…” he hesitated, the television had turned off.

His eyes darted to the clock; it was still way too early for his dad to have drunken enough to be sleepy. Waiting in silence Wally listened and there was a thud against his door. Once…twice, the door knob shook but the lock that Wally had installed a while ago held and there was only an angry curse-filled shout before the shuffling continued on down the hall. Letting out a shaky breath he hadn’t known he was holding Wally put his head back down, cautiously shifting his five pillows so they kept their safe box around him, his gaze went back to Einstein, “I’m going to tell you a secret.”

The bunny gave him a confident look, he’d never tell. “Sometimes…” he swallowed back the lump in his throat, “sometimes I wish Aunt Iris was my mom,” he felt a stab of guilt, “a-and that Uncle Barry was my dad.”

For a moment the room was silent…and cold. How could he say that!?! They were his parents! They…they loved him ((they were supposed to…)). Shivering Wally pulled his blanket over his head, safe in his little cocoon box of pillows and blanket. Einstein looked at him in concern. “F-funny thing is,” Wally pulled his bunny close and buried his head in the bunny’s ears, “I don’t think they’d want me,” he laughed bitterly and tried to ignore the fact that Einstein was getting damp, “I’m a horrible son,” he croaked.

Einstein didn’t say anything. Which was fine with Wally, he wasn’t sure he wanted his stuffed rabbit judging him anyways. So clutching the rabbit tight Wally counted off the seconds until he fell asleep- a guilty feeling gnawing at him as he drifted off. Uncle Barry and Aunt Iris wouldn’t want him, and even if they did…they deserved so much better.

And that's the end...anyways...I hope everyone's enjoyed reading it (and thanks so much for all the comments, you guys are all so wonderful!)

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Re: Mistaken (Anonymous) Expand

Go the Distance [Epilogue-1/3]


It had started after he’d gotten home from school. In the middle of club his mom had called and he’d gone home like she’d asked. Then things had changed from the routine- the one that he had so carefully constructed around himself to try and have some semblance of control. Instead of the usual knock around…his dad hadn’t been home. His mom was waiting for him at the door and as soon as he got inside she handed him an empty suitcase and told him to pack up the essentials. Wally had done just that. Shoved his clothes in the suitcase, and then he had carefully grabbed Einstein and walked back to where his mother was. She’d been standing by the window, peeking through the shades to the street when his routine was completely broken, “We’re leaving Wally,” she said softly, her eyes darting to her son.

“Leaving?” Wally echoed, “Leaving where?”

“Just…just out from here,” she bit her lip and looked at her son, “Wally I’m…I’m so sorry.”

Tightening his grip on Einstein Wally stays quiet (he didn’t want her apologies). Not that it mattered much, not too long after she apologized there was the sound of a car pulling up- it wasn’t exactly being quiet about it, sounding like the driver was speeding a bit too. His mom grabbed Wally’s arm and quickly pulled him to the door, opening it just as Aunt Iris came darting up the stairs. For a second a look was passed between the two women, then Aunt Iris pulled Wally into a hug and he was herded to the car. His mom got in the back with him after shoving their suitcases in the back and Uncle Barry flashed him a smile (and only him, he didn’t even look at his mom). Uncle Barry then pulled the car out of the driveway and for ten minutes they drove in silence. Aunt Iris broke it; she turned in her seat and looked at his mom, “When will you back?”

His mom smiled sadly, “I’m not sure. Not for a little while.”

Aunt Iris glanced at Wally just for a second then it was back to his mom, “You should’ve done this sooner.”

“I know…” his mom turned and looked out the window.

“What’s going on?” Wally asked, smiling weakly in hopes of lightening the odd atmosphere, “Just a little confused here.”

“You’re going to be staying with us for a little while Wally, that’s all,” Aunt Iris says softly.

“Oh…” he glances at his mom, “Are you going to be staying there too?”

His mom shakes her head, “No…I’m going to be going somewhere else. It’ll just be for a little while Wally, just a few weeks,” she says (she’s lying (is she ever coming back?)).

The car falls silent after that. Wally spends the next few minutes staring at his bunny, counting the seconds off as they drive. At some point they drop his mom off and he stares out the window watching as she disappears- suddenly unsure that he’ll see her again. And seconds after that thought he wonders if he even wants to see her again. Pushing it from his mind Wally stares blankly out the window. Clutching Einstein tightly he watches the scenery pass, not even minding that they were going so slow. He’s not even sure this is real anymore, he can’t quite believe this is happening- it can’t be. “Wally?”

Blinking breaks the spell and turning to the front of the car Wally meets his aunt’s concerned gaze, she’s turned to the back again- to talk to him- “Are you alright?”

“No,” he’s not alright at all- he’s happy and he shouldn’t be, he’s sad, he’s angry, he’s worried, he feels sick- he’s anything but alright.

Aunt Iris reaches back and gives his hand a gentle squeeze before moving to sit properly. The rest of the car ride passes in silence. Wally isn’t even aware they’ve stopped at the house until the door on his side is pulled open and he’s pulled into a hug- it takes a second for it to register- “Robin?” he asks in confusion.

