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By Any Other Name [1/?]

Sometimes Lois thought she should take up a safer occupation. She could be an accountant, or maybe one of those nutjobs who knit sweaters for dogs. She could combine the two and do taxes for pomeranians.

She kicked off her heels and glanced, warily, over the edge of the roof. It was a sheer drop down to the bottom, but she might be okay if she landed in one of those dumpsters. She looked at the opposite rooftop and sucked in a deep breath.

There was shouting from the stairwell, footsteps thundering, and Lois steeled herself.

Now or never. She could do this.

She backed up a few steps, made sure the disc was safely tucked away in her pocket, and took a running start. She leapt just as the door burst open.

Halfway through her jump someone grabbed her, strong hands around her back and under her knees. She laughed in spite of herself, relieved, and twined her arms around his neck.

“How come you always know when to catch me?” she asked, but the face she looked up into didn’t have eyes as blue as the sky or one perfect curl hanging over his forehead. The face she looked up into was wearing the Batcowl.

“Tracking devices,” Batman replied.

They landed in a nearby alley, and he set her on her feet with surprising gentleness. It was a cold night and she shivered in her stocking feet, wrapping her arms around herself.

“Do you think you could have grabbed me before I ditched my shoes?” she asked. It was hard to tell in the dark and with him in that stupid cowl, but she thought he might’ve arched an eyebrow.

“I’ve got a proposition for you, Ms. Lane,” he said, “but you have to understand – it’s strictly confidential. This doesn’t go any farther.”

She frowned.

“I’m a reporter, Batman,” she said. “I don’t do confidential. What’s in it for me?”

“An exclusive with Bruce Wayne,” he said. She snorted.

“And how are you going to get me that?” she asked.

“I have my ways,” he replied. Batman’s ways, Lois was fairly sure, mostly involved dangling people off high buildings and over highways. Clark had assured her that this wasn’t (always) true, but he had been doing that thing he did when he lied where he wouldn’t look her straight in the eye.

“What if I don’t want an interview with Bruce Wayne?” she said.

“You will,” he replied. “Rumor has it he’s about to do something very scandalous.”


“One of the league’s bases has been compromised. We’re in the process of investigating, but its inhabitants need a place to stay for the time being. One of them is already accounted for. As for the other…”

Which was how Lois found herself standing on the doorstep of the West residence on Saturday. She took off her sunglasses, straightened her jacket and knocked, sharply, on the door.

The teenage boy who opened the door had red hair, freckles and a dumbstruck expression.

“Did it hurt?” he asked her.

Wallace West!” a woman’s voice admonished from inside, alongside the clink of dishes in a sink.

“No, but you will if that goes where I think it’s going. Where’d you get that one? Green Arrow?” Lois replied. He blushed and she leaned on the doorjamb, staring down at him. “Let me guess – Kid Flash?”

His blush crept up to his ears.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. She laughed and stuck out her hand.

“Call me Lois, Kid,” she said. “I’m looking for Superboy.”

“Right,” he said. “I knew that – Mom! Supey’s ride is here!”


Batman had shown her pictures, and she’d seen the resemblance, but it was different in person. Superboy had Superman’s eyes, his jawline, the strong set of his shoulders. But not his presence. Superman felt safe and confident and strong, but most importantly he felt kind.

Superboy mostly felt angry. It rolled off him in stormclouds, and Lois kept sneaking glances at him in the passenger seat on their ride home. He didn’t look at her at all.

“Hey,” she said at last. “What’s your name?”

“Superboy,” he said. She fought the urge to roll her eyes.

“No, kiddo,” she said. “Your real name.”

His face grew stonier, and he hunched in on himself, shoulders drawing up.

“I don’t have one,” he said to his knees.

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