“You’re an idiot Wally,” Robin pulls back and stares at him for a while, his blue eyes narrowing a little and there’s an odd look in his eyes- a mix too chaotic to decipher.

Then suddenly Robin pulls a 180 and smiles and steps out of the way, “Come on, you’re probably hungry right? Dinner’s just about ready; we’ll get your bag later.”

Go the Distance [Epilogue-2/3]


Wally picks at his food and when Bruce says something to Dick he’s pulled into the living room to watch some television. As soon as the two of them leave the dining area Bruce starts talking to his aunt and uncle, but he can’t hear what they’re saying with the television on- he’s not sure he cares much .So the rest of the night passes on the couch with Dick, he’s quieter than he normally is but again Dick doesn’t seem to mind. Wally realizes it’s late only when Bruce walks into the leaving room, “We’re leaving,” is all he says and Wally makes note that it’s the first words he’s heard him say (or at least that he’s registered hearing).

Dick looks up from the television, “Do we have to?” he asks, glancing down at Wally- at some point Wally had been convinced to lay down and his head was resting on Dick’s knee.

“Unfortunately,” is Bruce’s reply- Wally finds it a little odd- “Alfred’s waiting in the car.”

Sighing Dick moves and gracefully gets up from the couch, moving only after Wally sits up, “Fine, but you’re telling me everything once we’re in the car. You know that don’t you?”

Bruce almost smiles, “I’ll keep it in mind,” and then the billionaire turns, “I’ll be waiting in the car,” and leaves.

Muttering Dick stretches and sighs before he looks at Wally, “Right, so I’m going home now.”

Getting off the couch Wally tails Dick to the door and the two of them stare at the car for a moment, it’s running, the tinted windows keep both Alfred and Bruce hidden from view but the two are in there and waiting. Dick gets down two steps before abruptly turning back and suddenly Wally’s pulled into the biggest hug he’s had from the acrobat. It’s almost painful and Dick is a lot stronger than he looks, it’s also comforting, “Dude,” he says weakly, “You’re squishing me…”

Dick only squeezes harder. It doesn’t last much longer, and Dick doesn’t stick around. He breaks the hug gives Wally a sad smile and darts down the walkway to get in the car. Wally watches the car leave and when it turns around the corner he walks back into the house, shutting the door quietly behind him. Wally stands there for a few moments, unsure of what to do (what IS he supposed to do?). “Tired?”

Aunt Iris smiles at him, she’s standing in a doorway. Wally nods, he’s tired and he wants nothing more than to just lie down and sleep. Giving a gentle smile Aunt Iris starts walking and Wally tails after her. A few moments later they’re in the guest room- his room. Wally stands there for a moment just looking at the room, there’s something different and it takes him a second to notice.

There’s a box of homemade cookies sitting on the desk next to a large rather leafy plant he recognizes distantly (something similar had been in Supey’s room). About three packages of Oreo’s are resting next to the box of homemade cookies and there’s about three baggies filled with candy next to that. In fact his whole desk is filled with sweets and goodies. It’s almost strange that he doesn’t need to be told who the gifts are from. Turning he looks at his bed, sleep sounds good but.... “Aunt Iris…”

Go the Distance [Epilogue-3/3]



“Is…is Mom ever coming back?”

“When she’s ready, until then you’ll stay with us,” Uncle Barry says- he comes from nowhere but Wally’s used to it, he’s speeded into a conversation a couple of times himself.

Nodding quietly Wally walks over to the bed and flops done. Uncle Barry covers him with a blanket in an instant and Aunt Iris walks over and after a second’s hesitation leans down and places a kiss to the top of his head, “Just try to sleep. We can talk in the morning, alright?”

Wally nods and watches as his aunt and uncle leave the room, the door shutting behind them. He hears them say something faintly and for a moment he thinks he’s mistaken. It’s quiet after they leave. For a little while Wally just stares at the door, there’s no yelling. There’s no fighting, no blaring television, the stink of alcohol is gone from the air, it’s…safe (he’s safe). Looking down he stares at Einstein, he only now realizes that he had yet to let go of the rabbit. They stare at each other, Einstein looks happy. “They love me,” he says quietly, “that is what they said, wasn’t it?”

It doesn’t matter what his rabbit thinks, a warm feeling bubbles up- they love him. He knows they do, but…they’ve never said it before- Wally never knew why. Hearing those words…Wally hides his smile and closes his eyes- they love him. “I wonder if this is what it’s like to be in a real family…”

Einstein doesn’t answer but that’s okay. Wally doesn’t need an answer, he already knows it. He’s got a family, one that was here on this strange day, a family that loves him, even with all his faults. A family that’s always been real, one that’s been there since he was six, one that’s been growing since then, from one to many. Wally has a family…one that’s there to catch him even if his parents aren’t.

Closing his eyes Wally falls asleep, he’s not alright yet…but Wally thinks he’ll be fine (eventually).

So~ I did a epilogue. Perhaps not the best I've written, but I like it- as far as endings go it works. It doesn't tell you exactly what happens at the end, but you get a hint at what could be. A happy could be. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading these!

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